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Darlington fans unhappy at kit vote options for the 2020/21 season

Darlington fans have been left unhappy at the kit options they have the chance to vote on for the 2020/21 season.

The National League North club revealed on Sunday evening to their supporters on social media that they could once again pick what their side wore for the next campaign. See those options below…

The Quakers wrote on their website: “In a break with recent tradition we have decided to produce designs which don’t feature hoops and instead have selected a number of designs which celebrate the heritage of alternative designs used throughout our history. Whilst hoops remain a key part of our identity, the board feel that a fresh approach was needed for the forthcoming season to provide a differentiation to recent seasons.

“Working with the popular Kit Factor design team whose excellent designs can be seen across social media we worked on a number of concepts and designs which have then been supplied to our kit manufacturer Puma for final designs to be produced in line with their brand guidelines and shirt templates.

“The result is the four options that you now have to choose from. You can cast your vote using the form at the below link. Voting closes on Thursday 30th January at 7pm. Results will be announced at 9pm.”

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Whilst some Darlington fans thought they looked decent and welcomed the change, the majority felt unhappy at the kit that were put to them, one described them a ‘training tops’ and others wanted the stripes back. See those tweets and comments below…

Christopher Jackson: These are the worst 4 options we’ve ever been given to choose from ?

Mark Lee Harrison: Gotta say all v v v v poor….Darlo is ⚫⚪ hoops. Have we really gotta vote 4 the least worst kit….?who came up with these. 4 me this seasons home and away kit is the best 4 donkeys years… why spoil it ?

David Reynolds: keep this seasons home shirt – much better

Bazz Durham: All shite

Mark Atkins: Back to the drawing board!

Karl Maiden: Are the club taking the piss.. There all terrible and i won’t be buying either

Lee Dickenson: 3 is the least worst….

Andy Hadrick: I will vote for number 1 however I will not be buying, these have got to be the worst selection of shirts I’ve seen in a long time… Surely shirt revenue is a must for a fan owned club, the advertising team should give their head a shake, I would rather a fan competition to design a shirt rather than these, even if we ended up with a version of boaty mcboat face

Clare Clayton: There all awful

Chris Waldock: None are Darlo for me! Won’t be voting nor purchasing. Poor.

Pete Nelson: Terrible options but at least 2 has a hoop !! ?? #wearehoops ??

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