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Current debt of all 12 European Super League clubs makes for shocking reading

In this article, we take a look at the current debt of all 12 European Super League clubs, and it really makes for shocking reading.

It’s mad to think that just a few days ago, some of the biggest clubs in the world joined forces to form a controversial new Super League.

Yet despite this, all of them make up a total of £2.3billion worth of debt, figures show, with the worst amount coming from one of the ‘big six’ clubs.

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The Premier League clubs have had their financial woes worsened in the past year – after games and ticket sales were pulled due to the pandemic.

In January this year, Deloitte’s annual Football Money League looked at the impact the pandemic has had on Clubs financially.

It warned that teams have missed out on over £1.4billion of revenue across the 2019/20 and 2020/21 seasons.

This is primarily driven by matchday revenue, due to the absence of fans, but also rebates to broadcasters and some commercial impacts as well as the lost potential to continue their previous growth trajectory over the period.

“Whilst we expect that many fans will want to return to their old habits, it remains uncertain how quickly and easily the revenue generating ability of clubs will return to pre-pandemic levels,” the report explained.

Here’s how the 12 teams in the Super League have seen their bank balances change since the start of the Covid crisis.

Barcelona: Profits fell from £741million in 2019 to £627million last year

Real Madrid: Profits fell from £668million in 2019 to £607million last year

Manchester United: Profits fell from £627million in 2019 to £509million last year

Liverpool: Profits fell from £533million in 2019 to £490million last year

Manchester City: Profits fell from £538million in 2019 to £482million last year

Chelsea: Profits fell from £451million in 2019 to £412million last year

Tottenham: Profits fell from £459million in 2019 to £391million last year

Juventus: Profits fell from £405million in 2019 to £349million last year

Arsenal: Profits fell from £392million in 2019 to £340million last year

Atletico Madrid: Profits fell from £324million in 2019 to £291million last year

Inter Milan: Profits fell from £321million in 2019 to £256million last year

AC Milan: Profits fell from £178million in 2019 to £128million last year

News of the ESL first came to light on Sunday, and quickly caught everyone’s attention due to Gary Neville’s rant on Sky Sports.

The league would effectively break up the ‘big six’ and be backed by some of the world’s biggest billionaires if it gets the go-ahead from politicians and the competition watchdog.

However it faced a huge backlash across the world, but mainly in the United Kingdom with Boris Johnson stepping in to voice his concerns with it, trying everything to make sure it didn’t go ahead.

One of the main factors behind the ESL, Real Madrid president Florentino Perez, claims that it will “save football” at a time when young people (though aged around 25) are “no longer interested” because of “a lot of poor quality games”.

But the head of FIFA, football’s world governing body, said he “strongly disapproves” of the ESL’s plans, saying it was “a lot to throw away for maybe a short-term financial gain for some”.

The founding clubs have been promised a share of a £3billion grant provided by the investment bank JP Morgan. No wonder these clubs joined within a heartbeat.

Time to take a look at the current debt of all 12 European Super League clubs, and as mentioned, it makes for shocking reading…

Atletico – £804m
Barcelona – £1.030bn
Real Madrid – £651m
Arsenal – £405m
Chelsea – £224m
Liverpool – £386m
Man City – £202m
Man Utd – £771m
Tottenham – £1.177bn
Inter – £757m
Juventus – £752m
Milan – £247m

Total debt £7.406 billion.

Fans reacted after seeing the current debt of all 12 European Super League clubs…

@silviaff20: What about paying those footballers less? That might be a better way to get out of debt! There are many sports out there that demand a bigger sacrifice but where the players receive way less than footballers.

@Mattiii37: And you need a salary cap, and you can only add a salary cap in a closed league bro…

@toepoke_co_uk: Thing is a lot of that debt is manufactured. Man U were debt free I believe until the Glazers bought it all with loans. And all those debts payments mean less tax to pay.

@Ian_Holmes: That’s the thing, clubs are often vehicles for owners to service debt with other peoples money. Higher revenues mean they can service more credit. So pointing out a club is in debt means nothing. They still spend massive on transfer.

@leedscaraj0: This has been dubbed as a model to save football, when in fact, it’s to save 12 football teams

@kevingaff: I hope each and every one of those clubs are prevented from transfer activity for at least a couple of windows. They need taking down a few pegs

@ATID69: Dock them points and a European ban would hurt them all massively

@Foxfan51: The debt belongs to the clubs. The profits go to the owners. Says it all… At some point. The owners will bankrupt the clubs and walk away without paying a penny.

@MattCray: Everything you need to know is here. There is no £4bn “funding” – there is a loan against future earnings. This is as short term a proposal as you can get – all about FY21/22 – allowing them to inject additional cash into their broken balance sheets. It’s a pay day loan #Wonga

@RavReehal: At least Tottenham are at the top of one table 😊 #europeansuperleague

@BenWarnock91: This is why they are being desperate money grabbing owners. The fact that they have so much debt is crazy, poor management and financial control from themselves. They only have themselves to blame. I hope the footballing powers and governments come down hard on them.

@vicramsey85: That’s why Tottenham are so desperate to be a part of it. The amount Chelsea and City owe is peanuts to their owners

@kennybhoy21: Yet they’re still allowed to compete in Europe clearly in breach of FFP UEFA have to be seen to be serious about this and kick them out of Europe.

@melvin_hall: How on earth could @TalkingTHFC afford to sack Mourinho with that kind of debt and ££££’s owing to the Government? In fact, how have they been allowed to get into that debt? Surely this is also a major failing of the @premierleague as well as the club??

@Peter_LUFC: Highlighting their suitability for running their own Global game. The future:
Endless fixed result friendlies dressed up as competition in Singapore & Beijing.
Scraping a living through corrupt betting practices in the Far East.
A Plea to Football Authorities:
Please let them go.

@Highland__paddy: The reason why these clubs wanted to break away is here in black and white.
Up to their baws in debt, living outwith their means yet UEFA sat back and did nothing regarding financial fair play. They are as culpable as each other.

@original1889: No wonder they wanted to set up and run their own league. Time now for UEFA and FIFA to crack the whip and get them all in line

@jonnyleeds71: We all know the story of kid at school getting fed up, losing, picked up his ball & walked off. That’s exactly what these clubs are doing. Created their own financial mess & now want to tske their ball with them. Happy to pile even more debt onto their clubs to chase this.

@Tommy__Hamilton: Jesus man!!! This shouldn’t be allowed to happen. @UEFA

@jutin__: The cynic in me thinks they are only going for the money

@DrogbaWestway: Spurs’ debt is nuts

@NickOpl: The real reason the greedy six want the super league!!!

@hazelgrave_paul: Financial mismanagement fueling their greed. It’s a need to survive! Last throw of the dice for these chances! Cut them adrift. Relegate our shameless 6 to the 4th tier and fine them £100m each. But let every PL & EFL vote on it the sanction the punishment.

@AnnieEaves: Barcelona’s debt is so scary. This isn’t debt down to building a new stadium, it isn’t the result of new owners leveraging a purchase, it’s debt which ballooned during the most commercially successful period of the club’s history. It’s completely insane.

@TheFIFAAnalyst: So you are telling me these clubs have spent beyond their means and now due to the pandemic they are royally fucked so decide to try and create a new money printing machine at the expense of football? How about stop spending money you don’t have?

@Zelonius: One of the big reasons these clubs are the “richest” and “best”. They have spent way beyond their means to achieve success to establish themselves as the best. Now they’re in silly debt because of it they want to tear the fabric of football apart to help themselves

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