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Derby County officially saved after nine months of uncertainty | saviour David Clowes speaks

Derby County are officially saved after nine months of financial uncertainty as Clowes Developments completed their takeover of the club.

Confirmation was received on Friday that the property firm, run by long-standing Rams fan David Clowes, had finalised their deal for the club that has now exited administration.

This announcement comes just 18 days after US businessman Chris Kirchner pulled out of a deal to purchase the club and a week after manager Wayne Rooney departed.


Quantuma joint administrators, Andrew Hosking, Carl Jackson and Andrew Andronikou are delighted to confirm the completion of the sale of the business and assets of Derby County Football Club (“The Club”) to Derbyshire based property group, Clowes Developments (UK) Ltd (“Clowes”) for an undisclosed amount.

The transaction sees the Club exit from administration and be brought under the same ownership structure as its stadium, Pride Park.

Joint administrator, Carl Jackson said: “We are very pleased to have achieved today’s sale, in a deal which secures the long-term future of The Club, and one which represents the very best outcome for creditors. I would like to express my sincere thanks to The Club’s staff players and the fans for their loyalty, and patience, as they supported the Club through the administration.”

Joint administrator, Andrew Hosking added: “The level of complexity involved in bringing this matter to a conclusion has been unparalleled and we are grateful to all stakeholders and their advisers, for their hard work which has enabled us to overcome a magnitude of challenges, and allow the rescue of this historic Club. This deal represents a real milestone in the long and illustrious history of Derby County, and one which marks the end of the uncertainty experienced by supporters and the wider community whilst the club has been in administration and also importantly is one which complies with the EFL Insolvency Policy and provides the best return for creditors. Today signifies a new beginning for the Club, and it enables the Club to move forward into the new season with a clean slate, under local ownership under the stewardship of Clowes.”

The joint administrators were advised by the Law Firm Pinsent Masons with a team, led by partner, Steve Cottee.


Following today’s welcome announcement that the takeover of Derby County Football Club by Clowes Developments (UK) Ltd has been completed and therefore taking the club out of Administration, David Clowes has penned an Open Letter.

It is with an immense sense of pride that I write to you having finalised our agreement to buy Derby County and end nine months of uncertainty and fear over the future of our club.

As a lifelong supporter, I could not stand by as the risk of losing Derby County became all too real. I could not have looked myself in the mirror if I had not done everything possible to protect it. That is why it is so exciting to be part of the process of building a fresh future at Pride Park for the fans and loyal club staff who have been through so much.

The true spirit of this football club rests with the fans, it is nothing without them. Your support throughout some difficult times has been inspirational and we intend to build on that loyalty.

The decision to get involved with the purchase of the stadium, and subsequently the club, has not been an easy one. As a private person, I did not want the publicity and would prefer to remain an anonymous supporter watching the team from my usual seat. However, if that is the price to secure the future of the club, then so be it.

I won’t be making any extravagant promises, however I can confirm my intentions. My focus now is to stabilise the football club in every department and to make sure we have the foundations in place for success, however long that takes.

We intend to bring the same principles to Derby County that we believe have been the reasons behind the success of Clowes Developments. We are embedded in the heart of the community, and we recognise what is important to the people of Derby – integrity, transparency, and a straightforward way of doing business.

To those people who have worked tirelessly at the club in the most difficult of circumstances, I offer my sincere thanks. My team and I will be doing our best to get to know you all and listen to what you have to say from the outset.

We have to maintain a degree of continuity because there is no point walking into an institution that has been here for 138 years and having the arrogance to think we possess all the answers. My team will work with people, listen, and learn before coming to any decisions.

Circumstances dictated that our ownership bid was swift and that means we will be taking the proper amount of time to assess how the club operates and any changes we might need to make.

What I will say, is that the playing side of the club will receive every support possible. It’s vital we start work on recruitment immediately and, for that, we will rely on the expertise of the existing staff as well as bringing in a support structure to help them move as quickly as possible to build a side that will be competitive in time for the new season.

We are also committed to maintaining a Category One academy. The club’s track record of producing talent is outstanding, and we intend to protect that proud legacy because we believe in the future of Derby County at every level including the Community Trust and, of course, Derby County Women.

Words, I know, are cheap and so, going forward, we intend to be judged by our actions.

Alongside my team, I will be doing everything in my power to make Derby County safe, secure, and successful for many generations to come.

Thank you

David Clowes

Fans reacted with Derby County officially saved after nine months of uncertainty…


@SeanRyanFox: Unbelievable feeling. What a relief after months of charlatans, broken promises and anxiety for so many… we’re saved, and it seems, in good hands too. Started to think I’d never see the day. Derby, we go again! #dcfc #dcfcfans

@COTIszn: 🖤 🤍 would never wish what we have been through on any football fan. absolute hell. to be out the other side fills me with so much happiness I can resume to supporting my club. watching with family. What it’s all about. Thanks to those rival fans who offered support #dcfc

@C_Getty29: Mr Clowes, you will never have to buy a pint in Derby again. Thank you for saving our club and giving us hope for the future.

