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David Moyes finds new role during coronavirus lockdown

David Moyes finds a new role during the coronavirus lockdown by delivering fruit and veg to local residents Lancashire seaside village Lytham.

The West Ham boss spoke in an interview, saying he saw a sign in the window of a shop asking for volunteers to be delivery drivers.

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Moyes revealed: “When the coronavirus first hit here, I was in a fruit-and-veg shop in the village.

“There was a thing up in the window that drivers were needed. So I volunteered, as my wife was away at the time and I was on my own.

“All I was doing was ­dropping it at the door, knocking and then going away. It was beautiful big boxes of fruit and veg.

“I thought, ‘This is great!’ I was really enjoying it. Going back to the shop to get ­another lot and then filling the car up.”

Moyes spent four days ­behind the wheel and, as he chatted on Wednesday, he smiled recalling one ­incident when a pensioner shouted down her driveway that she didn’t have the correct change.

He said: “The boys had told me that most had paid ­online, but there were a couple who hadn’t paid and would I mind asking for money.

“With this ­particular older lady, I think it was £16.80 for one box of fruit and veg. She gave me a £20 note and said, ‘Here, son, just keep the change’. A tip!

“There was another one quite similar. Another older lady. The cost of her food was £17.60 or so.

“She came out and left me £15 and was starting to go into her purse. I said, ‘That’ll do, that’s enough!’

“So I added a bit back on the tip from the other one!

“One couple recognised me. I knocked and stood by the gate just to make sure that someone was picking it up. And you could hear them say, ‘David Moyes?!’

“I never stopped and had a conversation. No autographs, I was not doing it for that.”

Fans praised David Moyes who finds himself a new role during coronavirus lockdown…

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