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Dartford cheekily taunt opponents as Torquay’s woes continue with fans voicing their anger

Dartford FC’s Twitter admin couldn’t help but cheekily taunt their opponents as Torquay’s woes continue with their fans voicing their anger.

It was another matchday to forget for the Gulls, making the long trip to Kent, 435 mile (8 hour) round trip, only to end up being on the end of a 3-0 defeat on Saturday afternoon.

All three goals came in the first half, the opener on 32 minutes, with an absolute stunner from Richard Chin as he went onto his left and sent the ball into the top corner of the net.

George Alexander doubled the hosts’ lead on 40 minutes, when with a ‘Cruyff turn’ and rattled it in at the near post.

The Darts got their third four minutes later, Luke Coulson finding Moussa from a set piece, and then volleyed an effort past the keeper.

It that wasn’t enough to know Torquay’s day hadn’t been going their way, then Williams skying the ball instead of putting into an open goal from six yards out for the visitors summed it up.

The result leaves Torquay sitting sitting 12th in the National League South with 28 points from 18 games played, two points behind the playoff places and 9 points above the drop zone.

Dartford meanwhile are 10th also with 28 points from 20 games played.

On 71 minutes, Dartford tweeted: “Torquay fans with a chant toward their own players that I can’t repeat. Long story short they don’t think they’re very good…”

Then with four minutes added on at the end of the second half, Dartford added: “All kicking off with the Torquay fans above the away dugout. They don’t seem best pleased.”

And too right they didn’t, with Twitter user Torquay Talk describing what the away fans were singing:

“We want Johnson Out” sing the fans. Absolutely embarrassing half of football.

“United fans singing in the nicest way I can, that we aren’t very good.

“Johnson time to go sing the faithful Yellow Army. We don’t look like scoring one let alone three.

“”Southern Premier here we come” My lord.

“Oh dear. Johnson not taking the flack of the fans very well. What on earth do you expect from this rubbish Johnson? #tufc

Gary Johnson gave his post-match reaction on the coach: “I was obviously disappointed like everyone else with a result as you always are when you get beat you know sometimes when you know that your team’s better than it plays it’s disappointing.

“We didn’t play well in the first half I thought that they start the better took the game to us which was poor from our point of view we didn’t really create enough opportunities to go to get a goal although we did have one glaring one obviously the a great chance that uh where he lobbed the keeper and it just went over the bar.

“But the second half we came out we rallied the troops a bit, after they had scored three good goals really, you know, you can always point at something where somebody’s made a mistake or something didn’t go quite right, but in the second half we came out we had a lot more possession, we also had a couple of chances and just at the right times or the wrong times when we did have an opportunity, we didn’t take it, you know, I think Theo had a couple didn’t he, you know the the ball that got laid back to him where he blasted it over the bar you know just before half time, it would have been handy to have at least got us just two goals behind but yeah.

“All in all was difficult to say too much about it because you know people don’t want to hear that so we’ll just keep working we some of the lads need to get their game back get their best game back, we had two good wins previous to this uh but they started the brighter, took their chances good goals, we obviously at 3-0 down we give it a bit of a go as far as keeping possession was concerned they were difficult team to play against in as much as that they, if you don’t keep the ball for long enough they just keep putting the ball into your box and you know they’ve got some big lads and we knew that it’d be a tail of two penalty areas and it was because, you can’t shut them down, if because they’re not keeping hold of it, they’re just you know hitting the direct ball and and I know that game at Cambridge we played it and it’s very difficult to um to get up the other to score unless you do the same and then it becomes like a basketball game um we didn’t do enough and so we’ve got beat and it makes it even more important on Tuesday to go to Eastbourne and bring back the three points.

Other Twitter users gave heir thoughts after Dartford cheekily taunt their opponents as Torquay’s woes continue with fans voicing their anger…

@RachelVillavox: show some respect for the supporters Johnson and resign now. #JohnsonOut

@SamTQ4T: Protest NOW before the club is gone

@alanjwills: It’s just not working is it, Gary? Time for your annual appraisal.

@alanjwills: Honestly. I’m a very patient man, but that was just not acceptable. Really feel for some of the players that can do so much better given the right direction.

@zakw91: It’s time for the club to grow some guts now and sack him, no more excuses Edward’s you said the fans were happy with keeping the squad etc well this is now your doing gutless and no where near good enough. Johnson Out

@oxgull: It’s getting depressing now. Full time?? Soon be part time in the Southern League at this rate. 🫤

@WesleyMillward: Go before it gets to the point of protests on the pitch….. absolute shambles from top to bottom management and ownership. Sell up and get out both of ya #osborneout #johnsonout

@daveosh27: Not good enough…no more excuses fans deserve more

@BarryShatkins: Can Gaffer reflect on fucking off?

@KirstJarvis: Did well to keep possession in the second half….we were 3-0 down you absolute tit. We didn’t “do well” at anything. Not a single thing. I don’t actually recall us having a shot on target at any point.

@democracyfirst6: Pathetic but can’t find any other way of describing the club, and that includes a lot of the players too. They just don’t care.

@GullsRosario: Just go now Johnson.

@andycluer: Do the club care. Of course not!

@TUFletC: Gaffer, fair to say the better team didn’t win… We got spanked 3-0! This is beyond a joke.

@TLedge86: You need to get rid, he wasn’t good enough last year and as for this year…..

@J_GRANT1109: This is just getting ridiculous now every bloody weekend. Same load of rubbish from the same players and same awful tactics from GJ

@gullssinceaboy: How much longer do we have to put up with this dross?

@JamieColeTufc: Get out of our club

@thomaspculley: Would rather have some random bloke from the streets then this man!

@samdruiff: Sack him. Organise a forum. Only way you’ll salvage any form of credibility. Stop taking us for mugs

I don’t often watch these.
Wish I hadn’t watched this!
So Dartford did a 1990s Cambridge on us & it was difficult to stop.
Eastbourne (a) is now even more important?
Aye Gaffer. Thanks.
No thanks! #tufc
What will it take for us to get rid?
Serious question

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