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Derby brutally mocked by Leeds fan as worrying details are revealed

Derby County have been brutally mocked by a Leeds fan on social media as worrying details are revealed this week over their finances.

A major update for the Rams emerged and it was all about the takeover, which is still supposedly ongoing as fans are left furious online at how long it is taking to complete.

Shocking reports emerged of how members of the Rams squad still haven’t been paid their full December wages as we going into the middle of January.

It had been reported months ago that Sheikh Khaled was on the verge of purchasing the Rams from Mel Morris, and it was hoped that the deal would be completed by as early as Christmas.

However we are seemingly still waiting for it all to be confirmed, and it was revealed on New Years Eve that players hadn’t been paid, although that issue was going to be sorted when the deal went though, which was ‘imminent’.

Sky Sports reporter Rob Dorsett has revealed how Derby aren’t looking to sell any first-team players this month, but instead they are looking at offloading some of their academy graduates to help them financially.

Derby were hoping for a takeover by Sheikh Khaled’s Derventio Holdings to be finalised and those at the club keep banging on how everything will be alright.

But the money has not come through and they don’t have the funds to cover their salaries meaning players are getting restless having not received what they’re due.

The club, who sit 22nd in the Championship table, picking up 19 points from 22 games, could potentially face players putting in their notice.

In turn, it could also lead to possible points penalties from the English Football League, with Derby set to speak to the them about their issues in an attempt to avoid punishment.

Should owner Mel Morris fail to get this takeover with the sheikh over the line, it could see the club face either going into administration or being handed over to their main creditors.

This news caught the attention of Leeds fans who couldn’t help but have Derby brutally mocked as the worrying details are revealed.

@Tommeh_7 uploaded a well known photo of when Derby players mocked Leeds over the spygate incident, so did the spy gesture after knocking them out of the playoffs a while back.

Speaking on talkSPORT this week, chief executive Stephen Pearce tried to reassure fans about the takeover: “I can confirm we are still in normal dialogue with those guys (prospective new owners) multiple times on a daily basis and we are being told there are no issues whatsoever or complications with the takeover.

“Even this morning the conversations – we are speaking daily with the prospective new owners, myself and Mel (Morris) speaking to them directly – and there has absolutely not been a single issue raised by either party, just to stress that, and any indications that this deal won’t go through. It is just all about timing and that is where we are.

“I assured the players yesterday that is the case. It is an unfortunate situation that we are in but one we see light at the end of the tunnel very, very soon.”

However we’ve heard this all before, nothing more is coming to light and the agonising wait for Derby fans goes on.

Fans reacted after Derby were brutally mocked by a Leeds fan as the worrying details are revealed…

@fplpaddy: Can’t even afford real binoculars bless em

@BhachuBalhar: What goes around…

@420Win: Funny…how things work, sometimes.

@MickDruce: And so it came to pass, Leeds went to the promised land and the Rams were sacrificed

@upstateNYLUFC: That guard of honor they had to give us … priceless

@markleedsunited: Even after selling the ground for so much as well.

@Coradomoz: Even though I’m bored with slating Derby, this is superb!!

@_jackneal: Class to be fair

@Woody_Woo_Woo: Shit tinpot club wonder what wage packet the fat granny shagger took home with him

@sqqv2: sometimes you’ve just gotta laugh haven’t you, saves you from stressing

@LUFCTheo: Pure football shithoursery

@davelee0712: 😂😂 karma’s a bitch!

@brogancarterr: I’d be lying if I said I was enjoying Derby’s current situation x

@Kallumhunt88: You love to see it!

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