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Darren Moore gives heartfelt speech with Sheffield Wednesday stars praised for calling out abuse

Darren Moore gives a heartfelt speech with Sheffield Wednesday stars praised for calling out the abuse they received in the last week.

The 49-year-old delivered a touching post-match chat to his players and staff following their astonishing success as the advance through to in the League One Playoff Final.

His side made one of the most incredible comebacks in playoff history against Peterborough, winning 5-3 after penalties. They had been down 4-0 from the first leg.

Moore’s team has now set a date for the final at Wembley, where they will face either Barnsley or Bolton. He then addressed his players and told them he was proud of their efforts before reminding them about the May 29 final.

Moore received racist abuse following the first-leg defeat. Sheffield Wednesday banned the perpetrator. The club’s chairman Dejphon Chansiri also received abuse online.

Michael Smith, Lee Gregory, Reece James and Liam Palmer scored all for the hosts to send the match to extra time, before Gregory’s own goal put Peterborough back in front.

Callum Paterson levelled the score before the nail-biting penalty shoot-out, which Jack Hunt won with the fifth and most important spot kick.

What a way to silence the haters, the abusers and the chants aimed at the Owls players.

Moore in the dressing room: “Quiet, quiet lads. Listen. Fellas, listen. I’m absolutely, so proud of you’s.

“We had a bit of adversity in the first game and we knew that we didn’t before listening it just goes to show you what preparation does we’ve prepared all week the mindset mentality and in training. a

“And I’m going to say this here the belief has been there from day one and I can’t commend you all enough in terms of what you just produced out there it’s absolutely incredible and you really deserve it.

“I’m absolutely delighted with what we’ve got to come through this season but listen boys we’ve got one more we’ve got one more. Ok? We’ve got one more.”

Bannan in the dressing room: “Can I just say something. From all of us towards you.

“This last week what you’ve done is to change our mindsets, you’re the staff, it’s been unbelievable, because, not gunna lie, some people doubting it, what you’ve put in and done for us is second to none.

“And we want to thank you and the staff.”

Speaking after the incredible 120 minutes of action, Darren Moore said: For me, it’s my best moment in terms of management,” said Moore, whose side will face either Barnsley or Bolton in the final at Wembley on May 29.

“To witness it and for it to come here, I couldn’t have wished for it to be at a better place, under the lights here at Hillsborough.


“Tonight will be special, but as I keep saying to them, we have got another game to go. We enjoy tonight and then focus on the Wembley game now.

“We had a rallying call to get the fans to come out and be in full voice and they were tonight. When the boys were cramping up tonight, the fans kept them going. The boys showed great character.”


Sheffield Wednesday’s Barry Bannan praised the boss for the way he has handled the situation over the two legs.

“What he’s done in the last week has been unbelievable, to turn around the mindset of the players, he had a massive job to do to try,” he told Sky Sports.

“I’m so proud of him, the way that he’s handled this week after the racism he’s received as well – that shouldn’t be anywhere near the football, never mind a manager who’s won 96 points as well. That one’s for him.”


Darren Ferguson said the referee’s decision to play eight minutes of time added on at the end, having signalled a minimum of six, was “not right”.

“They’ve been brilliant, the players,” he told BBC Radio Cambridgeshire.

“I have to thank them for all their efforts, because no-one gave us a chance when I came back.

“We’ve produced some really good results and some really good performances. We’ve put a smile back on the fans’ faces. We’ve played with a real identity. We’ve played with real quality.

“Unfortunately, it can be a cruel game, football, and this is a really, really hard one to take.

“To lose a game and a semi-final in the manner that we did is very rough. It’s a cruel game at times,.

“I have to congratulate Sheffield Wednesday, Darren and his team. I wish them all the best in the final.

“No two games are the same, we knew this is a very rare place in League One in terms of the momentum that the place can give you.

“We made some wrong decisions, and then obviously in the last minute of the game – you don’t want to be sounding bitter, because I don’t – but there’s six minutes [added on] and we play eight. It’s not right, but congratulations to Sheffield Wednesday.”

