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David Stockdale gives emotional interview and stuns teammates with dressing room speech

David Stockdale gives an emotional post-match interview and stuns teammates with his dressing room speech as Sheffield Wednesday drew 2-2.

The League One title-chasers Sheffield Wednesday came back from two goals down to claim a very late draw at Cheltenham and nearly snatched a winner right at the end.

The second half saw all four goals, with Alfie May and Aidan Keena scoring for the hosts as the Owls were on course to lose their third consecutive match.

However, Aden Flint’s header gave hope, and Lee Gregory scored a late equaliser for them to get within two points of leaders Plymouth.

Cheltenham had the better chances during the first 45 minutes, only to be kept out by David Stockdale, denying May and Keena.

Will Vaulks’ long-range attempt was put over the bar by Luke Southwood shortly before the break.

Southwood pulled off an impressive save to keep out Michael Smith’s effort just four minutes into the second half.

Then Cheltenham broke the deadlock in the 62nd minutes when Will Ferry’s delivery was miskicked by Dominic Iorfa with Keena netting.

May almost added another two minutes later but his attempt went just wide, before making amends for that by making it 2-0 on the 69th minute.

Flint scored from a cross sent in by Barry Bannan before Smith provided the ball from the right for Gregory, who was able to make to 2-2 three minutes later.

Vaulks hit the post with the final kick of the game as Wednesday missed out on the chance to go top but will be just thankfully they come away with a point after being 2-0 down.

As mentioned, David Stockdale gives an emotional interview with Rob Staton and stuns teammates with his dressing room speech…

RB: There are some Wednesday fans who’ve been here before over the last 20 years and thought, Is this happening again? So, you know, how do you feel about it? And how do you reassure people at a time like this when they are starting to wonder, are Wednesday maybe going to blow this?

Stockdale: For me, I’m a positive man. I always think positive, whatever. If you’re in a negative situation, how do you bring the positive out of it? Positive for me tonight was coming back from two 2-0 down and the fact that they were still very pleased with that draw, it’s hard to put into words, like, because I’ve been there last year, lost at Wembley, my son was crying and and I always remember it because it was a learning point. And I went over to him, I said, ‘son, I’m going to watch Sunderland get that cup, I’m going to stand and I’m going to applaud, shake hands. And he said, ‘Why do you do that, dad?’ I said, ‘Because that makes me want it more.’ So we all stood out on the pitch, we watched it. We weren’t the best team on the day. So afterwards I said to him, ‘Son, it’s not about crying. It’s what you learn after.’ He kind of brought it out in his game on a Sunday league, and that was, for me, big turning point in how you approach things. How do you take the positive out of a negative? And for me, at that time, that was one that took my mind off it. And that’s why I get quite emotional talking about it, because when I feel what’s going on at the training ground and the shift from two weeks ago to now, it feels like nothing’s changed. And it’s about having that I’m a very calm, laid back person and having that around the training ground, giving my hugs out that I get, telling my very silly jokes. I even managed to get Mrs Bannan to give birth of a stupid joke, so I was pleased with that. Congratulations to them.

RS: What joke managed to pull that I can’t tell you.

Stockdale: I like to tell you, but she was on gas and air, so she might have just been laughing at that.

RS: When you speak about your son, I mean, how eager are you? Because, you know, I think it’s fair to say, you you’re sort of at the towards the… the career. I’m trying to find the words to say this appropriately. To sort of have a great moment that you and your family. And you can be part of and you can celebrate. So that when you talk… They’re not you’re not talking about losing a playoff final, you’re talking about a success.

Stockdale: Yeah, that’s what I mean. That’s my driving force. And there’s lads in there that deserve I see what they do in the training ground, I see what those lads, the staff do, the time that they put in, and that’s what you don’t see. So things like that, and you’ve got a fan base that, like you say, they’ve not felt it for a long, long time. And being able to give that fan base and being apart of, I say, history, but we’ve made historic moments of the season to finish it off and just enjoy that moment. But it’s a long way away. People think it’s eight games, but it’s along way away and I’ve been there. Each Saturday is important, what you say, how you react, how you deal with things, because it’s not just us that might have a struggle, it’s other teams and we just have to concentrate on ours.

RS: Because it really matters to you, this, doesn’t it? Achieving this. Do you try and relay that to some of your teammates who maybe aren’t in the same kind of place. We’ve got a lot of their career ahead of them.

Stockdale: That’s what I actually said it tonight. I never know, this might have been my last year, might not be, but please, lads, let’s just get our heads together, carry us through whoever it is and finish what we set out to do. So I said it to him all tonight and I think there was a bit gobsmacked that I thought I was going to retire right there and then, but I said, no, don’t don’t count me out yet. But but you never know. That’s the thing in football, you never know. And if it is my last time, last chance, let’s say, then it won’t be a bunch like that. It’d be let’s just say I’ll have this smile as well.

This is what fans said as David Stockdale gives an emotional interview and stuns teammates with his dressing room speech…

@PaddyTheOwl: DS kept us in the game…. Darren Moore made a great call today n I doubted the change tonight… how wrong was I… again

@RocketOwl1986: It’s a good interview. I’ve heard a few from the players over the last weeks. Ultimately Rob, I want to go to games and see my team win and do their talking on the pitch. Simple as that.

@Rachael261078: Such a fab bloke, played well tonight. He needed a big hug there, hope he got his hug, he gives enough out

@Markybanjo77665: True character what a wonderful person to have in the dressing room and around Hillsborough think it’s fair to say how much we need a guy like him 👏👏

@EllieMoooo: Why am I tearing up at this? Such a lovely and down to earth person.

@whit3knight: This bloke is nothing but top notch, and the stand out addition to the squad, way he pushes and supports CD and then comes back in the game tonight and keeps us in it with a few vital saves! Great pro to have in any team, and a nice bloke too, the emotion was tangible 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

@MisfitWarrior1: Absolutely love the bloke. Every footballer on the planet will have bad games, but @stockogk1313’s attitude is beyond outstanding. I’d give anything to have his positive thinking.

@tcswfc: top bloke stocko

@cheftomburton: Future manager

@jakerowl1: He’s made his mistakes but as a character and a professional he may just help to see us over the line. Need character now more than ever.

@Helyhush: What a lovely guy. He’s awesome! 💙🦉

@HadenSwfc: Characters like stockdale will get us over the line 🤞🏻🦉

@sneakunique: What a gent. Said it before and say it again. Very lucky to have him at the club. Brillaint attitude.

@CottsDanny; This man needs a standing ovation had a tough career from the under the cosh podcast I listened too and if anyone deserves promotion its him

@whymanm9: Brilliant, love this. Exactly the sort of character that you want in the squad. 🦉🔵⚪️⚽️

@davo33uk: From the heart 💙 let’s hope the boys get the promotion not only for DS but for themselves 👍🏻👏🏻🙏🏻

@gllwy1867: Can see why everywhere he’s been he’s been loved, quality recruitment from DM to get a leader in #swfc

@shane1191: That is an outlook everyone should have, what a bloke

@_larrr_: I love this man and I love watching him play, the way he communicates and encourages the players on and off the pitch. Love you Uncle Stockdale x

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