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Darlington speak out as Scunthorpe fans fume over game postponed 15 minutes from kick off

Darlington speak out as Scunthorpe fans fume over their away game being postponed 15 minutes from kick off on Tuesday night.

It was at 7:30pm that Scunthorpe said: “We have been told to expect an announcement regarding this evening’s game in the next couple of minutes. The match officials and management have been in dialogue in the centre circle for some time. #UTI #IRON”

Also at 7:30pm, they said: “⚽️❌ POSTPONED – We have been informed that this evening’s encounter against Darlington has been postponed due to surface water on the Blackwell Meadows pitch.”

At 7:34pm, Darlington tweeted: “❌ MATCH POSTPONED – Following a pitch inspection tonight’s match with @SUFCOfficial has been postponed due to a waterlogged pitch”


Tuesday night’s game between Darlington and Scunthorpe was postponed because of a waterlogged pitch less than 20 minutes before kick off following a prolonged spell of heavy rain.

The pitch was in good condition when Darlington FC club officials arrived at 4.30pm, and the referee was also satisfied with its condition when she arrived at the ground at 6pm.

However, the rain became heavier, and it was clear to the referee during the warm up that the pitch was becoming waterlogged in places, and the ball wasn’t bouncing.

The referee consulted with both managers twice before regretfully making the decision to abandon the game.

A new date for the game will be announced in due course.

We would like to apologise to all supporters for any inconvenience caused, but circumstances were beyond our control.

Match Ticket Information:

Home Season Ticket Holders: No action required. Your season ticket will be valid for the rearranged fixture.

Flexi-Ticket Holders: No action required. Your flexi-ticket balance will remain unchanged.

Tickets Purchased Online: Your ticket remains valid for the rearranged fixture. No action is required.

Tickets Purchased at Turnstiles (Cash/Card): The voucher issued upon exit from the ground entitles you to entry for the rearranged fixture. To claim your ticket for the rearranged fixture, please visit Darlington FC Ticket Claim or go to Quaker Retail with your voucher.

For any queries, please email tickets@darlingtonfc.org.

Our full ticket terms and conditions can be found here.


The Iron’s away league clash against Darlington has been postponed due to a waterlogged pitch.

The encounter was called off by match referee Melissa Burgin 15 minutes prior to kick-off with both teams on the pitch warming up ahead of the encounter.

As soon as we have a new date for the fixture, we will announce.

Other matches postponed in the National League plus the North and South divisions were
Gateshead v Solihull (decision at 2:50pm on Tuesday)
Wealdstone v Southend (decision at 6:30pm on Tuesday)
Altrincham v Rochdale (decision at 3:45pm on Tuesday)
Darlington v Scunthorpe (decision at 7:30pm on Tuesday)
Southport v Spennymoor (decision at 1:30pm on Tuesday)
Truro v Yeovil (decision at 12:50pm on Tuesday)

As mentioned, Darlington speak out as Scunthorpe fans fume over game postponed 15 minutes from kick off, this is what Twitter users are saying…

@JayPVFC: How can you call of a game 15 mins from kickoff? Rules have got to change surely.

@AndrewSlaughte1: Absolute shambles that, fans hard earned cash doesn’t matter anymore! If a referee is calling that off, I am sure someone from Darlo could have made that decision earlier 🤦‍♂️

@davey2k23: This is absurd. Weather warnings are a prediction there’s no way they’d be calling a game off 3 days prior because the weather was forecast too be bad. It’s in the our clubs best interests for the game to go ahead so I’m sure they did everything they could too make that happen.

@Rennie__23: Feel sorry for the travelling fans this is embarrassing

@CalSUFC15: Less than 15 minutes before kick off, really feel for everyone who travelled

@NPC14: That’s poor, so close to kick off. Very amateurish

@MaximusOwen: Ouch, that’s a really late postponement.

@MJD139210: Absolutely ridiculous! Feel for the travelling fans and players here

@Churchio1: Atleast give it a go surely? That’s a right trek for you lot. Kick off, give it ten then if it’s unplayable fair enough.

@KarlJames_1994: Wow that is a shambles!

@Saz7720: What a joke! What about those that have travelled all that way!

@tinkzox: Officials have been on the pitch warming up as well as the players and decided to call it 13 minutes before kick off. Make it make sense 🤯

@rreczulski: ABSOLUTE JOKE OF A LEAGUE! 13 mins before kick-off & no rain at present. Why no earlier inspection? It really is unfair on fans again & the cost to the club. Torps said pitch looked ok but if it had rained heavily earlier why did Darlington not act. A farse!

@WillWattoom: You can get to fuck. That’s proper pissed me off. Wasn’t even bad. Long drive back then

@ConnoMccormick: Just walked in the ground 😂 what a waste of a journey

@sufc_Tom16: Getting a bit silly now 😕

@WillWattoom: You can get to fuck. That’s proper pissed me off. Wasn’t even bad. Long drive back then

@AnyOldIron5: …………..205 mile round trip for a 2 x hot dogs, coffee & pepsi at £15.50. Bargain.

@CarlHorner: This isn’t on at all. There’s only been a weather warning in place for at least 3 days for today. No consideration to home and away fans that have to travel to get there and take time off work, let alone the players and management teams of both sides. Club needs to get a grip.

@Dines_11: Darlo away midweek is bad enough but to have it called off 15 minutes before kick off 😩😩😩😩

@Stainsy_J: That’s absolutely shocking. Fans are always second best… @TheVanaramaNL sort it out.

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