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David Moyes gives hilarious reaction after reporter calls him ‘Moyesy’

David Moyes gives a rather hilarious reaction after a reporter calls him ‘Moyesy’, leaving many viewers and those in the room surprised.

The 59 year old Scotsman dropped an F-bomb as he shut down the journalist following West Ham United’s 1-0 defeat to Everton.

He provided a brilliant response when a reporter referred to him as ‘Moyesy’ during the post-match press conference.

The 59-year-old looked bemused and replied: “Moyesy! F**king hell! I don’t think we’re that close,” as you can see in the video below.

‘Moyesy’ – I mean Moyes – laughed off the reporter’s comment before assessing his team’s performance at Goodison Park.

“I felt once we conceded the goal, we had our best passage of play after that and then we probably had our better moments in the game then,” he said.

“What we’d also did is open up and given Everton a little chance to counter-attack on a couple of occasions as well but I think in the main, in the last 15-20 minute, if anyone was going to get a goal then it was probably us.

“We’ve come here and won two games really narrow over the past two seasons, and won narrowly at the London Stadium as well, so there was always a chance that this game was going to be really nip and tuck and it was.

“The game was tight, I don’t think there was really much in the game to be honest.

“I don’t think we played well, I don’t want to talk about Everton, and we only got better after they scored the goal.

“Before that we just ordinary and happy to, I wouldn’t say go through the motions, but doing enough just to stay in the game at the time.”

The Hammers currently sit in the relegation zone, having picked up just four points from their opening seven games.

Player ratings

Everton: Begovic (6), Patterson (7), Tarkowski (7), Coady (6), Mykolenko (6), Gueye (7), Onana (6), Gordon (6), Iwobi (8), Gray (8), Maupay (7).

Subs: McNeil (6), Doucoure (6), Rondon (n/a).

West Ham: Fabianksi (6), Coufal (5), Zouma (6), Kehrer (7), Cresswell (6), Soucek (5), Rice (6), Bowen (5), Paqueta (5), Fornals (6), Antonio (5).

Subs: Scamacca (5), Cornet (5), Benrahma (5), Emerson (n/a).

Man of the match: Demarai Gray.

West Ham boss David Moyes speaking to Sky Sports:

“We weren’t very good. We picked up a bit after they scored. I think the first half was a poor game all round really, the amount of times both teams turned the ball over.

“We had a game on Thursday night and you have to take that into consideration as well. We are also putting new players in and trying to find out more about them. Today we found out little bits, but it was mainly the players I know about – they are the ones who let me down with poor play overall.

“We are showing signs that we are getting back to it, we didn’t do it today. We couldn’t put three passes together, and when we got anything in the final third it was almost always the wrong decision.

“In the last 20 minutes we had some chances to at worst get an equaliser, so if you really analyse the end of it we missed a few big chances.”

Everton manager Frank Lampard:

“It’s really important because – obvious fact but – when you play well and don’t get what you think you deserve it leaves the table not looking so great.

“For the confidence of the group to see the work they are doing and the spirit they have got can bring some results in terms of wins.

“We are starting to fix some things, we are harder to beat, we don’t concede so much. It is great for the group, particularly going into the break, because it gives confidence for the group and club alike.

“It is a win we feel we have deserved in house.

“There is no doubting that because of how we have been playing and the feeling in the group. The feeling I have is the spirit is growing and the application of the group is big but you need a result.

“The fact is we are not conceding so much and are unbeaten in four in the league coming into this, but we all know we want wins. We are 13th now and there is a real hope we can we move in an upward direction.

“There is so much work to do on that front. At this moment it is massive for us to get a win. Hopefully we will get better but to get a win today was a big deal for us.”

Everton striker Neal Maupay speaking to Sky Sports:

“I needed this goal because I haven’t been playing much in recent months; in the end at Brighton I wasn’t playing and then I came here pretty late.

“This was only my second game of the season, I needed this. I know everyone at the club wants me to do well and score goals.

“I’m here to help and I trust my team-mates to put me in positions to score. Today I got the rewards.”

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This was what Twitter users said as David Moyes gives a hilarious reaction after the reporter calls him ‘Moyesy’…

@LeeEFC_: HAHAHA!! This has cracked me up! 😂

@lukmanali1221: Don’t think I’ve ever heard moyes laugh

@DebSpillane: Well played David Moyes. Using nicknames in these supposedly professional settings always seem fake ‘matey’

@jacksonbrigga: this bloke has absolutely lost it

@Ralph_Hapschatt: He has the look of a bloke who thinks he is getting sacked soon.

@jjsjarma: The murderous look in the eyes; the prolonged false laughter… That journo is getting sorted out after the presser.

@Buster_5265: Good – this trend of journo’s becoming club mouth pieces and trying to be pals with managers and thinking they’re part of the club needs to stop.

@Benrichards7777: that passive aggressive laugh is back….🙄

@ryanbcfc94: When a co worker calls you by your surname 😂

@Soucek_boy: Howling, fair enough he’s won me back

@ChrisSnow1892: Hahahahahah fucking kills me this 😂😂😂😂😂

@anyway_C0YS: He’s so unlikeable

@DoYouEvenMikel: Looooooool he actually remembers the Andy Tate era

@fcwhufc: he’s lost the plot ffs 😂

@Icevain71: 😭 My fucking manager

@jonsheaa1: That laugh was actually demonic ahahahha

@chrisB922: Gotta love him

@Philip_RJ89: Nice to see the real David Moyes coming to the surface again. Losing his rag with reporters is a sure sign that he’s feeling the pressure. Sunderland fans know this all too well.

@kevjomeara1: Arrogant horrible serial loser who has been paid a fortune

@Connor29212642: David Brent moment 😆

@LBrennan89: Proper arsehole this bloke

@DJS97_: If I’ve ever seen the look of a man who’s lost his marbles, it’s this.

@senornunes: Fair play. Journalists should not be calling managers ‘Moyesy’ in a press conference.

@donluca99: He’s sweating

@davenash77: Starting to show his true colours, just like when he told that female reporter she might get a slap.

@braddd001: Surely he’s having a laugh??

@LutonTownExile: No-one dare laugh. Can you imagine getting on the wrong side of Moyesey?

@SargentBobo: Don’t know why I’m finding this so funny 😂😂😂

@ryanw2345: Having a laugh with the reporter, fuckin sound Moyes , always liked him 👀

@x_georginaaa: if you don’t laugh you’ll cry

@GedEFC1878: Christ Moyes, he was just being friendly

@WestHamMatters: Now is not the time to be precious, David. That journalist will slaughter you & you ain’t got the results to back it.

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