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Darren Moore speaks on George Byers losing it after being subbed and throwing huge strop

Sheffield Wednesday manager Darren Moore speaks on player George Byers losing it after being subbed and throwing a huge strop.

The 26 year old midfielder was taken off with just over half an hour gone of the game against Peterborough United on Tuesday evening, following Reece James’ early red card.

He was visibly frustrated with the decision and there was some calming down needed to do on the bench in the moments that followed, however Moore explained that it was a decision made to try and keep them solid defensively.

Wednesday went on to lose the League One clash 2-0, making for an interesting post-match reaction after the full time whistle.

When asked about his choice of Byers for Dominic Iorfa, Moore told The Star, “Because we had Tyreeq and Will in midfield, I wanted to keep the two strikers up front. It was either a striker or a midfield player coming off. I thought Tyreeq and Will would cover the base because they had an extra man. I knew defensive-wise we would be on our back foot.

“We wanted to keep the two midfield players solid in there. One of the midfielders had to come off – it could have been any one of the three.

“We kept Will and Tyreeq in there; they put crosses into the box and those two are decent in the air. They are good at set plays.

“It was about staying disciplined in there and trying to keep what we had in terms of the clean sheet. Our defence was breached by a cross into the box and you are then trying to get back into the game.

“From making decisions late in the game to get more midfield players on and maybe affecting your front two, they got the goal at the time and I was maybe a few minutes away from affecting one of the players up top. I was thinking of getting another midfield up there and probably one up top.”

Oftentimes a defensive red card will see a striker sacrificed in order to keep the backline intact, however Moore’s decision to replace a midfielder rather than either Callum Paterson or Lee Gregory raised some eyebrows.

That, he said, was done in order to try and try and give Wednesday an out with two men up top still.

“It was the timing,” Moore said, “There was a lot of time left in the game… We knew we were going to have to defend but we had to get out as well and relieve the pressure.

“I thought playing the two big men up top and them getting a hold of the ball would relieve the pressure. I thought they could gain us some free kicks.

“If you play one up there all night, it is going to just keep coming back and back.

“We got to about 60 odd minutes and I was looking at roughly affecting the front two around 70 minutes in and got an extra one on there.”

James will now miss the next three games due to his straight red card, and Moore will have to reshuffle the pack once again when they travel to Bolton Wanderers this weekend.

Fans reacted as Darren Moore speaks on George Byers losing it after being subbed and throwing a huge strop…

@Jc9393: If i was that manager, I’d be putting him on the transfer list first thing in the morning and moving him in before the deadline. can’t react like that to your manager in front of thousands of people.

@WanchopePaulo: You’re right, he should be delighted with being subbed. Nothing wrong with being annoyed. They’re drilled to win every second of every day and then you’re surprised with this?

@charliegillies0: Poor by him that. Should always respect the managers decision.

@DeanAMarsden: Ship him out first thing in the morning.

@LeePeryer: notice he didn’t square up to the manager….wouldn’t fancy his chances 😂

@OwenW5: Disrespectful in my eyes…

@belly_eighty5: Sacrilege that he was brought off. He just makes things happen

@CowleysCows: Guessing Danny was a good judge of character & can see why he didn’t look to keep him despite his ability #pompey

@dxnthom: Oh deary me, George. 😣

@Pompey_Goals: Still a prick then #pompey

@SteelTaylord: Don’t blame him for being pissed off. Very strange change really. Smith should know better than to poke the bear in his position. Let him have his rant as he leaves the pitch and its done with. Don’t go back for seconds and thirds, that’s poor.

@_callumfowler: 🤣🤣 start as you mean to go on Wednesday

@callumleeds10: What is the coaching member of staff doing trying to drag him back leave him be talk to him when he’s calmed down pulling him back could easily of lead to a fight

@Jakebrown1994: He’s crap aswell

@chris_shelley: I’m sorry but George Byers and half the Wednesday fans have embarrassed themselves tonight. You might not agree with the decision but tantrums are unacceptable and booing the manager is idiotic and self defeating

@_loganchapman: He knew exactly what was happening, chose not to look.

@swfcbarry: He might not have seen it but 100% he knows what went off and of he doesn’t there is a problem right there!

@nanjayman: Smith was bang out of order. Byers is rightly pissed off. Big deal if he slaps Smith’s hand, no need, and not professional, to go after him. Smith should’ve been the bigger man and let it go.

@SwfcGurny: As he fucking should.

@nattasswfc: Professional football manager makes a tactical switch after a red card, but that wasn’t the right choice according to supermarket workers, posties, factory workers and people on the dole 😳

@RonnyCombo: Not sure hwo was more livid about that substitution me or George Byers. Absolutely wank sub #swfc

@daftpenguin: I don’t give a fuck how well you think he was playing, if George Byers is chosen to be brought off due to a tactical substitution *exclusively* because there was a red card, he needs to get off the pitch, sit on the bench and shut up. Grow up kid. #swfc

@HolmesAdie: It’s never nice to be subbed off (I’ve reacted badly before) but to act like this is ridiculous.

@niamhd_: The more i watch this the more i find Smith unprofessional. Literally going after Byers as he’s walked past and then can see him grabbing his shirt. Just leave him to be angry obviously going to be full of adrenalin and needed to calm down after a shit sub decision 🥴 #swfc

@WilliamAshby: 😂😂😂 Top tier entertainment

@Canadine08: Wheels falling off already 🤦‍♂️ Moore out!

@swansforever: George Byers throwing a tantrum 😂

@JordanOwl28: Had to take a midfielder off so he took our best one off 😂

@mitch_orourke: Bringing George Byers off cost us the game

@_0BAF3MI: George Byers has killed me there man 😭😭

@Groomy30: I’m with @G_byers me. He’s not happy slaps his hand when it shouldn’t be held out anyway. Then the cunt follows him trying to pull him down the steps. Pathetic from Smith #swfc

@AshFinney1: Do not blame him one bit, farce of a decision!!!

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