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Derby fans hit out at Sky Sports and pundits over ‘blatant’ ignorance at current saga

Some Derby County fans have chosen hit out at Sky Sports and their pundits over the ‘blatant’ ignorance at the current saga playing out.

Talk on the Rams’ is high right now, with a deadline looming and every day this week, ‘Save Derby County’ has been a top trend on Twitter.

Many news outlets are talking about it, however there seems to be a growing number of the Championship outfit’s supporters expressing frustration at there being nothing from the likes of Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher.

Some of those being critical feel there isn’t any urgency, mention or condemnation with Derby County’s administrators having until the 1st of February to prove they have enough funds to carry the team through until the end of the campaign, should a buyer not materialise.

Putting off potential takeover clients is the compensation claims put to Derby and the EFL by Middlesbrough and Wycombe Wanderers.

As each club release a statement on the matter, it’s there for fans to speculate and get angry at, with seemingly no sort of sign of it coming to a conclusion.

But as mentioned, Derby fans hit out at Sky Sports and pundits over their ‘blatant’ ignorance at current saga and want to see them express their views, just like they did for the European Super League, football laws or even the government.

While some fans urge to see Sky talk about Derby with pundits or former employees, instead of the transfer rumours, some are quick to forget the grim deadline countdown clock Jim White paraded in front of on our TV screens back when Bury and Bolton were having their own struggles.

Football fans slam Sky Sports for Bury FC and Bolton Wanderers countdown  clock - Manchester Evening News

talkSPORT are known for getting vocal talking about the problems with owners at clubs, whether it’s Oldham, Bury, Bolton, Wigan, Birmingham, they’re always on it.

How much chat on the situation is too much chat and not enough action? Do Derby fans really need Gary and co to talk about this when MPs are putting this up for discussion, trying to get the sports minister to look in and help save them?

Gary Neville has set a precedent it would seem, hence why fans want to hear what he says, it may not massively to a good deal but it gets the word out and that seemingly is what Derby fans want.

Derby’s match against Nottingham forest is on Sky Sports this weekend, so I’m sure there’ll be plenty of discussion then.

Since tweets of criticism from fans, Gary Neville has tweeted a response back. He said in one post: “It’s horrendous and I did highlight Derby some weeks ago.”


@dave_varley: They don’t want to upset the @EFL overlords.

@harry_goodwin10: Why’s Derby on the brink of liquidation not getting spoke about enough by major media businesses? The same businesses and people that claim football is about the fans. Careless. You @SkySports and all of you with big voices in football. @GNev2 #dcfc #dcfcfans

@TridentRAM: If its not the Premier League they don’t care unless they can put a countdown clock on a screen

@Perky1106: Can you talk about this next time you are on Sky Gary? It needs full attention. MPs are already involved but we need prominent football figureheads like you.

@MimiJ9: @SkySports cannot believe you’re not even mentioning the plight of Derby County. Literally the whole city has got together, from fans, businesses, MP’s and fans groups to save our club and all you can talk about is will Rooney get the Everton job? Shame on you #dcfc #dcfcfans

@rossn361: @GNev2 @SkyFootball Can we please raise awareness about the current predicament at derby county? The club I and so many love that is essential part of the community is being forced into liquidation by the corrupt #efl and the inadequate administrators. We need to save this club!

@pritchDCFC: Derby County is on the brink & our fans/players/manager are doing everything to make sure we still have a club this time next month. Instead of reporting this and raising awareness of it nationally, Sky Sports are instead trying to force the Rooney to Everton narrative. Disgrace!

@badwaltirath: @GNev2 it’s as important as ever for you to use your platform like you had done for ESL so well and speak out in support of Derby County. The city is already on a downer mentallydue to this not being sorted out already- can’t imagine what it’s gonna be like come feb 1st #dcfcfans

@barryoleay61: I’m amazed why Sky give NO coverage to current plight Derby County find themselves in With EFL and spurious claims against them by Boro and Wycombe. Being forced to offload players at fire sale prices and not allowed to sign new players. @SkySports @dcfcbawt @dcfcfans

@ljhendricks8: Absolutely Alan – I’m dumbfounded and confused that there is very little airtime on this topic. However they can spend a lot of time talking about tired Premier League players and other nonsense. This just goes to show how broken football is.

@CamWhitaker1994: Derby fans cancelling their sky sports subscriptions cause they’re not mentioning anything about Derby 😂

@SteveBr03986547: Just watched the EFL round up on Sky Sports News and not one mention of Derby County… 🤷

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