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Danny Murphy slams what Calvert-Lewin did during Henderson’s England penalty

Former footballer turned pundit Danny Murphy slams what Dominic Calvert-Lewin did during Jordan Henderson’s England penalty.

Danny Murphy told talkSPORT on Monday morning that the Everton striker should ‘understand what your place is’ in England’s squad after his penalty drama involving Henderson.

Rather than criticise the Reds midfielder for taking the spot-kick away from the Toffees man, which was then saved by Romania’s goalkeeper, Murphy opted to hit out at the Everton player instead.

The ex-Premier League player claimed that Calvert-Lewin should be ‘thankful’ for his place in the squad and suggested that he was ‘sulking’ before Henderson took the penalty.

“I don’t mind that (Henderson taking the ball),” said Murphy. “I couldn’t care less really in a friendly.

“The two penalty takers were off. He’s the captain. He decided I want to take it. He flexed his muscles ‘I am the captain and I am going to take it’. Fine. No problem with that.

“You have got to be careful. You have a place in the squad and you have to understand what your place is.

“Calvert-Lewin if you see the penalty. When Jordan took the penalty, Calvert-Lewin has got his hands on his hips. He doesn’t go for the rebound because he’s sulking because he didn’t take it.

“He has had a wonderful season but he should be thankful that he is there. He didn’t have a great end to the season. You don’t spit your dummy out because your captain is taking the penalty.”

Meanwhile, Gareth Southgate has responded at criticism aimed at Henderson by Roy Keane.

Before the game, Keane criticised England’s decision to include Henderson in the 26-man squad.

“I was convinced Jordan was going to play the other day,” he told ITV. “I think it’s a huge distraction – he’s clearly not fit.

“I don’t think he should be involved. If he can’t start against Romania, he’s not fit.

“Physically and mentally, this game won’t be that tough for him to deal with, he’s an experienced player.

“He’s not kicked a ball for three and a half months and he’s going to European Championship? He can’t be right.”

Keane continued: “I’ve heard a lot of people say they want him around the place. For what?

“Does he do card tricks? Does he have a sing-song? Does he do quizzes in the evening? What does he do?

“Liverpool won’t be happy either.

“Surely Jordan doesn’t want to be around the place being some sort of cheerleader, you want to play and clearly he’s nowhere near it.”

After the game, Southgate answered questions about Keane’s comments and what effect Henderson’s inclusion will have on team morale.

“Well I think firstly we are not distracted by anything,” said Southgate in his post-match press conference.

“We know the situation Hendo is in, he’s been a very positive influence around the camp with the group.

“It’s a step forward for him physically today which was important for him to be able to play some sort of part in the tournament and we are realistic about what that could be.

“It’s not a situation where it’s dividing the group or it’s unrealistic what’s possible.

“We’re not hanging our hat on him being fit and if we can get him to a good level then that’s a bonus. We’ve got 26 players which hasn’t been the case before.

“With the penalties we are very diligent in how we practise them. I didn’t expect what happened to happen and I wouldn’t expect that to happen again.”

Fans reacted as Danny Murphy slams what Calvert-Lewin did during Henderson’s England penalty…

@carlrberry: What game was Danny Murphy watching he says Henderson changed game last night he was dyer and missed pen.We won 1-0 what did he change in game,he wasn’t excellent at all.

@jonafan1: Danny Murphy talks so much shit it’s unreal 🤦🏼‍♂️ #talksport @talkSPORT @Sjopinion10

@SK21878: Danny Murphy on @talkSPORT “Henderson is the fittest midfielder in the PL, he was faultless when he came on, DCL should be thankful he’s there” More non-biased comments from the alien headed Kopite. Zero credibility. Kopites are soooo weird.

@stig7_7: @talkSPORT Danny Murphy talking shite as usual.

@Jesseedwardsmfc: Danny Murphy chats so much shit. Henderson was well off it yesterday

@TomDurden2: If somebody asked me to draw a cunt I’d draw Danny Murphy. Bitter little bias bald prick.

@JakeJK93: @talkSPORT Henderson the most athletic player in the Prem?! Did Kante die overnight? Classic Danny Murphy with his rose tinted glasses

@LanLano1: Danny Murphy’s just said on @talkSPORT that “Jordan Henderson is the fittest player in the Premier League bar none” I nearly crashed the car….Jesus Christ

@1ShaunReynolds: @talkSPORT @JimWhite Danny Murphy is so biased and is talking rubbish…. focusing on DCL during the penalty rather than the leader showing PP leadership!!!

@DaveMatthews07: Danny Murphy on @talkSPORT has jus compared picking an unfit Henderson to picking an unfit Ronaldo9 for Brazil 🇧🇷🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

@Imperiallethal: Just listening to talk sport Danny Murphy just been put in a box by Simon Jordan after he tried to say Henderson was fit enough for the euros! Blinded by kopite loyalty.

@mickybluey: Danny Murphy “Henderson changed the game when he came on.” 😂😂😂

@farkevibes: Danny Murphy is one of the worst pundits going honestly

@AshurstEwan: Danny Murphy was average at football but even worse as a pundit

@TheVillanAVFC: Speaking of people who should be thankful they’re even there: Danny Murphy in any pundit role…

@franheavey81: My God I love Simon Jordan……. shutting down absolute mongs like this lad….

@StirlingBlue1: Oh Danny Murphy, the red, defending Henderson, a red. Whilst criticising Calvert lewin, a blue. That isnt surprising.

@Evertonian_inNY: Usual Liverpool bias from Danny Murphy. I think you should be thankful to have a punditry job with your god awful takes.

@iamandrewholden: Danny Murphy is such an embarrassment. A generic brand Gollum without the personality.

@JuventinaHannah: Henderson is the one who should be thankful he’s even there… Always been an average player made to look good around great foreigners at club level nevermind the fact he’s just been out injured for 3 months and coincidentally Liverpool started winning again.

@timthom51911580: There is a surprise a ex scouser defending a current scouser. It’s c***s trick and like Southgate said he pulled rank however we will talk to henderson about ranks. Or those lines shouldn’t of touched it and DCL every righ to be pissed at him. Wouldn’t of got the ball from me fact

@lukeblanchard17: Danny Murphy has a face like a slapped arse he’s a bellend and clearly doesn’t know what he’s taking about the stupid little helmet

@PatricRidge: A 24-year-old striker who scored 21 goals this season should be thankful he’s in England’s squad, because a player who hasn’t played in 4 months wanted to prove something, and failed to do so? Good to see Danny Murphy is as sound minded as ever

@JayRicho60: Serious question. Wtf is up with Danny Murphy? Has anyone ever seen him smile? Probably kicks puppy’s in his spare time.

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