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Deliveroo apologise to Fulham after making jibe about club; discount offered to fans

Food firm Deliveroo have had to apologise to Premier League returnees Fulham after making a jibe about club; with a discount offered to fans.

Cottagers supporters are being handed free credit on Deliveroo, who say sorry for joking about catering a ‘relegation banquet’ for the west London outfit – before the Premier League season even got underway.

Fulham take on Liverpool at Craven Cottage on the 6th of August as they try to avoid a third relegation into the Championship from six seasons having secured three promotions from the second tier across their last three attempts.

With rival supporters often taking the piss about their failure to remain in the top flight for more than a single season, despite their unbroken spell between 2001 and 2014 – Fulham fans have new hope and optimism having stormed to the league title last season rather than going up via the playoffs as they did in both 2017/18 and 2019/20.

Deliveroo replied to a Sky Sports Premier League tweet showing the opening four top-flight fixtures for each of the three promoted sides, Deliveroo were quick to poke fun at Fulham.

Fulham’s opening games sees them come up against Liverpool, Wolves, Brentford and Arsenal across the month of August, with Jurgen Klopp’s side hoping to make sure they get off to a strong start.

Deliveroo tweeted: “Ooof, that’s some opener. We’re here to cater the relegation banquet in May lads. Fulham — just shout.”

Vice-chairman Khan, son of owner Shahid, hit back: “I suspect that we’ll be in business and thriving long after you wind down.”

Deliveroo tried to make peace by offering free credits for one of their takeaways.

They said: “Fair play, Tony. We got this one wrong. As an apology, the first 40 Fulham fans to use UPTHEFULHAM get free credit on us.”

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It’s not the first time Khan has got himself involved in a heated Twitter spat as he caused beef with ex-Fulham boss Scott Parker by apologising for a 3-0 home defeat by Aston Villa in September 2020 during their last Premier League campaign.

Khan promised “better efforts from this squad”, to which Parker hit back and said: “I just don’t agree with that. You don’t need to apologise for the performance, the performance was there and there was nothing wrong with it.

“If you want to apologise for a performance that means you are apologising for a lack of work ethic, a lack of desire and lack of energy and people not really bothering.

“When you play a football match you can lose it, you can have bad games, you can make mistakes and for that you should never apologise.

“Every single one of the players worked tirelessly hard during that game.

“As a football club I will accept nothing less than that. I will be the first to have an issue with the team and I would be the first to apologise if that was the case.

“I think Tony is passionate and he obviously wants the best for the team and I totally understand that. But ultimately it’s my job to try to manage a group of players.”

Jamie Carragher ripped into Fulham chief Tony Khan over his post-match tweets in 2020.

Khan tweeted: “I apologise to Fulham supporters for our performance tonight.

“We’ve looked to add centre-backs since Wembley, I’m sorry we haven’t yet as 2 got COVID + we lost a Free we thought was close + had another issue with a 4th CB. I promise players in + better efforts from this squad.

“I should + will apologise repeatedly for that performance. I’m sorry everybody. We all need to do a better job.

“Everyone at the club for the past year worked really hard to get the team up, & now we need to work significantly harder to stay up. I promise better efforts than today.”

Carra said on Sky Sports: “Clown, getting involved in that.

“The performance was that bad we were actually laughing at some of the defending.

“Fulham are going down, I’ve never been more certain about anything in my life. They need to buy two, maybe three, four defenders.

“It never works, that. It always ends in tears.

“What would Scott Parker think about that? What do those lads who are playing at the back think about that, who have maybe got to play midweek, got to play at the weekend?

“Just shut your mouth, get on with it, keep your head down.”

Khan also tweeted a fan “go to hell” for criticising his running of the club.

Back on the main story now and fans reacted after Deliveroo apologise to Fulham after making a jibe about the club…

@TomRogers24: Nah you’re alright I prefer @JustEatUK

@jamierawlinson0: Bodied the virgin

@thomasffc541: Christ Tony. No need to body the guy.

@bwhead: And TK is here to cater you a ratio, lads

@Sean23Waller: Iceland delivery turns up warmer than yours

@adamjonesio: Oh you remember there’s a football club your family own then…

@MarkJwalker: Choke slam them Tony! Deliverwhoooooooo


@AntcjSW6: Yes @TonyKhan! When we stay up will @Deliveroo provide a banquet at the cottage ?? Asking for a friend ….

@DaveLovell6: Fulham supporter will never use deliveroo again just deleted the app. Ex customer

@OscarBettison: Hello, Police? I’d like to report a murder.

@stevenffc123: That’s an app I have just deleted

@Serbiantennis77: Wow, the 100 likes you got from that tweet were probably well worth the potential loss of around 20-25k of addressable customers. Always thought your marketing was shite, but this is special.

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