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Dean Saunders to serve a jail sentence

Former Wales striker Dean Saunders jailed for 10 weeks after pleading guilty to failing to supply a roadside breath test.

The ex-Swansea, Brighton, Oxford, Derby, Liverpool, Aston Villa, Nottingham Forest, Sheffield United, Bradford and Wales striker was stopped by police allegedly in an “intoxicated” state in Boughton, Chester earlier this year.

He also ended up being charged when failing to provide a breathalyser test following in a visit to the police station, he said that his asthma made it a struggle for him to blow into a tube.

Saunders denies both charges and is set to face trial at court on the morning of August 28.

Prosecutor Kerry Pepperall claimed he didn’t mentioned it during his arrest and a review of CCTV and body-cam footage also didn’t pick up whether or not Saunders had told officers, the court heard.

She said the footage showed “an intoxicated person” who was “highly under the influence of alcohol” at the time.

He had been out at Chester Races and had admitted to drinking two pints.

He will be banned from driving for 30 months upon his release from prison and ordered to pay court costs of £620.

District Judge Nicholas Sanders told him: “Throughout these proceedings you have shown yourself to be arrogant, thinking you are someone whose previous and current role in the public eye entitles you to be above the law.

“In fact the opposite is true – someone in the public eye should expect a deterrent sentence when they flout the law.”


After finding out that Dean Saunders has been jailed, fans took to give their reaction, with many mocking him – see those tweets on the next page.


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