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Danny Murphy comes under-fire following pathetic Jack Grealish comment on talkSPORT

Danny Murphy comes under-fire from fans mostly from Aston Villa following a pathetic Jack Grealish comment he made on talkSPORT.

On Monday afternoon, he was discussing the latest speculation over where the England international’s future lies with Manchester City said to be interested in him.

The club captain might have signed a new bumper contract last year, however after enjoying a stellar Premier League campaign last season, Pep Guardiola wants him and with that in mind, Villa want to tie Grealish down to another new contract, to not only fend off interest from City, but reward his service to the club.

He features heavily in the 2021/22 Aston Villa home kit video which was published just after the Euros finished…

When he returns from his holiday abroad, Villa will have a better understanding of his thinking and where he wants to play his football next season.

The rumours haven’t stopped pundits and former players from giving their opinion on Grealish’s situation and former England midfielder Danny Murphy has advised Grealish to ‘be proactive’ if he wants to leave his boyhood club this summer.

“Jack can do what he likes,” Murphy said on talkSPORT.

“He can knock on the door and say ‘I want to go now and win trophies and play in the Champions League.’

“He is hot property at the moment, he is at the peak of his powers and the problem is, in football, it’s very hard to have a longer term view as a player.

“Generally you do get advised with a consistent message, is take what you can when you can because you don’t know that in a year you could do your knee, you could have a dip in form, Jack Grealish all of a sudden isn’t worth 90 or 100 million.

“He might not get a Man City opportunity again, so actually, Jack doesn’t need to sit tight if he wants to move, he’s got to be proactive.”

This led to many of Villa’s fanbase to say that those talking about the Grealish transfer speculation would be gutted to see him stay at his current club.

As mentioned, Danny Murphy comes under-fire following his pathetic Jack Grealish comment…

@Willan84: Genuine question for Danny Murphy if arsenal Utd Chelsea came in for him and Liverpool actually wanted to keep him would he rather play out his entire career with Liverpool from 1997-retirement or won a trophy at one of the above with the risk of being a bit part player

@davidfortnam1: Yeah but a 5 year contract on 130k a week covers his knee or drop in form don’t you think you sausage

@k1eranw: Winning something with Villa is far more rewarding. Proper club, great owners, great history. Winning a stuff with Man City is like winning 2 quid on a scratchcard.

@richardholte87: Oh god this bloke has never said positive thing about Villa

@bfg_nick: I always listen to Murphy when I need to drift off. Yawn

@villaoaks71: Murphy has always been anti-Villa

@dogon22: It’s a fact that Danny Murphy has a problem with Villa

@kelwell16: More likely Jack won’t want to leave , his family are all Villa his Great Grandfather played for them

@DonCorl38152157: The way this lot are happy to kill the golden goose, the premier leagues USP is being very open and competitive+having an unpredictable nature. Everything these planks come out with encourages the death of that to turn it into a 4-5 team procession 💤💤.

@steveparkes1958: Part of the Danny duo, Mills and Murphy , both hate Villa , both CU**S

@JustTheVilla: This is desperate stuff.

@JoeBoden19: Danny Murphy and others in the media are one of the reasons for the 6 clubs thinking they are too big for the premier league.

@TheAsgardian: I don’t think I’ve ever hear Danny Murphy say anything worthwhile.

@GEORGIE_35: Talk sport will be the first to moan when it’s a one team league and city are 15 points clear by Christmas. Stop trying to sell clubs players.

@pete_bully: This station was crying when the greedy six tried to set up the super league . Now all they do is try to get Grealish or Rice to leave there clubs for the greedy six 🤷🏼‍♂️ maybe Grealish wants to stay at his boyhood club and villa doesn’t want $ity blood money

@Josh_Dodd1: Doesn’t anyone actually know and appreciate that there is a project at villa now we want to push for Europe and we aren’t a selling club anymore its disrespectful to us as Jack is one of our own and he will have ambition if he does stay at villa.

@villanni: Danny the dinosaur Murphy 🦕 putting everyone to sleep again 💤💤💤💤

@joelg198: Surely there are better ex footballers to talk to than this guy?

@JimiVillan: “he might not get a Man City opportunity again” Or maybe… just maybe, he might not want to leave Villa?! 😱 Imagine! He’s already where he wants to be. Get it into your heads, ffs.

@RHAVFC: Not Danny Murphy saying something negative towards Aston Villa is it? Shocker..

@byellielouise: Of course Danny Murphy says this, he’s an absolute whopper

@Andyswindle10: 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

@ttocsluap: And sit on the bench…The Villa team is built around him. He will never get the same thrill beating the top teams when city are meant to be THE top team. Much better to be part of a project, that’s improving each season.

@stephenlwright: Idiot. Miserable idiot.

@avfcskew: what have we done to hurt you danny

@btrsofficial: For a guy that played at Liverpool for majority of his career he doesn’t half make a living off of talking about Villa

@Villacallum: How is this man still getting on shows 🙈

@lvad78: Jack is set for life financially and will get massive endorsements should the worst happen. All jack gotta do is what he feels makes him happy now. He didn’t look as happy around England camp as he does at bodymoor.

@alrightmateyou: I’ve got a theory. Danny Murphy is kept in a box. Brought out every now and again and is told what to say by the producers cus they know it’ll rile people. And Danny just says “yes boss”

@neil011: 🤡 – I used to think Talksport was decent, but I am getting more and more turned off by these so called experts of the game spouting about things they clearly know nothing about.

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