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Declan Rice backs campaign to make new song about him ‘the chant of the World Cup’

Declan Rice backs a recently set up campaign to make new song about him ‘the chant of the World Cup’ similar to the impact Will Grigg’s had.

The West Ham player has thrown his support behind Jaackmaate’s plan to make ‘Rice Rice Baby’ the soundtrack to the winter ahead of the biggest footballing tournament of the year.

In a TikTok posted on Declan’s official channel a week before the tournament gets underway, the 23-year-old footballer can be seen dancing alongside his three nephews to Jaackmaate’s own version of the adapted Vanilla Ice song ‘Ice Ice Baby’.

@declanrice_ My nephews love it! Let’s go 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 #RiceRiceBaby ♬ original sound – JaackMaate


Last week, Jaackmaate, who is a YouTuber, took to his Instagram to play out the ‘Rice Rice Baby’ song in the home to make it the one chant that fans can’t stop singing throughout November and December as they bid to become world champions, something they haven’t managed to do since 1966.

Müller Yogurts & Desserts are also on board with this, launching a multimillion-pound marketing campaign for its Müller Rice brand that features Declan Rice.

The campaign, which is a first for Müller Rice in five years, will run for five weeks and span multiple formats, including radio, social media and out-of-home. So you’re definitely bound to hear it at some point.

In November 2021, Declan also performed his rendition of ‘Rice Rice Baby’ during a Twitter karaoke space of ‘Sing Your Dialect’ to over 75,000 people.

This blew up social media and had been picked up by numerous news outlets across the world.

The chant initially came about after West Ham’s fans were heard chanting about Rice during their Premier League games when Declan was establishing himself as a first-team regular at the club.

We also saw other tunes become popular with fanbases, Atomic Kitten’s hit ‘Whole Again’ heard in the summer of 2018, with supporters at games, in pubs and at home sang ‘Southgate You’re The One!’ as the team progressed all the way to the semi-finals.

But with thanks and help from Declan Rice, and Müller, we may all be chanting ‘Rice Rice Baby’ in our living rooms this winter. Lt’s see how hooked we get with this one.

Toby Bevans, Strategy and Marketing Director at Müller Yogurt & Desserts said: “We know that consumers really love this brand and, within our category research, we found it to be the clear favourite in terms of taste, variety of flavours, preference as a go-to tasty snack with options within the range for the whole family.

“What was also clear is that we have a really distinctive asset with our previous ‘Rice, Rice Baby’ adverts.

“So we are very excited to kick off our first Müller Rice campaign in five years. By working with Declan, we hope to engage with and entertain new audiences – bringing the enjoyment of Müller Rice to those looking for a tasty on-the-go snack.”


There was plenty of reaction as Declan Rice backs a campaign to make a new song about him ‘the chant of the World Cup’…

@iamgoggs: That Muller Rice Declan Rice Rice Rice Baby radio ad is… something

@TonyTonypearce1: Love it 😍

@stevemarriott67: It’s dreadful 🙉

neve🦋: can’t wait for the england fans to chant this when you score

Alex Rutherford: What am I watching 😂

Kate Hazzard: Oh my god cannot cope 🥺😍

Kyran Lee: Go on deccers !!

Ryser: Anyone remember when he sung this on twitter

@KillerHeels_UK: @_DeclanRice play that funky music white boy! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🦁🦁🦁#ricericebaby

@GoatyGavster: Can’t but love Deccers. Would still love him if he left.

@rogerc32: Kin ell state of this 💀

@MattWaite5: What a legend 😂

@foreverayellow: ok, this is actually rather funny, definitely gunna catch on in some way, you just know it

@CraigardH: You’re a lovely mover Dec. Just make sure you do it on the pitch!! 🪄🕺🏻⚒️🦁

@SDickman90: Why didnt you get Thomas Muller in there too? Opportunity missed

@CateFox: Oh good lord, the Muller Rice radio ad with Declan Rice singing “rice rice baby”…. massive cringe.

@riofarley: i genuinely cant get this out of my head now, just hope its sung in qatar now

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