He added: “We don’t know what the future holds, it’s not the right time to answer that. I’ve got a lot of players in there that are sore, the young ones are going to have to remember this, because it’s a sore night.”

Fans reacted as Darren Moore gives a heartfelt speech with Sheffield Wednesday stars praised for calling out abuse…

@netty0779: Listen to it….!!! I’m gonna fall to sleep with it on repeat #myclub #swfc

@_oswfc: so many people owe him a massive apology again. Hope he’s here for a long long time

@mhkandira: This video teaches us that what happens on the pitch (even in training) and within the football club itself is different from what fans see. This is the reason why as fans we sometimes need to keep our cool heads in times of our teams’ woes.

@WDownunder: Some performance from the players to haul themselves into the L1 play-off final, but a coaching masterpiece by Darren Moore, to pick up his shattered team, amid all the doubts and prepare them mentally for this improbable shot at redemption.. and he/they did it. One more to go.

@S35CB: #swfc OMG. I’m fillin’ up ere. This is a club that just feels together, they are “as one’. Manager and players with 100% respect for each other, and it really showed on the pitch tonight. The fans have been unbelievable all season, and we have been repaid tonight, when it counted

@LewisNixon06: What a bloke, he’s the man

@MrPaulPashley: Incredible! #TEAM Absolute set of legends tonight, team, staff… WOW, History… Moores breaking records!!!!

@martin_dowse: From the outside, it’s difficult in football to judge characters. Moore seems to me like a good bloke, this and the video where he’s giving that boy advice about how to play wingback are all I’ve got to go on, but he seems like someone you’d like to work with.

@stemitchell: @bazzabannan25 giving credit where it is due for Moore. Now let’s get one last win. 💙

@PeterBeuster: Over the moon for Darren Moore and Wednesday, always comes across as a great man who goes about his business with dignity. We suffered disappointment at the last hurdle this season, but, glad to see the Owls pull this one back. Good luck at Wembley lads. A proper club.

@Pandamonium1881: Fair play. For any neutral watching that last night, you guys put on one of the greatest TV dramas ever. Got to feel a bit for the Peterborough fans – we’ve all been there in some form or another. Good luck in the final

@500milesforGRiT: How can you not love Darren Moore. What a man. And superb from Barry Bannan.

@benswfc15: I’m in fucking tears what a club man

@DuncanKirk1: Fair play… he’s taken some horrendous stick this week and deserves his moment & pulled off an unbelievable comeback that possibly will never be matched…. Good luck at Wembley

@lukeallum92: So proud to be a fan of this club through the losses and the wins. But like DM says we have one more so let’s get mentally prepared for the big one but 100% DM should be here to stay he clearly has something going on! WAWAW 🔵⚪️🦉

@Ocs1867: Absolutely spine tingling stuff !! Let’s go boys let’s win at Wembley and finish the job 💙🦉💪🏼🙌

@jennyppluskids: What a night of football! Well done all at #SWFC Wembley here we come!🦉

@wednesdayite: Amazing behind the scenes footage!! Wawaw

@BrazilOwls: Some dust in my eyes that

@samuelwild12: We’ve all had our doubts on Darren this season, but wow he produced something special tonight 💙

@Ben266496: We play like we did today at Wembley and it’s all ours for the taking! Well done lads, you deserved to wear that shirt tonight. And to my big man DM, good job! We all believe in you lads and especially you Moore! Thank God we have you. #SWFC #WTID #UTO #WAWAW COME OOOOOON!!!!

@DPaggiossi: I’m impressed! A side of Darren never seen! Well done to him and the squad unreal. Well done to the fan’s and all the Wednesday family. Let’s make it happen at Wembley! 👏🏻🎉🎉🎉💙🦉🤍

@carryonlad23: Love how @bazzabannan25 didn’t hold back saying some of the dressing room doubted Darren Moore. Knowing it’d go public. Lesson learned boys. Manager, badge, pride

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