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Crystal Palace still livid at Thiago Silva incident as they upload amusing TikTok video

It’s fair to say Crystal Palace are still livid at the Thiago Silva handball incident as they upload an amusing TikTok video going viral.

Crystal Palace suffered a second home defeat this season after a brilliant Conor Gallagher strike settled the London derby against Chelsea at Selhurst Park last week.

Palace had fought well before that and looked to be heading towards a draw before Gallagher, who impressed for the Eagles last season going on to earn a spot in the England squad, scored to give Graham Potter his first win as Chelsea manager.

The goal left Palace fans gutted, and their anger was aimed towards referee Chris Kavanagh who had punished Thiago Silva with just a yellow card after he fell and handled the ball in the first half.

Replays showed the Brazilian defender deliberately handled the ball, stopping Jordan Ayew from having any kind of chance at running through on goal.

@cpfc Last one, we promise 🙃 #crystalpalace #chelsea #premierleague #disney ♬ original sound – Crystal Palace

Manager Patrick Vieira was visibly unhappy and was even shown a yellow card for his trouble during the game.

Questioned about the incident in his post match press conference, the Crystal Palace manager said he’d preferred to keep his silence.

He told reporters after the 2-1 defeat to Chelsea: “That incident is difficult for me to speak about and understand. I don’t want to speak about it because I will get into trouble if I speak about what I think.”

Eagles chairman Steve Parish was also fuming with the decision,” Parish continued. “Honestly what is the point of VAR?” he asked. “We chop and change every week what it does what it thinks.”

“VAR must surely think that’s a red but not a ‘clear’ error! Even if it’s not a #dogso [Denial of goalscoring opportunity] which it is. He handballs it twice deliberately, one we play on so two yellows.”

On whether Thiago Silva could have been sent off, Chelsea boss Graham Potter said: “I thought it was touch and go. The fact he was quite far from the goal saved him and it could’ve gone the other way.

“It’s a close one, I can understand Patrick’s [Vieira] frustration. It’s a 50-50 one.”

Patrick Vieira added: “He was very lucky, but this is the referee’s decision, VAR’s decision, it’s quite difficult to understand it and to accept it. I think it’s unbelievable how he managed to stay on the field.

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This is how fans reacted with Crystal Palace still livid at the Thiago Silva incident as they upload a rather amusing TikTok video that has done the rounds online…

@BobbyC_1878: This is so good well done admin

@WatchedToffee: If that’s Guehi stopping Aubameyang it’s a red no question. No VAR required.

@TJMOTT33: Making light heart of what was a shocking error from referees.

@joshevans_94: Superb 😂👏🏻

@CPFCMOORE: Can create/upload all the TikToks we want in the world, doesn’t change the outcome. Same instance as when we spent 5 days still after the Wembley defeat to Chelsea banging on about how our atmosphere was better. Can we just win a Game of Football on Sunday, please.

@WatchedToffee: Brilliant! A point very well made.

@Mar10LG: 😂😭🤣🤣😂😭🤣 well played @CPFC

@sam1barry: Very very good

@ekulkun: omg this had me belly laughing

Myles: Common admin W

SAMUEL_RAVENS.2: How did we lose 😔 How did he not get sent off 😔

N2Trappy: Bro thinks he’s the keeper 😭😭

alactic_empire: From a chelaea fan you were robbed so badly! you deserved the W. + W video

Marc: this is too funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

frankiepolley10: This is quality 😂

Jere: Give this admin a raise

Fin⚽️💯: I dont think it is the last one 😭😭😭 I cant get over it either

Claire: So true!! How he got away with that, I’ll never know ❤️💙🦅🦅

Connor2XL: Class this from admin 😂😂

finlay: no idea how he got away with it lol

Kye Laming: 😂 don’t know how he got away with it as a Chelsea fan

SiCon77: VAR bottled it

Harrison: One of the biggest robberies this seasons

Sam Cornwell: 🧂🧂🧂🧂

FredOnTheChed: Palace on smoke

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