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Derby County come up with plan to reduce points deduction should they receive it

Derby County come up with a plan to reduce their points deduction should they receive it going into the 2021/22 campaign.

The Rams could face a less severe points penalty next season if they can find ‘fresh owners’ quick enough as they look set for a big summer of changes.

According to reports, the Championship outfit, who survived the drop on the last day of the 2020/21 campaign are ‘in talks’ with potential new owners, and that a ‘quick sale’ could help them avoid a double-figure points deduction like Sheffield Wednesday had.

Derby County come up with plan to reduce points deduction should they receive it

Alan Nixon writes that, if Mel Morris remains in charge going into the next season then there will be a ‘push for the penalties to be severe and possible into double figures’.

It comes after a bumpy month for the club, who have seen themselves in countless amounts of shocking headlines of late, even more stormy after reports that Erik Alonso’s takeover bid is now completely off.

A report goes on to explain that Derby County will discover their FFP punishment ‘shortly’, and also that MSD Holdings could ‘step in’ to protect the reported £18million that they’re owed and stop the club from going towards administration, something that a journalist stated being a long way off from happening.

Wayne Rooney has already confirmed that he will take charge of Derby in the 2021/22 season. Though not a lot of information is being said to the Rams fanbase, leaving them clueless as to what happens next, who and what the future holds.

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Their shocking debts and future liabilities are rumoured to be in excess of £60million and with takeover bids coming to nothing whenever they come to light, it only sends bad signals for the club. It also makes you wonder why Morris thought Alonso was a decent fit considering how it’s played out lately.

Going into Derby’s last game against Sheffield Wednesday, Wayne Rooney said he is 100% committed to Derby County regardless of the outcome.

“100% My focus, my commitment is Derby County.

“The club has given me this opportunity to become a manager and I am 100% committed whatever the outcome is on Saturday making sure I progress this football club.

“Regardless of where we are at, my future is with Derby County. I am never one to walk away from a challenge. I want to push this club forward.

“My plans for next season are to look at the squad, add players to the squad and try and push further up the League and try and get us closer to being in the Premier League.

“I am confident about the game tomorrow (Saturday. I believe the players are good enough and the players are ready for the challenge.”

It ended 3-3 with Martyn Waghorn the hero as Derby County battled back to get the point they needed to stay in the Championship and consign Sheffield Wednesday to relegation to League One.

6 days ago, Wycombe Wanderers were said to be contemplating legal action against Derby. Then the Chairboys made the stance clear.


Wycombe Wanderers acknowledge the situation in relation to potential sanctions being issued to Derby County, which may have ramifications which affect the Chairboys if a decision is taken to deduct points from Derby in the 2020/21 season.

The club absolutely respects the sensitivity of the legal processes involved. However, we feel we owe it to our supporters not to remain silent in the midst of media speculation.

What we know at this stage is that the EFL has won its appeal against Derby County for breaching Financial Fair Play rules through the club’s accounting policies, and await details of the sanction. This news came to light last week, and the club knew that a victory at Middlesbrough could – and ultimately did – enable Wycombe Wanderers to finish 22nd in the Championship table, one place below Derby. We applaud the outstanding efforts of the staff and team during their 3-0 victory.

To finish on 43 points, and above two other teams, is a creditable achievement given the relative tight financial restraints that the club has operated under during the 2020/21 season. We have gone into battle with teams assembled for nine-figure sums, and often fallen narrowly short.

Wycombe Wanderers will always continue to compete to its maximum potential, on and off the pitch, by playing within the rules. We expect our opponents to do the same.

The club trusts that the correct decision will be reached by the independent commission which has been appointed to judge Derby County’s case. We respect the process and are not contemplating legal action at this time, contrary to media speculation.

In the meantime, we continue to plan for next season – one which we believe will be one of the most exciting in recent history, as we welcome fans back to Adams Park for a new and improved matchday experience in many ways.

We are thrilled with the early uptake of season tickets, which stands at close to 2,000, just days after going to general sale.

The club thanks its supporters for their unwavering support, and also a huge number of fans and representatives of other clubs who have sent their best wishes and expressed admiration for the club’s endeavours throughout the season.


Derby Telegraph held a Derby County Q&A session with fans covering a wide range of topics surrounding the club. Football writer Steve Nicholson answers…

Jakedavies92: Now another deal is off, will the potential American deal go through and if not will Mel (Rams chairman Mel Morris) invest heavily in the team this summer?

SN: There are other interested parties, I understand, and one is reportedly an American consortium although this has not been firmed up. Will a deal go through? Impossible to say. Will Mel Morris invest ‘heavily’ in the team this summer? The team/squad certainly needs an overhaul and manager Wayne Rooney has his plans, but it will probably be a case of balancing ins and outs.

Geofframs8: Even though Wayne Rooney’s well paid I reckon he must be totally fed up at the mo.

SN: Wayne Rooney has stressed the importance of sorting off-the-field issues ahead of next season. After the Sheffield Wednesday game Rooney said: “We need clarity, especially the fans, on what’s going on.”

Jakedavies9: I see the pitch is being done, so that’s a good start.

SN: Yes, work has started on the Pride Park Stadium pitch.

theicebox: What’s going on with Erik Alonso situation, people saying it’s off?

SN: The deal is off, I understand, and that is what has been widely reported although there has been no official confirmation of that.

Antonio1: Is Wayne Rooney good enough to take us forward?

SN: I wrote a lengthy article this week on ‘Is Wayne Rooney the right man to take Derby County forward’. A record of one win in the final 15 games does not help his case with some fans, but there have been many factors why this season has been such a struggle. Given that, I think he deserves a full summer to build his squad and a full pre-season, and then see how things go next season.

Jakedavies92: Who will get new contracts?

SN: Wayne Rooney has said he will speak to Martyn Waghorn, Andre Wisdom and Curtis Davies, but it is likely that if any new deals are offered they would be deals on reduced terms to fit in the budget.

Geofframs8: Why cant the EFL make a decision or at least give a date for a decision (on possible sanctions against Derby)?

SN: That is not the EFL’s decision. The decision will be made by the original independent disciplinary commission, I understand.

Stehaze1986: Who is this American consortium?

SN: I have no firm details, nor have I read/heard any firm details

Jakedavies92: If this American Consortium deal is agreed in the next few days how soon can a deal be completed?

SN: How long is a piece of string, Jake? Look how long the last two takeover bids rumbled on.

paulderby501: Is administration close?

SN: Not as far as I am aware, Paul

Jakedavies92: Do you know when the friendly fixtures will be announced and played?

SN: Wayne Rooney has said pre-season is organised, so I would imagine the club will announce soon.

petshop2: Should points penalty be given for next season could Wycombe legally request it be this season?

SN: Not sure of the legal ins and outs, but if it is a points’ deduction it is likely to be next season, I understand.

Jakedavies92: Any news on the new kits or sponsors etc?

SN: Aren’t new kits usually around July?

Sean Flynn: Is there any truth in Steve McClaren is part of the Sam Rush/Andy Appleby consortium that could be involved in a new takeover of DCFC?

SN: I have not heard that rumour, Sean.

Lwts96: Any ideas or heard anything about who’s leading this “American consortium”?

SN: No, nor have any details appeared elsewhere.

Fans reacted to reports that Derby County have come up with a plan to reduce their points deduction should they receive it…

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