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Derby County fans plan protest as reporter makes liquidation claim

Derby County fans plan to hold a protest of some kind as reporter John Percy makes a claim that liquidation is just weeks away.

Rams fans are nervously hoping for news on who will be the preferred bidder for the club, who have been in administration for six month, as it battles for survival.

The search continues for a takeover of the East Midlands outfit with offers reportedly on the table but just two parties interested, including former Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley and a bidder from the United States.

As the situation continues to play out off-field, on the pitch, Wayne Rooney’s side are battling to stay up and are currently eight points adrift of safety.

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Derby were docked a total of 21 points this season, but have been plotting a miracle in their remarkable fight to leave them with an outside chance of survival.

Derby County fans, who are already losing patience, are set to endure a further wait for a preferred bidder to be named.

Administrators, Quantuma, are said to be working to get new owners for the club, but they confirmed last week that they had set a deadline of last Friday for bids for the club to come in.

According to the Telegraph, a preferred bidder hasn’t been chosen, with none of the interested parties close to being named, put off by the price of Pride Park which is owned by former chairman Mel Morris.

Mike Ashley and the other bidder from the United States are both interested parties ‘seeking the cheapest deal possible.’

Any new owner would have to do a separate deal with Morris who have a loan of £20 million secured against the stadium, so much to pay out just for the takeover to happen as it takes the amount of a deal for the club to over £50 million.

Source close to Mel Morris, and reported by the Mail, claim that the stadium shouldn’t be a barrier in any deal as they could still lease it from Morris.

Responding to worried fans on Twitter, Nixon said: “The real deadline is when the money runs out.

“The admins will know that precise date. So they have to decide what to do. Finding a buyer right now proving harder than ever. And chances of avoiding EFL points penalties slim.

“There isn’t a preferred bidder yet.”

When questioned if he thought the club would exist in August, he replied with a yes.

John Percy said on the 24th of March: “On #dcfc: bid deadline is Friday with 3 offers on table. Former chairman Andy Appleby battling to submit another bid (3rd) before cut-off. Quantuma confident of sale but, as feared, current bids may not comply with EFL insolvency regs: ie points deduction next season likely”

Then on the 31st of March, he added: “Derby County are weeks away from liquidation. The time for statements and deadlines is over. Administrators Quantuma, Mel Morris and the EFL need to get together and sort this mess out now.”

As mentioned, Derby County fans plan protest as the reporter makes a liquidation claim…

@BelvoirRam: For those fans celebrating, consider the impact on businesses in the region; the financial loss to the local area (estimated to be £100mil annually); the mental health and welfare of thousands? Just remember, it could easily be you next!

@nffcalways1: All down to Mel mate has been from the beginning, if he gifts or takes a big cut on the amount he wants for the stadium then you become an attractive proposition… if he doesn’t then you’ve shot it basically

@dingdinghopkin: I think people would have a sense of sorrow and pity if it wasn’t for how fans of the club have handled themselves through all this.

@TheBoroRamble: Completely and utterly their own doing.. and the way their club and their fan base have gone about the whole situation means I have zero sympathy for them. Won’t be missed.

@SimonJMarriott: To Derby fans getting upset about fans from other clubs gloating you know if boot was on other foot a selection of Derby fans would be doing exactly same. It’s beyond banter but its nature of football and some fans/people. Don’t Bite just ignore. Cest La Vie! #DCFC #dcfcfans

@darren_tv: Would I like to see DCFC go down? Absolutely! I’m a fan from down the road. Most Derby fans would admit to the same. But out of business? Why would anyone want that? Some local businesses depend on clubs to stay afloat. Fans needs their clubs. To bring people together. Community

@MikeSatterlee: If it’s a protest, then let it be AFTER the game. We need to give the team as much support as possible (it ain’t their fault). Can we get the press/media involved too to help raise the profile?

@gempopmoo: Protest on the pitch!!! Every fan final whistle on the pitch grow a pair!!!! Can’t ban 20k fans

@SincePlayed: Before or after match is pointless, everyone will just ignore it and carry on. I still think the tennis balls on the pitch caused the most disruption without too much of a risk to anyone. Only other thing is to go on the pitch at half-time and sit. 1000s of us. And don’t leave.

@TheJackOrton96: Pre-match will do fuck all. Post match also. Has to be during the game, it’s as simple as that.

@ReklaW_Twitch: Sell-out Fulham at home, on Sky, turn our backs to the match on the 18th and the 84th minute, to represent 1884, the year the club was founded and to say we wont let it die

@Kingkennyl: There’s not a lot we can do, we’ve protested and marched so all bidders can see the potential but ultimately they won’t pay what’s required so all we can do is support the staff and team whilst hoping for the best

@800mshanka: Mel will sell, he’s lost millions already and is holding out for as much as he can get. Pride Park without DCFC is worth very little so he’ll sell in the end. Unfortunately it will go down to the 11th hour and leave us in a shit shape which could take years to recover from.

@JimmyRamBelieve: Mel is obviously biding his time just like all the others – if push comes to shove he will bail the club out fully himself or risk being dangled from the old baseball ground monument 😂 we have waited this long – don’t lose your nerve – As Bob said – everything’s gonna be alright.

@JPTFofficial: Get on the pitch before the game kicks off. Fans have been too nice for too long. Don’t do damage don’t ruin the pitch. Then back the players. It’s not about fines or money anymore

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