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David Moyes hits back at frustrated West Ham fans as speculation emerges of potential replacement

David Moyes hits back at frustrated West Ham fans as speculation emerges on his future with reports of a potential replacement for him.

The 60 year old Scot is once again feeling the pressure from some supporters after his side fell to a 5-1 loss in the Carabao Cup quarter final at Liverpool.

His contract is due to expired come the end of the season, with talk now suggesting that Moyes could be on his way out, with some supporters wanting a fresh face in the dugout.

However, after guiding West Ham to the Europa Conference League trophy last season – their first trophy in 43 years – and they’re still hoping to break into the top six, Moyes came out with quite the response.

Talking about his record at the club, he said: “I don’t know how, genuinely, it gets an awful lot better without us getting absolute trillions from somewhere where we can buy success.

“A lot of the things I’m doing at West Ham I see going in the right direction. But if we’re in a world now where people want things to be better quickly, I’m finding that hard to see, unless a country comes and gives you the finances.

“There’s probably only one club above us who has a lesser budget than us, and that’s Brighton. From that alone you might think I’m doing as well as I can. I feel as if I’m having to justify some of those questions. But not many talk about it, so there’s some facts.

“We’ve been on a brilliant run. We’re one point off our best-ever points total in the Premier League. I have to say, that’s a remarkable achievement for us, and to have qualified for Europe.

“I don’t know what else would be expected. If you asked supporters of other clubs ‘where would you think West Ham would be?’ most would say we’re doing quite well. Maybe they wouldn’t. But that’s what I think.”

“We are aware of how it looks from the outside,” Gonzo, who is a member of the Hammers Chat fan group, told BBC Radio 5 Live.

“A lot of us are very grateful for three seasons in Europe, there is no doubt about that.

“The trouble is, in a very short space of time we have moved from a 34,000-capacity stadium to one where we regularly get 55,000, and which could increase to 66,000. David Moyes has spent roughly £450m and a lot of the frustration comes from the fact he still relies on 12 to 13 players.

“A lot of money has been wasted over that time and he really struggles to spend money on a striker. Sebastien Haller – £45m. Gianluca Scamacca – £35m. We have relied so much on Michail Antonio. Only recently have we felt that without Michail we can start to do something.

“You also have a situation where West Ham has the best crop of young players it has had for a very long time; we won the FA Youth Cup, are second in Premier League 2, are unbeaten in the Premier League International Cup.

“It is a bunch of 17 and 18-year-olds who are beating not only 21-year-olds but adult teams in the EFL Trophy (West Ham are one of two Premier League teams left in the competition and play Wycombe in the last-16 next month). But he doesn’t give youngsters a chance.

“Sometimes we can have a whole half of football and not have a shot on target. Things like that feed into it. The London Stadium is a long way from the pitch. You need a brand of football that can really encourage noise in there.

“It is hard to watch. It is not even two banks of four. It is a four and a five. We don’t attack. But he is doing really well at the moment. I can’t explain it more than that.”

Meanwhile, Julen Lopetegui is seen as a top contender to replace David Moyes as the next manager of the Hammers, sources have informed Football Insider.

Football Insider also state that Moyes is yet to hold talks with West Ham about extending his contract and could even leave come the end of this season – which is when his current deal expires.

Lopetegui wants a return to the Premier League having left Wolves on the just before the 2023-24 season was about to get underway.

He revealed recently that he still lives in Wolverhampton as is waiting for his next opportunity while also claimed he has already rejected several offers.

Lopetegui had been the first choice for Nottingham Forest, only to reject them because of concerns over the volatility of owner Evangelos Marinakis and a potential lack of control over transfers.

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This is what Twitter users are saying as David Moyes hits back at frustrated West Ham fans while speculation emerges of his potential replacement…

@westhamfan76: Dress it up however you want. You NEVER go into a 1/4 final of a cup competition having already admitted defeat. That’s unforgivable. No one will convince me differently. And I have generally been Moyes IN for all his time at West Ham

@SeaTacWHUFC: Moyes & everyone that sucks him off on here continually miss the point. No body has said we don’t agree that on paper with stats he’s done a decent job. Its just clear that his ability to coach beyond our current level is not there. Proven by his actions, comments, and yesterday!

@mattbry78377883: One thing you never do is play a team that doesnt compete like last night against Liverpool that was unforgivable to keep on thinking you have taken us as far as you can is a statement time to go if you think you cant achieve anything else thanks for the memories

@ChrisConnor93: He’s 100% right. We are west ham we can’t compete with teams like Arsenal or City. For where we are Is amazing and more than any of us have seen before.

@AndrewSken_rton: You can’t knock what he’s achieved with the club. We’ve come a long way from almost certain relegation with Pellegrini. That doesn’t mean his critics are unjustified though. Playing favourites for 1st 11, 89th min subs AND the worst… parking the bus once we’re up a goal.

@cu_dali72: Mr Moyes did brilliant job so far.But we have to rise up our game, is he able to do that we will find out rest of the season. Respect for everything he did for us. ⚒

@WestHam_Central: I’m not going to tell people whether they can be Moyes in or Moyes out but I’m not being made to feel like a bad person because I don’t want him to leave. I see the progress, this is the best time of my life as a West Ham fan and things have not even got close to being a disaster

@whufc40: What does he mean by only Brighton have a lesser budget?
“Budgets of other clubs are so much greater wether its wages or transfer fees”. Yet we have
8th highest wage bill
9th highest net spend in 5 years
Deluded prick

@jaymeeteewhu98: Yes I agree with the points that David makes about his tenure as the WHU boss, however it doesn’t excuse the lack of desire to at least have a f-ing go at Anfield in a QF! Would’ve been zero complaints IF he played a strong side Wednesday night. #CarabaoCup ⚒️🫧

@robpatterson24: He’s not entirely wrong, the expectations are higher now and that’s thanks to David Moyes. But he had a perfect chance to win the Carabao Cup this season with the teams left and threw it away. That is where I take umbrage to the overachieving narrative. Was literally on a plate!

@IrishIron32: Nice little dig at the board. As I’ve said before, it will never happen, but I’d love for Moyes to drop bombshells about the boards running of the club after he leaves.

@bubsy_1977: Saying top 8 is our level at this moment in time is probably right, but also as he likes to keep telling everyone that he thinks we’re a good cup side. Then why waste our best opportunity in a cup tie by playing a second team and resting players to play on Saturday? Pathetic

@WestHamViews_: I get annoyed when comments like this get rolled out every time we have a bad game. Just admit you & the players fucked up. Rather than this constant smokescreen of ‘West Ham fans aren’t used to what with done over the last few years, so be grateful’ approach. ⚒️ #WHUFC #COYI

@IanBeck58767180: People are mad for criticizing him for squad rotation. Carabao cup would be great but squad rotation is also necessary for health and a long term outlook

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