@_BrettJames: THIS is absolutely everything – “Words, I know, are cheap and so, going forward, we intend to be judged by our actions.” – David Clowes 👏 😍 #dcfc

@_Rimal: As a forest fan it’s good to see you’ve been saved and not starting a new season under those administrators (some of the worst I’ve seen in football). Least you’ve not got Sports Direct boards going up everywhere!!!

@woodster7279: A very well put together statement, I for one am excited for the future, thank you Mr Clowes for saving DCFC 👏👏

@murfinathome: Wow thank you Mr David Clowes, thank you, thank you, please make us better at running a football club. Well done on all your hard work, and investment in our wonderful club

@dcfc87: 9 months of hell that I wouldn’t wish upon any other football fan, not even those down the other end of the A52. David Clowes stood up for us all in our hour of need. A hero.

@Nobby0101: Thank fuck for that. Those shysters @quantuma1 more commonly known as Cuntuma have finally been evicted! #dcfc up the rams!

Missed football being about football.
Missed caring about results more than deadlines.
Missed not being a circus off the field.
Missed you Derby. It’s good to have you back. #dcfc

@TommyTwoTeas88: These are the words of a man with integrity, honesty, and without ego, doing what’s right for his club and his community. All things that we’ve not had from our owner for a very long time. Up the Clowes’s and UP THE RAMS #dcfcfans #dcfc

@stegar_kickit: You have made a lot of people very happy. What a way to start a weekend. Thanks for saving our great club. Words can’t describe what it means!

@terryrowland64: Thank you. Whatever league we are in, Derby fans will always back the club and the team. Can’t wait to get back to enjoying match days where all the drama is on the pitch, not off it 👍🐑🐑🐑

@chrispaddock1: Thank you so much. It’s been pure agony but you have lifted our club from the ashes. You are the best and definitely one of our own. Derby Now and Always 🖤🤍🖤🤍

@jonolomax: 🐏🐏 The emotional rollercoaster has finally levelled out and the relief pours out. Thank you David Clowes for giving this proud footballing City it’s club back. Quite simply the best day doesn’t cut it!! Super Rams live forever 🐏🐏 #dcfc #dcfcfans

@Fireman_Ram: Ed Dawes just broke me. Maybe it’s because I’ve been holding it in until now but he speaks for all true fans and we all feel that emotion. Thanks Ed @SallyPepper01 #dcfcfans #dcfc

@vassell87: Get behind this man, behind this team. Get them tickets on sale and let’s sell out PP for the first game of the season. What a way it’ll be to usher in a new era 🐏 #dcfc #dcfcfans

@123claire123: I can’t put into words the emotions I’m feeling right now! This no doubt has been our toughest time as derby fans such a rollercoaster of emotions so many lows but what I will take from this time is the togetherness we now have. Let’s never lose it! #dcfc #dcfcfans

@ramsreview1: After everything this club and this fanbase has been through since going into administration in September. I’m struggling to find the words. Derby County means everything to me. For this to happen and for the future to be secured is incredible. We. Are. Derby.

@shilton_jade: Today I found out I got a first in my university degree and now that the takeover has been completed 🥹 Don’t know which is better 🐏🐏 #dcfcfans #dcfc

@thomasyeowart: After 9 months in admin, 21 points deducted, a transfer embargo, a number of our best players leaving for peanuts and a tonne of debt and bad decision by our former owner, I hand on heart hope no club ever has to go through that again… apart from Birmingham City 🖕🏼 #dcfc #dcfcfans

@johnnysleftfoot: Can we start talking about normal football things now #dcfcfans – let’s get on the transfer rumour bandwagon, excited for the kit release and first game of the season 🐏🐏🐏 #dcfc

@derbydaniel: Preferred bidder for only FIVE days and the deal got done. Makes a bit of a mockery of what’s gone on previously… but that’s for the investigation and another day. #dcfcfans

@KeithMansfield: Rejoice at that news! Finally #DerbyCounty are saved and exit administration. It’s been a tough time for so many fans – thank you to David Clowes. This letter is a great start to a new era, with hopefully better times ahead for #dcfcfans everywhere. #dcfc

@NewRamMan: This is exactly what I wanted to hear from our new owner. I believe the wait was worth it, we’ve got the right man for the job. #DCFC #dcfcfans

What a huge day as a Derby County fan.
I never thought this day would come.
I honestly thought we were going to be liquidated.
Bring on Papa John & League One.
I’ll never take a match for granted again.
So proud to be a Ram.
#dcfc #dcfcfans

@17Dan17: The atmosphere at Pride Park for the Oxford game on July 30th is going to be incredible. Until we concede after 2 minutes and the moaning starts. And I can’t wait! #DCFC

@MattyBanks1988: great week for both Derby and Oldham fans both clubs and fantastic week for football finally saved after from bad owners. You both got your football clubs back you can go back to both Pride Park and Boundary Park enjoying watching your clubs you love every saturday #oafc #dcfc

@_DavidAshton: We’ll never know how disastrous things would have been if @cskirchner had taken over @dcfcofficial. Thankfully he had no cash! The future looks much more promising now. #dcfc

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