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Danny Dyer wins praise after giving a message for fans who don’t support their local clubs

Danny Dyer wins praise after giving a message for fans who don’t support their local clubs, as he spoke with talkSPORT this week.

Dyer is quite the West Ham fanatic and was in an ecstatic mood as he watched the Europa Conference League trophy being lifted by his team on Wednesday night.

Jarrod Bowen’s late goal sealed West Ham’s victory against Fiorentina, ending their trophy drought, as can be seen HERE.

Speaking to talkSPORT, he said: “Now listen, I’ve got a bit of a pet hate about Cockney Reds.”

Host Darren Bent said he was born and bred in South London, Dyer asked: “So why do you support a North London club?”

Bent said: “Ian Wright is my hero, and he started at (Crystal) Palace, so he went to Palace then went to Arsenal.”

Dyer replied: “So you follow the man and not the club. Listen, you support whoever you want to support. Let me just say something now.

“This is why it was important last night West Ham winning because it’s in my DNA, it’s in my blood.

“I look around in that gaff, everyone speaks the same as me, our dads know each other, it’s in your blood and that’s why it feels so special.”


Here’s what Twitter users said s Danny Dyer wins praise after giving a message for fans who don’t support their local clubs…

@brumforward: He’s right. Everyone should support their local club within reason, or have a good reason to support the team they do. It’s not acceptable to support one of the best teams in the country because your Dad did if he himself was a glory hunter.

@boro_hally: Spot on. When you support a local team it’s a community and you go through the emotions of the community ups and downs. The big teams will never have that. Each to there own I suppose.

@JohnHall1985: Something I have to agree with Danny Dyer on here… I hold that little bit more respect for people who support their local club rather than those who clearly (regardless of their explanations) support United or Liverpool because of success!

@d0nkeydr0p: Absolutely 💯% spot on here Danny Dyer! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

@leejohnsy: Danny dyer spitting the truth there – I will never understand people who don’t support there local team – I really can’t get my head around it

@Joeytaylor123: Nail on the head here. Supporting Arsenal and Man United from Stratford. You’ll never get that feeling!!!

@Mr_Dolf: He’s right, it’s not necessarily by birth, but if you only follow the club through the media and don’t feel a connection to the community it’s half an experience. Like your mates all go to a party, but you watch a better party on TV and claim it as a win.

@Jordy_W: Spot on Danny Dyer. ‘Support’ who you like but you’ll never have that feeling of belonging like following your home town club. There’s some exceptions I could name but overall he’s on the money with this.

@dlycett: well said! it’s the reason why the atmosphere is so special at the City Ground too…… Nottingham born and bred and we live and breath #nffc

@MarkJoh30738739: Never a truer word spoken!…support your home town club. You can have a feeling and, a bond with other clubs but, your team has, to be where you are born and bread in my opinion. #UTO

@BruceRioch4: Love this. It’s about those head nods and hand shakes with the people you don’t know by name but have shared the joy and pain with over the years. The mutually understanding without speaking a word to others. It’s special. Up The Villa #avfc

@philpinkney: Absolutely spot on!!! Yes you can support any club you like (of course you can) but when your local club wins something it means so much more to those from that area.

@agbnufc_: He raises a good point. I know for a fact I celebrate Newcastle getting a corner more than some plastics celebrate actual trophies. It’s in DNA, it’s tribal. Come for my club come for me.

@Lee_Wolves9: I’ll never understand how people support teams miles away, your local team is your team for me, can’t beat it. Well done West Ham, what a night for the fans, I’d have been over the moon if it was us

@_YTCP_: The amount of people missing the point he’s making. He isn’t saying you can’t support another club, he’s saying you have a bigger connection and feeling with your local club, which is right

The top 30 signs you’re a true football fan, study reveals

1. Being able to name the starting XI of England’s World Cup winning team

2. Playing the game yourself – even Sunday league

3. Going to at least five games in a season

4. Owning multiple football shirts

5. Being able to easily explain the offside rule

6. Owning a full kit

7. Supporting your local side

8. Knowing where all the stadiums are in different cities

9. Knowing what substitutions a manager will make shortly before they make them

10. Watching games other than the ones your team is playing in

11. Knowing the ins and outs of players from different teams from 30 years ago

12. Knowing the name of ends/stands at different stadiums

13. Planning your weekends around the football schedule

14. Cancelling all plans to watch an important game

15. Going to away games and not just home games

16. Keeping track of scores across the board on your phone if you’re not watching it at home

17. Happily watching a match on Sky or BT Sport that doesn’t even involve your team

18. Collecting souvenirs / merch for your club

19. Being a season ticket holder every year

20. Having pictures/prints/framed shirts up in your home

21. Being just as interested in the women’s game as the men’s version

22. Taking a day off work to watch a match

23. Knowing all the football chants/songs for each club

24. Refusing to even wear a colour that your team’s rival plays in

25. Being inconsolable all weekend if your team loses

26. Knowing the number of trophies each team has won

27. Arguing with friends/partner over favourite teams

28. Having a house full of your team’s merch – mugs, scarves etc

29. Getting up in the middle of the night while abroad to watch a game

30. Complaining about VAR

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