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Dean Ashton scrutinised by viewers over ‘bang out of order’ comment live on air

Former player turned commentator Dean Ashton has been scrutinised by viewers over his ‘bang out of order’ comment live on air.

It was made during Millwall’s 2-1 FA Cup defeat at home to Crystal Palace, however the game was marred due to a serious of incidents.

One of which included a bottle being thrown from the home end towards 20 year old Eagles midfielder Michael Olise as he was trying to take a corner.

After the object was chucked on, the player kicked it and handled it superbly by telling the culprits to keep bringing on.

During that moment, ITV commentators were watching on, only for Dean Ashton to pipe up and had the nerve to criticise Olise.

Ashton said that the Palace player shouldn’t have reacted to getting a bottle thrown at him while adding the he should have read the room before giving some back.

Palace boss Patrick Vieira said Olise hadn’t spoken to him about the incident but praised his player for what was a brilliant second-half display to turn the game around.

“In the first-half he found it really difficult to find the space. We changed the shape a little bit in the second-half and he was more wide.

“We created the situation where he was in the one-v-one. He is capable of going inside and outside and I think the goal he scored showed his quality.”

Vieira was impressed with the display after the restart, particularly the spirit of the side after going behind in frustrating fashion from a defensive mix-up.

“I was happy with the first-half that we played, but we didn’t use the ball well enough,” he explained. “I think in the second-half what we wanted to do as a team was to win the game.

“We conceded the goal from a mistake that we made, and we wanted to win the game because we wanted to the support as well to give Jack [Butland].

“This is the way we want to play, and sometimes we will make those mistakes. I was really pleased with the character and determination that we showed in the second-half.”

As mentioned, Dean Ashton was scrutinised by viewers over the ‘bang out of order’ comment live on air, take a look at what they wrote below…

@Nick_CPFC: Happy with the win. Not happy with the coverage. Clive Tyldesley and Dean Ashton feeling the need to reinforce that Millwall are a family club every two minutes while blaming Olise for their racist supporters hurtling bottles at him. Fuck off @itvfootball.

@RobC0810: Put Clive Tyldesley in the bin. Telling Michael Olise to not react to having a bottle thrown at him is a disgrace. Dean Ashton telling Olise to read the room was fucking embarrassing as well. Both of them can get fucked.

@DaveMcKFlit: Clive Tyldsley & Dean Ashton have words for Olise reacting to being hit by bottle but no word for the idiot that threw it?!?

@HarrySavva: Dean Ashton: “Olise’s been brilliant but read the room a little”. Yeah how dare he express himself on the pitch and he should have just let that bottle hit him in the head and thank the crowd for it. Braindead fuck.

@Danw0405: Dean Ashton now blaming Olise for having a bottle thrown at him. Honestly, what’s his deal?

@KronosX81: Clive Tyldesley and Dean Ashton can sit back down and keep quiet after they stupidly criticised Michael Olise for his reactions after being hit on the head by a bottle thrown by a bunch of imbeciles. I say well done for the players reaction. And I hope those imbeciles are banned

@lewisrich01: Don’t get Dean Ashton telling Olise to read the room he’s just had a bottle of drink thrown at him, weirdo

@Alexjackd: Is that Dean Ashton telling Olise to read the room? Read the fact you’re scum mate

@fullnamedaniel: Still cant believe what Dean Ashton said today about Olise. Spineless rotten bald cockroach

@enolajon: Dean Ashton saying Olise should “read the room”. Shut up pal

@humfmeister: @ITVSport bottle thrown at player, player responds by waving arm at area where bottle was thrown from. Dean Ashton “Olise should read the room”. Thankfully @itv have less football these days.

@Burgess1962T: Dean Ashton…Really hope you’re getting sacked in the morning. Never mind the anti palace agenda but excusing racist. Get a new career. This isn’t for you mate.

@TheEagleDC: Watched highlights back and agree Dean Ashton is a complete knobhead.

@Selhurst1905: Dean Ashton needs sacking full stop.

@gazbod: In light of the investigation into Millwalls bottle throwing, homophobic chanting antics, questions should also be asked of @itvfootball about why they stated Olise needed to “read the room” when he was hit by the bottle #CPFC

@ferretandbird: Well said. It was an outrageous comment. Equally why are TV companies surprised when you pick up dodgy language & comments if you deploy pitch side microphones?

@lukeodlum: Ashton was completely embarrassing today the “read the room” comment in particular. The other bloke tried to cover up for Ashton a few times throughout the match. The levels of biased commentary 1st half in particular was shocking

Ashton when Millwall tackle: hard tackles as expected
Ashton when Palace tackle: should that be a red card?

@MCGolden1: Absolutely shocking shocking commentary. Olise was incredibly mature in his response. #noplaceforracism #noplaceforhomophobia

@Ukhilal1957: Awful coverage awful commentary

@Selhurst1905: Dean Ashton needs sacking full stop.

@mr_glossy: Why should he read the fucking room. Do the black Millwall players have to read the room every other fucking week?? Disgrace. What should he do then? Steam into the stand feet first and king fu the shit out of them? And then be revered as a football god by people like Tyldsley?

@Marknevard2: @itvfootball are a fucking shower of shit. No wonder they hardly get any football nowadays. @TheDeanAshton should be sacked immediately, was an absolute embarrassment. Clearly knows fuck all about football.

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