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Dejphon Chansiri goes into rant about Carlton Palmer during Xisco Munoz unveiling

Dejphon Chansiri goes into a surprise rant about Carlton Palmer during the unveiling of new manager Xisco Munoz on Wednesday afternoon.

Video footage as surfaced showing him responding to a question about the club’s former player who has been criticising the owner.

One of his tweets from the last few weeks caught attention, with Palmer saying last week: “Read between the lines. 10 players report back tomorrow, no manager no back room staff and no head of recruitment.

“Why would I want to hurt the club, I love the owls but the truth is the chairman is throwing Darren under a bus for his failings.”

And speaking in today’s press conference, Chansiri came back at Palmer, saying: “Carlton Palmer came out and said something. I don’t understand how you try to say you love this club but you try to damage it. For me,
I feel when we’ve done well in the past I’ve never seen him come out. When we do start to do bad, you come out because you know the fans are going go with you to attack me. I think he just wants to get attention.

“I think he has a problem with mentality, so whatever he says, because the fans like him, so he can say whatever to make them believe.

“If he thinks he tells the true story I invite him to talk to me face-to-face in front of fans and media. Don’t hide behind social media. Even the fan, whoever are always negative, right? Come then you can damage me more. I always welcome, but never come, right? Don’t be good only behind the scene, right? Be a man or be a lady, right? I’m always here, always open.

Muoz also had is say, quit the response, urging to move forward!

Carlton Palmer has responded after that, saying that Chansiri is ‘changing his tune again’ and points out to what was previously said.

He adds, when asked if he’s on his way to the press conference: “I am at my parents house in Birmingham, I will wait for DC to call me his secretary has my number, happy to meet him wherever whenever, waiting.

“Not worried about my reputation, I will always be true to myself. DC has shown what he is about. A press conference to unveil a new manager and rants on about me. DM has gone I have said my bit on the matter move on and get on with the business in hand.”

Here’s what fans are saying as Dejphon Chansiri goes into a rant about Carlton Palmer during the Xisco Munoz unveiling…

@mobe1k: Carlton why are you doing this to our club? You were once a legend in a legendary team and now you are loosing the fans that once loved you. Please stop and be more professional about subjects or maybe you are just a sad disgruntled player who never forgot how we sold you on

@Annies_song_: Terrific stuff this 🤣

@davo33uk: Boring now this vendetta move on and last get behind manager for new season take your personal vendetta offline and meet the bloke or get in a boxing ring – just sort it it’s getting like a f’ing playground with you two

@kieran1889: We’ve got a Saudi prince on universal credit and I’d still rather him than this lunatic 🤣

@Mattswfc86: To be fair. He’s absolutely spot on….

@CraigRouse1: Bet new managers buzzing. Be wondering what he’s walked into….

@Craigfox27Fox: chansiri on palmer……bang on!!!!!

@wannao7: Whatever side of the fence you’re on, Palmers given it Chansiri big time recently BUT just had a bit back, live on Sky sports news 🤣 That puts DC ahead on points for me. #swfc

@J19721: I do wonder who advises our Chairman, this press conference was not about him, it was about welcome our new Manager, how embarrasing, I cannot imagine what the new manager is thinking. Seriously this stuff should not be happening.@swfc #swfc

@nick32346705: Press conference to announce the new manager has turned into the Carlton Palmer show … 🤦🏼‍♂️ #swfc

@upthejunction28: LOL state of that club 😂😂😂

@Leeds_Untied: Cellino + Radz ain’t a patch on this guy

@gazorwin85: Chansiri ripping into @CarltonPalmer 👀.

@tprowl: Chansiri asking Carlton palmer for a straightener unbelievable scenes absolute circus that press conference , a real shame because the new gaffer can really get his point if allowed to speak #swfc

@littlegannan: Carlton, just stop it mate. You’re slowly losing all of your reputation where SWFC is concerned. You’re one of my heroes but I’m starting to think you’re a bit of a plant pot to be honest

@ninety_six96: You can see Munoz thinking over his inevitable payoff 😜

@TomMatthews_: Really feel for Xisco bet he’s feeling shit about it you could see he was visibly frustrated just like the fans who have moved on I don’t think many fans wanted any more on the Moore situation and Carlton Palmer of all people 😐 we wanna get excited and look forward not back

@BentonTom: Poor new managers press conference and that 🤡 just took it over. I’ll side with Carlton Palmer every day of the week. Old enough to know how much he was held in high regard by supporters.

@JordanOwl28: Just me that thinks good on him? Why should he have Palmer spouting shit about him for weeks on Twitter and him not allowed to defend himself?

@johnada75157425: Started listening to the press conference turned it off when chansiri started talking about Carlton Palmer 😩 #swfc

@kwcblade: Munoz looks embarrassed. How can it go wrong this year with these two in charge?

@AlfredS8: DC is spot on! Carlton Palmer is an attention seeker and a sad old man!

@KivoLee: How good was last season when Chansiri stepped away from the public eye and let Darren Moore get on with the job of building bridges with the fanbase. Now we’re back to the Chansiri show. Someone please win a billion quid and buy this clown out. Good luck XM, you’ll need it.

@mattchafer: If Chansiri wanted to call Carlton Palmer out for slagging him off on Twitter then he should have released a statement! Shouldn’t be at the unveiling of a new manager! Poor from the Journalists they know full well Chansiri doesn’t need any help to go off on one! #SWFC

@ZaaanderSmith: That new manager must be sat there thinking what the fucking hell have I got myself into 😂 on a day where it should be about him becoming manager the chairman makes it all about himself.

@THEsharpey: Oh dear, it’s the Chansiri show again, calling our Carlton Palmer. Can’t we just hear from our new manager? #swfc

@ljwrd6: Honestly 🤢🤣

@Rlrisky: Move on Carlton, you sound like a bitter jilted ex-boyfriend. It’s embarrassing, really.

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