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Darren Moore reeling as fans slam Sheffield Wednesday players after 4-0 defeat to Peterborough

Darren Moore was left reeling as fans in the away end took to slam Sheffield Wednesday players after the 4-0 defeat to Peterborough.

In Friday night’s League One playoff semi final first leg, Peterborough United overcame a gap of 19 points in the regular season to take a big lead into the second leg.

Jack Taylor’s opener in the 20th minute put the hosts ahead, before Joe Ward’s long-distance second flew into the top corner after clipping Marvin Johnson.

Kwame Poku got Posh’s third shortly after the break as Wednesday look on course for another playoff defeat for the second consecutive season.

The visitors’ misery was made worse late in the game when Jonson Clarke Harris, the joint-leading scorer of the league, nodded a fourth goal from close range.

The Owls created a few good chances, but Darren Moore and his team will have a difficult task to complete in the second leg on Thursday if they want to reach the final at Wembley.

Peterborough’s Darren Ferguson:

“The first goal in games like this is always key and I have to say my goalkeeper has made a massive save at 0-0. That could maybe have changed the course of the game. But my players were outstanding. It was a very, very good performance.

“To beat Sheffield Wednesday 4-0 is a fantastic result for us and I’m probably just as pleased about the clean sheet as I am the goals because they make you defend set-pieces. But it’s just half-a-game gone, unfortunately. There’s no complacency; there can’t be. We want to go to Hillsborough and try and win the game. That’s how we’ll approach it, that’s the attitude we’ve got. I felt that we couldn’t go there losing in the tie, but we’ve won it and we’ve won it well.”

Moore told swfc.co.uk: “The words we say now are difficult to penetrate because emotions are running high.

“It’s all about the performance now, we have to put on a performance on Thursday. It’s an uphill battle, of course it is but we will have to regroup.

“Take nothing away from Peterborough tonight but we had chances and we came it at half time and talked about the importance of the next goal but it’s gone to them and the game has run away from us.

“We did create chances ourselves and their goalkeeper has made a couple of great saves.

“I think we should have had a penalty at 3-0, the ball has struck the arm and it was on target but we didn’t get the decision and that could have really changed the dynamic.

“We just weren’t good enough tonight. It could have been a different story if we take our chances but we didn’t and Peterborough did.”

Plymouth boss Steven Schumacher on Sky Sports Football: “I didn’t see that type of result coming at all. That shows what Peterborough can do to you. If they get that first goal they can blow you away. They were outstanding and fully deserved to win.

“I thought Peterborough would be a bit more conservative after they fell behind, but they went at Peterborough and got hit on the counter.”

Jobi McAnuff on Sky Sports Football: “I was blown away by Peterborough. Their intensity on the break and the pace they countered with.

“Darren Ferguson has to take an awful lot of credit in terms of how he’s changed the direction of this club, in terms of getting them into the play-offs.

“He has made them more defensively solid, and given the platform to those attacking players we saw tonight. Sheffield Wednesday could not deal with the pace of their front four.”

Here’s more of how Twitter users reacted with Darren Moore reeling as fans slam Sheffield Wednesday players after the 4-0 defeat to Peterborough…

@adamrichards_1: We made everything look so impossibly difficult while they danced around us with ease. Every pass, every tackle, every 1 on 1, we got wrong.

@Hcafc__Ryan: Don’t worry, im sure your 50 million fans will make sure you overturn it in the second leg

@stevenboswell82: Absolutely shambolic performance from every single player, you don’t deserve the support you have! I really didn’t see this coming and can’t actually believe it! £750 for a season ticket next season? Having a laugh!

@KivoLee: In isolation a horrible end to a good season. Bigger picture #swfc have been dying a slow death for 25 years. No plan, no identity, no youth system, shit recruitment, shit owners, shit managers, decaying facilities. Longest suffering fans in England, bar none.

@Danswfc1867: If Thursday should be anything then it should be a protest against this fucking owner and the way he’s running us into the ground, Fuck you chansiri #swfc

@IngloriousTward: That was the most embarrassing performance of the modern era. What a pathetic excuse for a team. None deserve to play next season based on that performance.

@aylesburyowl: There is not enough alcohol in the world to get over this season #swfc

@GeoffSWFC: Too many players and staff that have built reputations, won awards, set records this season by beating really poor teams. 96 points reflects more on the lack of quality in this league than how good we are. Spineless, gutless and simply not good enough from the manager down #SWFC

4 play off campaigns in 7 years..
2016 – lost the final to late wonder strike.
2017 – Conceded a late own goal and lose on penalties.
2022 – Conceded an injury time equaliser to lose on aggregate.
2023 – 4-0 down to side that finished 19 points below us.

@ethanITFC: Hhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahshahahha Barry bannan what a player hahahahahahahhah no Sam Morsy is he? Hahahahahahahhahahahaha bottle jobs hahahah oh wait they won the league in February Hahahhaha hahaha



@RickyKeogh: Don’t want another season of Darren Moore football. We may have got 96 points but who has really enjoyed the football? Ipswich got promoted playing aggressive expansive football, with an identity that they can progress at the next level with. We are fucking rubbish. #swfc

@JoeKneale582: We’re told to support them and get behind them. We’re one of the best supported teams in the country and every season we get rewarded with complete shit #swfc

@Smally_33: Fantastic!!!! We’re goooooing upppppp, your stayyyyoing dowwwwn 😂😂😂😂😂😂

@k__pvfc: You boys have just been served up on a plate 🤣🤣🤣 see you next season you “big timers” 🤒

@brfcjacob: Wednesday need to tighten up at the back next leg or they might lose this

@TomMatthews_: Genuinely is there a more depressing team to support ? #swfc

@MyMateMarmite67: Moore out and chansiri out. Enough is enough

@Nick_George2: Imagine being 19 points above the team you’re playing in the play off semi final and then losing 4 nil 😂😂 scoring double the amount of goals as them over the season. I’d be pissed

@teddyatswfc: Get him gone!!!! Absolute disgrace the lot of you

@fife_owl: The most miserable I have ever felt after a match and I’ve seen a lot of relegations first hand. No hope either, this squad is old and tired – nothing to carry into next season.

@JB_Swfc: I know the Moore out brigade are out tonight, but he’s picked this team and played this style of football to get 96 points. Our fans agreed with the team selection tonight before the game. THE PLAYERS haven’t turned up. #SWFC

@cafctom_: Sheffield Wednesday: won the league in march but didn’t receive a trophy. 23 game unbeaten run and won’t get beaten until the end of the season they said. Had 2 games in hand and were 6 points ahead. All of that and they will still be in league 1 next season 😂😂👌

@BunningRichard: Best Friday night television I’ve watched in a long time, cheers lads 😁

@tozol: As a derby fan who devastated last week, didn’t watch the play offs.. I’ve just seen score, and I have to say, made me smile. Well done Peterborough 👍

@Wild3J: Embarrassing and gutted! What’s happened to them these past few months is anyone’s guess! 🥲

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