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David Cotterill slammed over grim comment to Brighton’s Enock Mwepu on early retirement

David Cotterill has been slammed once again by fans on social media over his grim comment to Brighton’s Enock Mwepu on early retirement.

He’s been widely criticised making a claim that the hereditary heart issue that has caused Mwepu to retire age 24 is due to a Covid vaccine.

The Seagulls midfielder announced with sadness on Monday that he’s been forced to end his playing career after being diagnosed with a condition that put him ‘at extremely high risk of a cardiac event.’


Cotterill decided to see this as some he could take advantage of, no matter how insensitive it was of him as he commented on a post announcing the retirement by saying ‘so sad. And we all know what the cause is,’ a veiled reference to his conspiracy theories about side effects of the coronavirus vaccine.

Cotterill also seem to relish in the negative attention he was getting, posting an Instagram story of his angry DMs with the caption ‘how’s everyone’s DMs this morning, all good?’

The former Wales international often expressed his aversion to the vaccine before, and tweeted last week saying: ‘You remember when the unvaccinated were warned that if they didn’t get the vaccine they would be in hospitals fighting for their lives?

Cotterill has often used his platform on twitter to pedal various conspiracy theories

‘I haven’t been vaccinated but not dead or fighting for my life! Anyone else?’

Cotterill, who now plays for Welsh outfit Newtown, has caused huge backlash in the past for the conspiracy theories.

The ex-Wales international has been adjudged to have suggested that “crisis actors” were used in the massacre that killed 21 people.

Nineteen children and two teachers lost their lives when a lone gunman opened fire at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas.

Reports claim the suspect, Salvador Ramos, 18, had also shot his grandmother before going onto school premise.

Ramos was shot dead by authorities just after the incident, which is America’s deadliest school massacre in almost 10 years.

The incident has led to widespread grief and outrage across America and the rest of the world, with increased calls made to tighter gun control laws.

However, Cotterill is being accused to have suggested on Instagram that the massacre was “staged” using “crisis actors” with the aim of “manipulating public opinion to bring about change”.

In a post shared to his Instagram story, a message read: “It’s so easy for the controllers to get the exact reaction they’re looking for out of 90% of the population using the same strategy over and over again.

“Take a look at any comment section on the latest event in the US and you’ll see exactly what I mean. Classic problem, reaction, solution. False flag events are one of their go to methods of manipulating the public opinion to bring about change.

“America is the last major country that allows its citizens to arm themselves, which they can’t really have with what they’re planning to do in the coming months and years.

“Many of these events are staged using crisis actors or carried out using victims of MK Ultra/Big Harma. Mantain focus on their agent, and you’ll make sense of it all.”

Cotterill posted this message on his Instagram story

The 34-year-old has previously been controversial when giving his political views. He was critical over the government’s approach to the Covid pandemic, especially the effects of lockdowns, and has frequently posted baseless theories about the alleged dangers of vaccines.

When contacted by WalesOnline, he denied the post related to the Texas school massacre, saying: “When I actually released that I wasn’t even made aware of the actual shooting until I spoke to my dad and he said ‘have you seen the recent shooting in America?’ So my post was just about recent articles when you see some of the stuff about the pandemic. It was not about the actual shooting as I wasn’t even made aware of it until I spoke to my dad, as I said. I fully respect people have lost their lives.”

Daily Star Sport also approached Cotterill for a response, though he did post on Instagram saying: “What a load of b*******. My post was nothing to do with the shooting at all and innocent people being killed.

“My post was about actors being used right throughout the plandemic!”

In December 2021, he divided reaction on social media as his tweet on sex offenders got over 40,000 likes within 24 hours of posting.

He issued a tweet at 1:12pm on Monday the 20th of December 2021, as new emerged that Prime Minister Boris Johnson was holding a Cabinet meeting at 2pm of the same day.

@cotterill_david wrote: “There are over 850,000 registered sex offenders in the UK and they don’t have to carry a card because it violates their privacy!!

“But we have to show proof of a vaccination to get into cinemas or restaurants

Cotterill also posted via Twitter: “Mental health is more deadly to our children today than Omicron. The fear that people who are running our countries and the media platforms are causing so many problems to people it’s insane. Turn the news off and live being with family and loved ones.“

“Both the vaccinated and unvaccinated can catch and spread the virus almost equally! Keeping the unvaccinated out of public places but we all spread it! So turns out we are all in this together! The unvaccinated are not a threat to society.. But they are a threat to authority.”

This is what social media users had to say with David Cotterill slammed over his grim comment to Brighton’s Enock Mwepu on early retirement…

@C_Anderson1998: He probably thinks the vaccine caused his baldness too.

@littlewood88: blokes a weapon, nothing more nothing less

@FMwkdsoul: “Bet his partents got vaxxed and now he has issues” – Cotts explaining heriditary.

@AJLimb91: Thicker than a castle door that bloke

@MattyDavies98_: Cotts strikes again!!! #drfc

@paddydbaddy: Just had a look at his page, he genuinely thinks the titanic was faked and all 🤣🤣🤣

@Forzabahab: Him and Le Tissier battling it out for top idiot ex footballer.

@catrinavfc: another day another david cotterill conspiracy theory

@bealolufc: You’re honestly not well mate @cotterill_david

@ASCFC_x: David Cotterill is being David Cotterill again, mad how much stuff he can get away with, still owes thousands of £ to ex swans players he scammed via his pyramid schemes, the bloke is rotten from top to bottom, would love to see him get floored by somebody he stole from

@Halpin7: Can’t help himself can he 🤦🏻‍♂️

@KyleRJCurran: It’s astonishing how this bloke continues to embarrass himself daily

@EClarky97: Someone get my man a dictionary and a fucking brain.

@jameswelshman: So let me get this straight, David. Enock’s mother had the covid vaccine in 1997 while she was pregnant and now he’s got a heart defect? Makes perfect sense, thanks

@TomStirk1992: Proper danger this bloke

@Thomas_Roberts2: He’s a real case for getting rid of heading in football

@seanoregan05: Mad that he used to be a footballer now he’s sitting in his attic doing ouija boards and getting newspaper clippings of Covid articles

@RobEFC88: His twitter is embarrassing

@thxwkk_: Got something wrong with him I swear. Weird bloke

@Ian_A_Woodcock: Say what you want about David Cotterill. No, that’s it. You can say whatever you want.

@MattCarter92: I used to work with a conspiracy theorist. He lived alone and had no children &all the time in the world to do nothing but watch videos on conspiracies. He eventually went completely off the rails, sold his house & lived in a caravan on isolated farmland making videos on theories. Terrifying how these sorts of things can get into someone’s head and completely change their entire outlook. That bloke was great before he got on board with it all. From what I know he died in his caravan allegedly from starvation because he thought food was being poisoned.

@OllyVanGaal: What’s your problem @cotterill_david? I have a heart condition too, do you know what the cause of that is as well? Because five cardiologists don’t.

@EvansMFC: Someone’s back on the booze

@richybakes92: @cotterill_david you really are thick as shit.

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