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Crystal Palace fans mocked over X-rated chant gone viral about Man Utd legend Eric Cantona

Crystal Palace fans have been mocked for an X-rated chant gone viral about Man Utd legend Eric Cantona, sung earlier in midweek.

In the Premier League match on Wednesday night, Crystal Palace and Manchester United shared the spoils, playing out a 1-1 draw.

Bruno Fernandes’ goal gave United the lead in the first period. But United’s winning streak was ended by Michael Olise’s incredible 30-yard free kick in stoppage time.

It’s well known that Crystal Palace fans aren’t a fan of Eric Cantona after he kung-fu kicked a Palace fan during a 1995 match against Selhurst Park, with the Frenchman was sent away and banned from football for a year.

On social media, a chant from Palace fans against United was uploaded online. An individual shouted out the lyrics to the song using a microphone and led the X-rated chant.

‘When Eric comes, to Selhurst Park, he’ll bring with him, his s***** team, his ugly wife, his horrible kids, his garlic breath.

“Eric Cantona is a f****** w*****, Eric Cantona is a f****** c*** (x2).

Eric Cantona revealed in recent years his one regret from kung-fu kick assault that led to nine-month ban.

Speaking in a new film called The United Way, Cantona opened up on the incident.

“I have been insulted thousands of times and have never reacted, but sometimes you are fragile,” he said.

“I have one regret. I would have loved to have kicked him even harder. I was banned for nine months. They wanted me to be an example.”

The man who provoked him with abuse, Matthew Simmons, faced a court trial, that saw more violence, as he maintained his innocence.

Simmons claimed he had shouted: “Off! Off! Off! It’s an early bath for you, Mr Cantona!” during his trial in May 1996. Cantona though gave a alternative version of events. He said that the fan chanted: “F*** off back to France you French bastard” whilst also calling his mother a “French whore”.

Simmons was given a £500 fine for abusive behaviour and also received a year-long stadium ban during the trial at Croydon Magistrates Court.

He didn’t the punishment however as it led to violence. Simmons leapt over the bench and took aim at Cantona’s lawyer, kicking and grabbing prosecutor Jeffrey McCann.

He was taken out in handcuffs as he shouted: “I am innocent, I swear on the Bible.” Simmons would spend a week in jail as a result.

As mentioned, Crystal Palace fans have been mocked over their X-rated chant gone viral about Man Utd legend Eric Cantona…

@alltheducksare: What in the MLS is this? 😭

@weareBCSRF: This video is seriously tempting us to come out of retirement 👊🏼

@BobbinBeckham: Can’t have a bottle cap on your Diet Coke but hagrid can bring in a megaphone.

@jamiesmurph7: Awful. Could only hear United fans all game

@sambbrfc: Now the Americans can laugh at us 😅 that’s embarrassing

@p_wong_coaches: Cantona consistently owned Selhurst Park

@SimonJRayfield: I thought this was the MLS.

@TomLevins1: What in the “Come on Seattle” is this

@NickPri40392240: FIGHT AND WIN

@DanMurpinho: What an atmosphere

@essexbha: The gift that keeps on giving … fucking hell …

@Jake_Harris15: Just more proof that Selhurst Park is a myth of an atmosphere. Imagine seeing this at your ground 🤢

@GreggBoyleWhooo: Palace are tragic 😂

@1MichaelWillett: Worst thing since mauled by the tigers. Shameful stuff this.

@kingprawn1958: Proper #grownmen behaviour here jesus

@Jamo_28: I feel embarrassed for them

@kick_in_grass: Terrible song tbf….

@MRodge99: No matter who you support, it can always be worse

@StevieBev: Oh my goodness 🤯🤯😱😱

@mikeogh2: Hahahaha. This is why there club is so laughed at. Watching them from the away end Wednesday was like watching wanna be hooligans in America.

@LOB1815: Hard drive check on palace fans wouldn’t go amiss

@HollesJoe: The absolute state of them. The laughing stock of football

@lethal1903: Palace should have to play behind closed doors for this shite 😂😂😂

@ThomasHarte10: Got to be most embarrassing thing I’ve ever heard

@FussballJames: It’s pretty mad that these guys are openly referred to as ‘ultras’ and venerated by a lot of English fans. Actually got a lot of respect for Palace but the fact their support is seen as one of the Premier League’s standard-bearers shows how far we’ve got to come

@The_mace64: Palace “ultras” get a lot of shit, but been in their away end plenty of times and it’s proper class. But this, this is absolutely sickening. “Might as well be Chicago Fire.”

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