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David Clowes urges Derby fans not to get themselves into debt over season tickets

David Clowes urges Derby County fans not to get themselves into debt over season tickets after a report came out this week about the matter.

The Telegraph wrote an article on claims that Rams supporters are being told to use 42 per cent interest loan to pay for season tickets because the club does not offer a direct debit payment option.

On Wednesday, the club confirmed that the monthly payment scheme for season tickets would not be ready for the start of the season on the 30th of July due to complications following its recent takeover. 

Local supporters group RamsTrust, which has long-standing links to the community and club, said: “The confirmation of no direct debit option for season tickets will mean some [fans] are considering loans. 

“If you can’t access interest-free credit, Derbyshire Community Bank credit union is a far better option than payday or doorstep lenders.”

The link provided by the non-profit organisation goes to the site of Derbyshire Community Bank, where loans from £100 to £7,500 are offered at an interest rate of 42.6 per cent APR.

‘Unfortunately the reality is people do it’

Fans on social media spoke on the possibility of fellow supporters taking out a high-interest loan amid the cost-of-living crisis for a League One season ticket costing up to £468 for an adult.

“Paying over 42 per cent APR to put food on an otherwise empty table is one thing; incurring that for a leisure spend is another matter entirely. Not remotely sensible, or responsible guidance,” said one fan. 

Another added that it “would be cheaper to buy tickets match by match” while one pointed out their shock that the “irresponsible guidance” had not been revoked. 

“Nobody’s suggesting, advising or recommending that anyone borrows anything they can’t afford. But unfortunately the reality is people do it,” the charity told one fan who questioned the plan’s wisdom.

Clowes voiced “real concern” about suggestions that Derby fans should be taking out loans to pay for their season tickets while the club deals woth a routine direct debit issue.

He assured fans the club is “not worth getting into debt over” and suggested match-by-match tickets on a temporary basis as a possible solution.

The club are “working around the clock” to sort the problem, which is a standard problem faced by companies coming out of administration.


It is with real concern that I have read about Derby County fans being advised to take out loans to cover the cost of their season tickets.

Can I stress, there are no complications surrounding the club’s inability to implement a direct debit scheme at the moment, it is simply a regulatory process that every business coming out of administration faces.

We have suggested to fans who are waiting for the direct debit option to become available to hold tight and look at match by match ticket purchases as an interim measure.

Ultimately, I cannot tell fans what to do but I would strongly urge people not to put themselves into debt to buy a season ticket.

We are working around the clock to be able to make a breakthrough in the process and will continue to provide transparent and timely updates regarding direct debits.

As a fan myself, I know what the club means to so many of you. But, in these tough financial times, I know it is not worth getting into debt over.

I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at Saturday’s match against Leicester City.


Season Tickets are available to buy for Derby County’s upcoming 2022/23 Sky Bet League One season – and over 10,000 supporters have already signed up.

Season Tickets will be valid for all 23 of the Rams’ home league matches at Pride Park Stadium during the league campaign and remain the very best value to watch the Rams in action on home turf.

Season Ticket price points right across Pride Park Stadium have been reduced compared to last season and remain a cheaper option than purchasing match tickets on a game-by-game basis.

Those that purchased a Season Ticket for the 2021/22 campaign have had their seat reserved until midnight on Friday 29th July 2022,after which time it will be released.

Season Tickets are on sale now and will be available to purchase until Friday 30th September 2022.

Twitter users reacted as David Clowes urges Derby fans not to get themselves into debt over season tickets…

@ConnorParker10: How lucky are we this man stepped up when he did? He really is one one of our own, going to leave the exact legacy Morris so desperately craved 🐏

@Vaughanyboy: Our chairman 😍

@xNicholls93x: Straight and honest! 🙌

@RyanJonesSEO: It’s a breath of fresh air to see the owner coming out against this type of advice! Very well said, David. Football is very important to me, as it is many others. But going to every game isn’t worth getting into high APR debt over.

@Andy_b_81: Finally a voice of reason. That advice issued yesterday was absolutely crazy, and the piece in the Telegraph yesterday didn’t help either..

@jwright_1992: What an owner! Open and transparent, knows when something needs to be said

@DanHeldenhammer: Early days, but we appear to have got incredibly lucky with the new owner. Comms spot on, policies on ticketing make sense. Still ambitious given the signings but a clear sense of wanting to build a club the right way. Love it.

@hudsonjames1981: The evidence so far suggests we now have a chairman that is a class act, well said David

@LWTS96: 👏👏. Been very tight lipped on this as didn’t want it to seem a pile on from a SG perspective, but nows the chance for @RamsTrust members to push for change in the board room and have fresh faces running the show. #dcfc

@DCFC_CMH: @RamsTrust, @Ramsfan_Jim now is the time to come off your throne. Thankfully the statement from David is a blessing. But also a statement that should never of had to happen due to uneeded National press & club put back in a spotlight we all thought had been switched off. #dcfc

@8rucey: RamsTrust in the mud

@cLawn22: Stop them using that Ram while you’re at it, they don’t represent the club or its fanbase. Years of seeing the club’s name in the media for the wrong reasons and they managed to get it back there.

@RyanDcfc93: @RamsTrust crying into their coop meal deals as we speak

@Matthew_Jones6: Ban @RamsTrust from even attending matches Dave. They don’t speak for us as fans.

@AndyMargett: Sensible, effective and correct. Certain fan groups take note… read the room.

@Stoneyonlyone: Well said, but sad that we are still having to make club statements regarding ridiculous advice from a supposed supporters group and silly twisted headlines in newspapers. #dcfc

@Baggo10men2: I’ve said it for a long time, some of these fan groups have their own agenda’s They are nothing to do with me and I don’t want them at my club ! Just let the Clowes family run the show ! Honestly and Sustainably 🐏🐏

@CurtHiggo: Personally, I’ve never taken any notice of any sort of fans group associated with Derby. Never have, never will. They’re irrelevant. They’ve caused all this drama and it was never needed. Leave the things associated with the club, to the club. Not fans groups ffs.

@redfern_i_j: Well said. A robust statement that puts the arrogant drivel issued by @RamsTrust this morning into context. Hopefully @dcfcofficial & @Clowes_UK will have noted their utter incompetence for future reference. They are a busted-flush amongst the fan base anyway. A laughing-stock.

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