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Declan Rice next club odds revealed after making revelation during interview

Declan Rice next club odds have been revealed after making a revelation during an interview while on England World Cup duty.

The 23 year old has indicated he wants to leave West Ham when speaking of his ambition to win trophies and play in the Champions League.

Rice has no intention of extending his deal and he is expected to be sold for a big fee next summer with the belief that the Hammers will allow their club captain to leave, even though they will hope to put off bidders by demanding at least £100m.

Rice’s contract runs until the summer of 2024, with the option to extend by a year, and he has rejected offers of a new deal, according to reports.

The 23-year-old is desperate to play at the highest level and has said playing for England has increased his desire to compete for major honours. “One hundred per cent I want to play in the Champions League,” Rice said. “For the last two or three years I’ve been saying that.

“I’ve been playing consistently well for my club and I feel like I really want to keep pushing. I see my friends here who are playing Champions League and for big trophies.

“You only get one career and at the end you want to look back at what you’ve won and the biggest games you’ve played in.”

Rice is expected to start when England face Senegal in the last 16 of the World Cup on Sunday and said the rest of the qualifiers should be worried.

“Other nations will always look at us and think about the quality we’ve got in the squad,” he said. “Why should we not be feared? If you look at our attacking players, there are world-class, unbelievable talents across the board. There are players who have played in the biggest games and won the biggest trophies. We are one of the biggest teams here.

“But it’s down to us to prove it on the pitch. Teams like the French have proved that. They’ve won a World Cup. They’ve done it consistently. Now we want to change that. We’re not just here to get into the round of 16. We want to go the whole way. It’s up to us to prove it.”

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Chelsea – 9/2
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AC Milan – 20/1
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Barcelona – 25/1

This is what fans had to say as Declan Rice – next club odds – revealed after making a revelation during his interview…

@NelZxz: So he doesn’t want to play Europa league with Chelsea next season?

@Scarz__V2: Wow Rice has no friends that play for Tottenham, sad

@agbnufc_: Declan Rice basically confirms he wants to leave West Ham “I see the boys here playing Champions League, you only get one career.” This is why NUFC need to qualify for UCL soon as possible, hearing Bruno say something like that cannot be allowed to happen. ⛔️

@Glen_WHU64: Whatever this lad chooses too do .. can only wish him the best of luck .. such a talented player .. I swear he could walk into any team in the world .. I feel very lucky see him playing for us .. West Ham’s @_DeclanRice

@mickdavfc: As a Villa fan, this is the downside of your players being amongst the England squad. Peer envy and peer pressure kicks in and instead of trying to achieve with your own team you jump ship. The big 6 self-perpetuates itself.

@HarvLfc: ‘I want to leave west ham’

@TBuckland_79: Sad times for us Hammers fans but the reality is our squad, as developing as it is, isn’t cutting it right now and he’s right, he only gets 1 career so how long does he give us! He’s given enough I’m my view! Long as it’s not Chelsea! Hope his loyalty at least goes that far! ⚒

@DavidTFord10: Totally understand where he’s coming from and I wish him all the best however West Ham need to cash in asap in my opinion, I’m sure he’ll give 100% for the remainder of the season but ideally as player you want your club captain fully committed and focused on everything West Ham.

@AllLoveLeeds: He’s off. Just like Phillips was. Can’t really blame him. Just as Leicester had (albeit they won trophies inc Prem) West Ham had broken into top 6, but it’s gone downhill so far this season, which is a shame as it was refreshing to see another team challenge that “big six.”

@chrisw333: Fantastic player. Feel for West Ham if he goes, but understandable.

@WillMurphy96: Bring the boy home 💙

@Luke96475753: Im not crying you are 😥

@ben_personal: when dec leaves, I really worry for us. Don’t trust Moyes to reinvest properly based on the summer, and impossible to replace.

@jackelderton: Best of luck to him. Dec is a fantastic player and he will obviously get the chance to play at the top level. But as captain, how do you motivate a group of players to fight for West Ham when you’re openly talking about playing for/deserving a transfer?

@LambyEth03: As much as we knew this was coming. Him coming out and saying this when we are big under pressure in the league isn’t great captaincy I love dec but this isn’t right .

@lottiewhu: Every West Ham fan knew this, but for your club captain to say this in the middle of the season, when the club is struggling, is so poor

@GaryJames86: The day was always coming. He’s head and shoulders above anything we have at West Ham and to try and hold onto him for as long as we can is selfish. He definitely will leaving with my blessings and best wishes!

@beniboi86: I get that he was always going to leave at the end of the season, but why come and and say this when you’re at the World Cup and you’ve still got to play for us. Talk about touting yourself off

@CharlotteWHU: Ouch this hurts. I wish nothing but the best for him though 🥺

@RyanBarnard15: Look we all know this was going to happen I just don’t think he should have come out and say it like this

@WoolnerAndy: Cheers Dec, I’m crying. Nice one.

@smithy_jack1: Go then bruv

@Harryhamilton97: Might aswell just say I’m leaving in the summer dec 🤣

@DanielCutter: Man City, Liverpool, Bayern Munich, PSG, Barcelona and Real Madrid are the only teams I’ll say fair enough if he goes to. Maybe Juventus if they become serious again with the new board.

@jack_whufc21: I hope this World Cup never ends and the premier league never returns

@reecewhu83: Unpopular opinion but if Rice carries on the form and we go far I the World Cup I’d probably cash in on him in January. Should’ve done the same with Payet after the Euros in 2016. Maximise the money

@draylbret_t: Newcastle United

@Jackcoyi: Mark Noble did not die for this.

@hammers178: That’s him gone then hopefully not to Chelsea

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