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Crewe release savage TikTok video brutally trolling Liverpool

Crewe Alexandra have decided to release a savage TikTok video brutally trolling made towards Premier League outfit Liverpool.

It’s fair to say that Liverpool haven’t had the best Premier League campaign in 2020/21, and they are set to have the worst title defence of any top flight club.

You have to note that Jurgen Klopp’s side have been incredibly unlucky with injuries, though there are suggestions the club could’ve brought in more signings and backed their manager in the last transfer window too.

Injuries or not, it’s not excuse for their performances which have been shocking when they have returned to the team, and Crewe Alexandra have taken the opportunity of reminding them just how bad their strikers have been with a savage clip.

It has had nearly 300,000 views on Twitter alone, raking in nearly 7,000 likes and 1,500 retweets on the social media site. Check out out for yourself below…

Fans couldn’t help but give their reaction as Crewe release a savage TikTok video brutally trolling Liverpool, see what they tweeted…

@WillHouston29: Might be the best thing I see all weekend

@Retrogodammed: Lmaoooooooooooooo ffs!

@MikeWilson1982: This is brilliant

@KivoLee: How have Wednesday got on there.

@SamStride93: Elite rustling.

@BigLegDrop: Crewe Alex coming with the 💥 and points for massive bants

@AiddyLFC: Getting corned by Crewe Alexandra… what a time to be alive

@here2bserious: this is hilarious. richly deserved too

@JamesMeredith90: Christ liverpool must be shite if even #nffc can get on this list

@MrHaq15: Football tik tok is just for roasting other teams

@TundeVorm: “LiVerPOoL aRe tHe mOst iNjuRy hiT cLub iN bRitAiN”.

@Dquill87: even Crewe fucking Alexandra getting a swift boot in. Great stuff.

@JackJdmccarthy: Cry moreeeeee, let me see them scouse tears

@DzHajjOmar: No way looooool

@PaulSkillington: It wouldn’t surprise me if @ilkestontown_fc have scored more home goals than Liverpool. We played 7 games this season. And only 4 were at home!

@jac__jp: Top tier shithousery

@McD0uga11: Liverpool FC hated by everyone, great to see.

@JFootball014: The violation. Nahhh 😂😂😂🤣🤣

@avfcCJ: just a massive club flooring a small club

@CalumDMoore: The banter years are in session

@al_saracen: Shithousery maxing out….imagine being able to get rinsed by Crewe

@DANNOJ1878: Crewe ripped Liverpool apart on TikTok

@jamesosborne_: Mighty Crewe Alexandra not holding back any punches

@Rich_Hassall: even Crewe Alex TikTok account knows how shit Liverpool are, glorious viewing

@CranebirdRovers: When Crewe randomly take the piss out of the RS it just goes to show how universally despised they are

@lowerthansam182: We’re being bantered by Crewe 😅

@MikeyAbrahams1: A certain Tiktok put out by Crewe has made me realise that Andre Gray has more home league goals than Liverpool in 2021.

@Bullensblue1: Banter on another level 😂 getting trolled by the Railwaymen

@FingersLily: Liverpool are on a bad run & everyone else thinks it’s funny! Form is temporary, class is permanent

@purv1875: One title in 30 years would suggest they have returned to form…..

Keane, who won the league seven times with Manchester United, slammed Klopp’s side as he said that the Reds are making a lot of excuses while branding them “bad champions”.

www.fanbanter.co.uk – Fan reaction to the latest football news, gossip & funnies

He said: “They are making a lot of excuses. To me they’ve been bad champions and I don’t just mean today.

“You can lose a game of football but there is a way to get beaten. I don’t see that and I think maybe they have all believed the hype over the last year or two.

“We spoke about will there be some sort of drop-off, but they are playing for a big team in Liverpool. It’s as if they have won the league last year and they have all got a bit carried away and believed the hype, but in my mindset when you have won a league title, the next challenge was, ‘Can we do it again?’,” Keane told Sky Sports.

Keane continued: “You could say it is a one-off, a freak season, it is corona… Just get on with it and perform like champions – you are Liverpool Football Club. Keep performing like that and it will be another 30 years before you win the league title, trust me.

“If everyone had all their players it would be fantastic, but if you want to look at Man City for a moment and the run they have been on, you could say they are missing two of their best players (Sergio Aguero and Kevin de Bruyne).

“But they have come to Liverpool and Liverpool had a strong team out. I know the two centre-halves are missing, but they still had their best attacking players on the pitch, their best goalkeeper available, they still have international players in midfield.

“After the game Jurgen Klopp is talking about the goalkeeper’s feet being cold. I know it is tongue in cheek a little bit, but it is excuses after excuses.”

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