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Decision made by England on whether to continue taking the knee as Kalvin Phillips speaks out

A decision has been made by England and boss Gareth Southgate on whether to continue taking the knee during the upcoming Euros.

Loud booing could be heard around the Riverside Stadium when the Three Lions made the anti-racism gesture before Wednesday’s 1-0 friendly win against Austria.

This begun a huge talking point following the game as Gareth Southgate condemned it and Jack Grealish hit out as fans. See more on that HERE.

An urged meeting then came about after the game holds with the England boss and the players over potentially stopping taking the knee.

Now it has been confirmed that England’s players WILL continue to take the knee throughout this summer’s Euro 2020 campaign.

Southgate said that after holding discussions with senior players and the whole squad, they will continue to take the stance regardless of the reaction in the stands, and that players would not be taking further questions on their decision.

“The most important thing for our players is to know that we are totally united on it, we’re totally committed to supporting each other, supporting the team. We feel that more than ever determined to take the knee through this tournament,” he said.

Decision made by England on whether to continue taking the knee as Kalvin Phillips speaks out

“We accept there might be an adverse reaction. We’re just going to ignore that and move forward. I think the players are sick of talking about the consequences of should they, shouldn’t they. They’ve had enough really.

“As far as I’m concerned, they’re not going to take more questions on this through the tournament. If it happens, it happens. They’re really clear, their voices have been heard loud and clear. They’re making their stand but they want to talk about the football and the focus to be on football. “

The England manager added: “We had a productive meeting with a group of the players yesterday, we enlarged that to the wider group today. But there are other things we need to spend our time on and the players want to spend their time on.

“That’s not them dismissing the importance of this, they know the power of their voices, they know the fact that they can make a difference, but they do at this moment want talk to be about their football and to be able to concentrate on their football and use the impact of their voice at a more appropriate time when they feel they can make a difference.

“Today we can because of what happened. I think the fact we’re going to keep going is impactful.”

Kalvin Phillips, the Leeds midfielder, said he was “confused and disappointed” by the reaction of some fans at the Riverside to the gesture.

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“I was just happy the boos were cancelled out by the fans cheering in the end,” Phillips added.

“I don’t think it’s a great situation for us players. All we can do is focus on the game, speak about it afterwards and came to the conclusion that regardless of what goes on we’re still going to participate in the kneeling.”

Meanwhile, Southgate hints at who’ll be Trent Alexander-Arnold’s replacement at the Euros after he was ruled out due to injury.

The Liverpool defender could be seen limping off the pitch in the Three Lions’ 1-0 friendly win against Austria at the Riverside Stadium.

Following a scan, it has been confirmed that the Premier League player suffered a hamstring tear which will now keep him out of the much anticipated tournament.

It has made Southgate’s preparation for Euro 2020 far trickier than he hoped, with many fans, pundits and players questioning who will be replacing him. Read more in this story by clicking HERE.

Fans reacted as a decision is made by England on whether to continue taking the knee as Kalvin Phillips speaks out on it…

@mpl1spalding: I’ll have to support France then

@GoonerCharles: Very English of you. Can’t be a patriot then

@alanjamesrees: Whatever. Digging a deeper hole. Booing will increase.

@Ngonge69JOHN: let’s hope the team performs then, coz if you flop, the fans will slaughter you, Southgate.

@AJ_BHAFC: Taking the knee has lost all meaning IMO. It really does run the risk of creating another division. Everything should be equal.

@angiemythen: If you don’t like it stay away. Simple! Football would be a much nicer place for it

@georgefraser91: The knee isn’t political, how hard is it for people to grasp 😂 the comments on this thread sum up the general intellect of football fans.

@btisn: Well said Gareth! If it makes just one person change their views it’s worth it.

@WickedDust420: There is NO reason for anybody to boo the players for taking a knee in response to racism in football. I think the people who do the booing are probably very racist. Obviously I don’t know that for sure, but that’s my belief

@JkJohnk63: I think he’s got more important issues than weather his team take the knee which has done nothing to change anything more diversity in the FA is needed to make any kind of change and until that happens nothing will change… Change starts at the top!!

@neiljohnevans: He has asked the players about this & they have decided that they want to do this to support their teammates. If there is booing (which will get drowned out again) it will only increase the unity of the team. All are against the racist abuse directed at Sterling & Rashford etc.

@IntegralMUFC: Expect the booing to continue then

@Joey_CFC: the gammons won’t like this

@MightyUtd: Keep on taking the knee, the racists will learn soon enough. Black Lives Matter, forever and always. #BLM

@petercfc2010: Taking the knee does absolutely nothing. I think the booing comes from the fact that BLM and equality issues are two different things. BLM are a Marxist movement which doesn’t care about black people and equality issues affect all races and religions.

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