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Crystal Palace anger their own supporters with ‘truly awful’ club decision

Crystal Palace only managed to anger their own supporters with a ‘truly awful’ club decision made ahead of their game against Chelsea.

Despite there being a lot of positivity surrounding the south Londoners right now, much of their fans were very keen to hear Vieira speak.

However the Eagles supporters have taken to Twitter to vent their frustration after finding out that the club is charging supporters to watch Patrick Vieira’s first press conference.

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They were shocked to find out that the only way they could watch it is via the club’s new Palace TV+ service, which is a paid subscription, so it’s no wonder why Palace have been massively condemned here.

Crystal Palace are presumably trying to recoup some money after the financial impacts of pandemic, but there are other ways of going about this, don’t go and hit the fans pockets because after all, it’s the supporters who have been hit harder than those of a Premier League football club, who can boast millions to their name.

The Boot Room say: “In truth, this is an utterly pointless exercise.

“Press conference quotes are written up and spread everywhere within seconds of the words being said.

“Also, any funny moments from the actual event will undoubtedly be shared all over social media anyway, so what’s the point in paying to see it live?

“All this does for Crystal Palace is alienate their supporters.

“It really is a mindless move from the Eagles.”

Fresh from winning the UEFA Super Cup in midweek, Chelsea will begin their 2021-22 Premier League campaign with a home match against Crystal Palace on Saturday afternoon.

The Blues finished fourth in last term’s Premier League table, while Palace – now under the management of former Arsenal captain Patrick Vieira – claimed 14th for the second successive campaign.


New Crystal Palace boss Patrick Vieira has made a few signings, including Michael Olise from Reading, who is a really promising young player. He could have the same impact as Eberechi Eze did last year with the Eagles after joining from QPR.

I am still going with Chelsea here, mind you. They have already had a competitive game this week, the Uefa Super Cup final, which will help them a lot and they have enough up front to win this even without Romelu Lukaku, who appears to be incoming.

Palace have lost a lost of experience in their squad over the summer, and it might take them a little bit longer to get going.

Lawro’s prediction: 2-0

As mentioned, Crystal Palace anger their own supporters with a ‘truly awful’ club decision, see what they said…

@HunterCPFC: Why do we need to pay to watch a press conference? Slightly mental.

@lukec_1987: You have to pay to watch press conferences now? Wow.

@shave_stuart: The last bit of the ‘sport’ has gone now. All business now. So sad.

@RyWa28: We have to pay to see the press conference? 😂👎

@RandyB831: Wow. Whoever made this decision should be fired. Limiting exposure to paid users is foolish

@EBERZEE: fuck off do you have to pay to watch press conferences now

@cpfcmole: Used to be able to watch the pre match presser free and live on YouTube.. sigh 😔

@ItssAlff: Pathetic

@CPFCH10: Have to pay to watch a press conference now ffs

@CPFC_Cal: Fucking hell I didn’t clock this. Sort of understood the pre season thing, but paying for press conferences? Wtf

@palacealfie: Have to pay to see the press conferences now ahahah mugs

@priestley93: Having to pay for it now 🤣

@gazbod: Hang on a fucking second!! We have to pay to watch the pre match presser??? You have got to be kidding me! #CPFC

@Forza_Eagles: Charging fans to watch a pre match press conference is honestly just embarrassing.

@MarcWilliams22: Paying to watch a press conference. Not for me, Clive.

@samuelpjordan: I really hope people only watch if they have access to Palace TV+ through Membership or from a pre-season subscription. Press conferences are not worth your money, someone will write up every word, best bits go on social & it’s rare anything truly new is said beyond team news.

@mgfairman: Putting a press conference for the first game of the season behind a paywall is truly awful. Do better, Palace.

@cosmoreed: Please get rid of PalaceTV+, surely you can afford to show Press Conferences for free

@SamuelMargo: Pay to watch a press conference have a day off 😂😂

@samstoreycp: Pay to watch a press conference 💀💀💀

@gazbod: Will you be live tweeting? Or does that detract from the money?

@JBragz93: How you can charge for this is beyond me.. It is a press conference!

@tomcpfc_: Season ticket holders should get this free.

@JBragz93: Everyone should get this for free.. it’s a bloody press conference!

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