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Darragh MacAnthony accuses FA of double standards; Bolton player punished over tweets

Peterborough United chairman Darragh MacAnthony accuses the FA of double standards as a Bolton player gets punished over his old tweets.

Trotters striker Dion Charles has been ordered to attend a face-to-face education programme over historical social media posts.

The 26 year old admitted that he had made abusive and/or insulting and/or improper comments and accepts the punishment handed to him.


The FA have confirmed the sanctions imposed against Wanderers’ forward Dion Charles following a breach of rules relating to historic tweets.

Charles has been warned as to his future conduct and ordered to attend a mandatory face-to-face education programme.

The 26-year-old – who was charged after joining Wanderers in January – admitted that the comments posted several years ago were contrary to FA rules E3.1 and E3.2.

The sanctions were imposed by an independent Regulatory Commission.

Charles previously apologised for his actions and in February attended an anti-discrimination event for local schoolchilden hosted by Bolton Wanderers in the Community and ant-racism charity Show Racism the Red Card.


Peterborough United chairman Darragh MacAnthony has since accused the FA of double standards over their treatment of players accused of historical abusive tweets.

It comes after Posh striker Jonson Clarke-Harris was banned for four matches earlier this season, after he was found to have posted historical homophobic tweets.

MacAnthony took to his Twitter account condemning the Football Association: ‘Good old FA. We lose our main striker for 4 games for tweets he did aged 19. Make your minds up over punishment dished out for this stuff. Absolute nonsense.’

The Bolton News reports Charles used terms such as ‘gay’, ‘gay boy’ along with other words in a derogatory manner, referring some to ‘Pakistani’s and corner shops’.

Charles posted the tweets in 2011 and 2013 and apologised for his actions in February with Charles aged 15 and 17 when his comments were made.

Twitter users reacted as Darragh MacAnthony accuses the FA of double standards with Bolton player Dino Charles punished over his old tweets…

@browna0784: This is really bloody stupid and taking our world backwards not forwards…

@PR25_CHA: Darragh please appeal this. All any of our clubs want is consistency on and off the pitch.

@SteveDilley1: It’s the lack of consistency that is frustrating. It appears these decisions are just made up on the day. It’s bollocks!

@HillingdonPosh: Maybe they realise they ballsed up and are using common sense

@selectaklix: I doubt they could even spell common sense let alone use it!

@thephilsmith: Consistency and parity of treatment has been lacking on and off the pitch all season. I honestly didn’t believe that the standard of officials would get worse, following our progression to the C’ship… how wrong I was.

@RoyHouldershaw: One law for one another one for POSH

@Mgdservices1972: Can the club not ask the FA why we, JCH, was treated differently. Couldn’t make this shit up. 💙 UTP

@Mirrorman73: Its the FA innit. Concrete incompetence.

@TomDavi66832316: And Jono gets 4 game match ban for tweets he put ages ago

@SBBWFC: Correct decision. The punishment seems proportionate. Charles will surely accept that some form of censure was necessary & I trust there will be no further repeat of his actions. There is no place in society for discrimination & people shouldn’t be trying to excuse his actions.

@MartinWilly: Fair enough. Move on

@Wafc19321: Once the tweets were brought to the attention of the FA they had no choice to act. Just because it happened a while ago doesn’t mean it deserves to go unpunished

@_KieranBleaz: No place for racism at all. This weird period of punishing adults for things they said as school kids really needs to stop however.

@mxcatt: Good, awful tweets and I hope he’s learned his lesson.

@Bwfc12341: Absolutely the correct way to police and discourage historical tweets in my opinion. Certainly wrong by Dion, but common sense prevails.

@JamesBate05: Can we now sort out the sectarian abuse that James Mcclean gets every week now?

@iel_6: Wheres his 4 game ban? 1 rule for one and 1 for the other

@ForeverAYellow: the mad thing is, if it werent for rivals fans etc searching for something to falsely be offended by then report to get them into trouble bEcAuSe THeY’Re rIvAlS, then the FA wouldnt have a clue and the players wouldnt be punished. Mad that McClean also gets abuse from the stands and the fan in question escapes any kind of punishment

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