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Creator of JustGiving page for crying German girl gets called a n**** in shock twist

The creator, Joel Hughes, of a JustGiving page for crying German girl has been called a n**** in shock twist which was only meant to do good.

Hughes, a Wales fan, has been subjected to wide-scale online abuse after raising thousands for a young German supporter who was mocked online after England’s victory over Germany in the Euros.

The 51 year old has gone on to surprisingly raise more than £36,000 after setting up a donation page for the little girl who was seen crying on TV screens across the world and on the big screen at Wembley.

Mr Hughes said he has now been abused online with fake profiles set up in his name and old tweets being taken out of context.

Joel Hughes

Creator of JustGiving page for crying German girl called a n**** in shock twist

Some people have even accused him online of being a scammer and a paedophile, with the ‘n’ word being top trend on Twitter in relation to the matter.

“The abuse is horrendous and it’s targeting my family. They are posting my private details online,” he said.

“I am getting so much abuse which is ironic seeing as I am raising money for a girl who is getting online abuse.”

The father-of-two, from Pontypridd, started the fundraiser after seeing a tweet from pundit Stan Collymore highlighting the abuse and Joel said he had to do something as it was really getting out of hand fast.

“I saw the tweet from Stan Collymore and I saw the comments and I thought it was pretty disgusting how people can say that about a little girl crying.”

Mr Hughes, who works as a web developer, said: ” I want her and her parents to know that we are not all idiots here in the UK.”

He said: “It has all snowballed. It started off with me putting £50 in and then a few other people putting some money in and I thought it would be nice if we could get the girl something and it went on from there.”

Hughes has received a lot of abuse with some people telling him he should not be donating the money to the little girl, who they are still trying to track down.

Creator of JustGiving page for crying German girl called a n**** in shock twist

“I am fairly resilient but I can imagine how this would be incredibly damaging to someone,” he said.

“It is frightening the lengths that these people will go to attack me.

“This isn’t going to change the world but I want to do something nice for her.”

Hughes adds that JustGiving is helping him find the girl. He said if he can’t find her he will find another appropriate charity. The fundraising page has now closed having raised a total of £36,180.

“Everything I am doing is with the guidance of JustGiving. There are so many people trying to pick holes because they want the campaign to fail,” he said.

Mr Hughes said he has reported the abuse to the police.

Fans reacted as the creator of the much talked about JustGiving page for a crying German girl gets called a n****…

@TedMeowls: He is the father of two children. These aren’t inherently noncey in context at all. One looks like a joke about taking the kids to the playground and going to the pub instead. The other is his kids are waking him up at 7am and he’s joking about someone taking them so he can sleep

@L_A_D_J: Guys tries to raise money as a kind gesture. Turns into an internet villain. One of the pics is of his own wife btw. They all felt shit about believing and spreading that fake porn account, but rather than say sorry, they found anything they could to justify harassing him.

@samm1966: Maybe an idea for the money is to use it to buy defibrillator equipment for grass roots football. It would be nice to see some good from football come out of something rotten by not just football but online abuse! It was a nice idea but has probably gone out of control, not his fault! The generosity of the people who have funded is fantastic. He doesn’t deserve this online abuse anymore than she did.

@dazzler1978: I think it’s great what he’s done but do think the amount raised is a bit much now

@AlecSharp81: Most people, originally, took offence to his inflated ego. He set up the page to raise £500 for a child without consent from the parents. As the donations grew so did his ego and then people rightfully had concerns where the money would end up as he had no answer when asked.

@Dave96678241: Huge assumptions pal..

@BIurt87: Thing is all this stuff about Joel Hughes wouldn’t have came out if he wasn’t such a cocky and arrogant little freak, when he got called out for being weird he embraced it and milked all the attention he was getting and made the entire situation about himself rather than the girl

@PleasedPep: That the whole of society has been underpinned by this sort of seediness, but you are taking a problem with one man who’s being abused to hell and back because people are lying about him being a nonce.

@myfirstraygun: Trawling his timeline to find comments he’d made about his kids and their friends to be made into a video about how he’s a paedo made me so angry. All I saw was a loving (and tired) dad.

@philrandall: Sending my support to @Joel_Hughes 🙏🏼. Yes, I thought the just-giving campaign was a bit crazy, but the pile-on & manufactured accusations have been vicious & ruthless beyond belief & could defo be enough to lead to a devastating outcome for someone with any degree of fragility. 😡

@juliotaylor: …and most people completely missed the point of it!

@philrandall: Yeh, people can argue about that till they’re blue in the face as far as I’m concerned, but trending at no.2 in the UK on a Sunday night, second only to Love Island for being various dreadful and completely untrue things which I won’t refer to is just appalling, horrible, vile 😫

@JohnOhGroats: Probably doing real police work and not just jumping to conclusions off the back of a couple of out of context tweets. @swpolice- has anyone checked on Joel’s welfare?

@MadMontana: Nothing weird about the other bloke that spent his night mocking up a fake porn profile to ruin a strangers life… perfectly normal behaviour that

@corcc11: This is so true. And the amount of people who have joined the sick witch hunt who don’t even know the guy and failed to even do any research on the fake page is really alarming

@davidlrattigan: The way this @Joel_Hughesguy is being treated is disgusting. As far as I can see, he’s being denounced as an actual child predator on the basis of a photoshopped p*rn profile & some past, out-of-context, non-sexual Twitter comments made about his own kids. What’s up with people?

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