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Crewe boss explains how injury when playing on Xbox ruled their top scorer out of match

Crewe boss Alex Morris explains how an injury when playing on the Xbox ruled their top scorer Courtney Baker-Richardson out of a match.

Alexandra were missing one of their vital players for the Carlisle United game at the weekend, sidelined for the goalless draw at Brunton Park with a hip problem.

Morris said the frontman, who has scored 7 goals in 12 appearances so far, suffered the rather bizarre injury whilst playing on a games console, leaving fans rather baffled.

The Manager, who is also without the services of Christopher Long (ankle), Callum Ainley (shoulder), Oliver Finney (ankle), and Charlie Colkett (hamstring), explained: “We hope it’s not too serious, we’ll know more on Monday.

“It’s an area of his body where is has had issues before, and it’s happened in an innocuous way, which is about right for us with injuries at the minute.

“He did it while he was playing on his Xbox, I think. He just dropped his leg on the sofa and tweaked it.

“There’s nothing we can do; he will have treatment and hopefully it has settled down by Monday.

“If it hasn’t, that’s not a good sign and it will need scanning to see if it is a reoccurrence of what he’s had previously.”

Morris added: “We have players missing who can make a difference, but they are not with us so we have to get on with it.

“The lads who are out there, are giving everything. It’s just we can’t change things up as much as we’d like due to a lack of numbers.”

Baker-Richardson said in reply to an Instagram post: “Not easy sprinting around Caldera, big old place man. Tiring on the old legs yanno, cheers for the get well soon message 🤝🏽”

He joins a list of footballers to have picked up freak injuries in the past.

Some may recall the time Wimbledon keeper Dave Beasant was out for eight weeks after he made a sandwich in his kitchen, dropped a 2 kg glass bottle of salad cream on his foot, and severed the tendon to his big toe.

Aston Villa’s 5ft 4in left-back Alan Wright ended up straining a leg muscle while trying to reach for the accelerator pedal in his new sports car, and Robbie Keane injured his knee while reaching for the TV remote.

There was a time when David Batty was mowed down by his three-year-old on a tricycle, Liam Lawrence fell over his dog on the stairs, Darren Barnard slipped on the kitchen floor on a pool of his puppy’s pee and Shaun Teale suffered a gash to his arm cleaning out the family fish tank.

BBC Sport mentioned the time Coventry City goalkeeper Lee Burge ended up with a heavily bandaged head after being hit by a puck while watching Coventry Blaze play at the local ice hockey rink.

Then then there was one on the pitch during Arsenal’s celebrations after the 1993 League Cup final victory over Sheffield Wednesday at Wembley when Steve Morrow broke his collarbone after falling off Tony Adams’ shoulders. Can you think of anymore? Let us know via our socials!

Social media users reacted as the Crewe boss explains how an injury when playing on Xbox ruled their top scorer out of the League Two match…

@xSpudhead: Someone’s played a bit too much fifa

@RailwaymenNews: I don’t think he’s a fan of his fifa rating then.

@HarryL97: Just let the man grind ultimate team in peace 🎮

Oliver Brew: Watch out for them salad cream bottles too! 😂

Andy Woodford: Julio Arca got stung by a jellyfish…

Lee Van Dusen: Footballers should try playing rugby they will soon find out what proper injuries are

Mike Thomas Gibo: CBR best give up playing Xbox now

jaydon_j.p: Deserves it for playing warzone

epl20hub: Rest of the crewe weren’t happy

gylfi_pleasures_fc: it’s that deadly posture, leaning forward when it all gets a bit serious

bradleyyashworth: Ngl he’s a bit of a legend 😂 @cbr_9 🐐😅

@TheBigFraud2022: Always said PS5 was better @CBR__9

Callum Wynn: Should have gone Playstation

Ollie Furniss: Xbox injury 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Chris Baddeley: Did he smash his Xbox because he couldn’t score on fifa 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Pamela Champion: Wow should confiscate his Xbox lol

Daniel Prince: How ridiculous 🙈

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