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David Moyes fumes with officials and demands VAR apology over “disrespect” after Liverpool defeat

David Moyes fumes with officials and demands an apology amid VAR apology over “disrespect” after suffering a 2-1 defeat to Liverpool.

West Ham felt they should have been awarded a penalty late on when Thiago fell into the area and his arm struck the ball twice. However, the VAR gave nothing.

It was an issue that has been debated, and the decision left Moyes furious, even more so after Liverpool clinched an 11th win from their 13 previous meetings against West Ham.

Law 12 in the FA rulebook states that the action is not illegal if it is “a consequence of, or justifiable by, the player’s body movement for that specific situation”.

Moyes said: “You’ll probably hear them come out with some rubbish about, he needed to break his fall. Well if you lunge at the ball it’s your own fault for lunging and being out of control in the tackle. You can break your fall by sliding and having to put your arm down.

“He lunged for the ball so, for me, that completely nullifies anything about breaking the fall. I think it’s a penalty kick. The hardest thing to take is the disrespect from VAR. That VAR wouldn’t have at least said to the referee this might be worth having a look. That’s telling me they don’t see that even close to a decision. I’m surprised.

“A lot of football people have seen a lot worse than that recently.

“Somebody in VAR didn’t have enough football knowledge to understand that this could be close.

“Whoever it was chose not to send the referee to look at it. VAR would have said ‘you should go check this out’

“So VAR showed no respect whatsoever to us for this could be close and worth a call.”

When asked if understands the rule, Moyes added: “I think I do quite well, yeah.

“I’ve had enough games, played football for a long time…I know when it happens. The handball rule has changed dramatically. I don’t like a lot of it, to be fair. Did the boy mean for it to hit his hand? No. But do I think he got his hand in the way of a ball going through made by his own actions.

“They [PGMOL] might need to apologise to the football club. We need to win points to be a Premier League team.

“I actually think we played well. We didn’t get any points. We did a really good job.

“I’m not an expert on it [VAR reform] but I just think maybe if you’d been around football or seen it or played it a bit more you’d understand when people lunge – and that for that decision it’s because he lunged to get the ball. I totally understand breaking your fall, but he lunged, the ball had to be moved quickly because of the lunge, and because of that it meant his arms are out and it hits his arms. He’s got to take responsibility for his actions if that’s what you do.”

Matip net the winner, coming after long-range goals from Lucas Paqueta and Cody Gakpo in the first half.

Jarrod Bowen’s counter-attack attempt was ruled out for offside by VAR and Hammers’ penalty shout against Thiago was waved away.

The result means that Liverpool now sixth with 53 points from 32 games and West Ham are 14th with 34 points from 32 games, five point sform safety but have. game in hands over some teams below them.

This is what fans have said as David Moyes fumes with officials and demands VAR apology over “disrespect” after defeat to Liverpool…

@Mralitastic: Absolute shocker again from the officials. That’s a penalty simple as.

@RyanBerry96: Don’t be silly. Handball doesn’t apply to Liverpool. Did he not watch them play Leeds?

He’s bang on
That gets given in the 89th min at Anfield
Everyone knows it too

@Bomberbob22: Gonna be honest , I thought it was Handball , however did we not get away with one earlier this season with something similar (Soucek) , VAR is swings and roundabouts during the season , but it needs sorting out for sure

@PhilipTully: Moyes moaning what a surprise! It was never a penalty because his hand wasn’t in a unnatural position and the ball bounced against his arm from about 2 feet away.

@ZaynafamilyMary: We all know it would be given at Anfield. It would be given up the other end of the pitch last night. The ref was dreadful all game a disgrace. VAR operatives well we all know there on the big games 😂 No accountability. When will it get cleaned up who knows.

@Kevin__Hayes: Do they realize how few penalties Liverpool get at Anfield, ironic bias 😂

If it was at Anfield.
Liverpool went over 3000 touches in the opposition box without being awarded a penalty.
And almost 12 months before the Arsenal game.
Ridiculous to suggest “of it was Anfield”.

@djalminha16: For some yes, for others no, subjective and therefore not clear and obvious so referee decision final. Personally, where is his arm supposed to go? Also Liverpool deserved the win. Last two points irrelevant to the handball decision

@Parki729: His arm can’t just disappear.

@wowski13: I agree it should be a penalty but memories seem a bit short on this rule. West Ham benefited from this a month or two ago when Soucek saved a certain goal by handling it in the box. Explanation given was he was breaking his fall

@LFC_306: It’s not a penalty it’s ball to hand not hand to ball. He slipped and the ball hit off his hand. His hand doesn’t go towards his hand. Carlton Cole embarrassing himself here

@Jit6181: How to argue your point without actually putting any valid points forward, step forward Carlton Cole and Joe Cole. More ex footballers as pundits who do zero research on rules or stats. A VAR ref in a video room being influenced by which stadium it occurs in.

@Chris_Mills_: Fact is if it’s an identical incident at Anfield in from for the Kop it’s given 100% of the time. He lunged in. Was out of control it hit his arm twice. This stinks of either incompetence or corruption, there is no other option.

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