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Crawley co-chairman responds after fan claims he’s been banned for life for ‘kit leak’

Crawley Town co-chairman Preston Johnson responds after a fan claims he’s been banned for life for an alleged ‘kit leak’.

Liam Green (aka @LiamGreen___) posted the news on Twitter, saying: “Just been banned for life from Crawley Town Football Club as the club have played a guessing game and thought I leaked stuff. Just had the call from Mr Preston Johnson. What a club this is.”

His tweet has gone on to get nearly 2,000 likes, and attention from supporters across the country many turning their anger on Preston Johnson.

@_The72 said: “A Crawley fan has been banned by their owners for the most ridiculous thing ever.

“One of the Crawley players posted a picture of the new kit. A Crawley fan then reposted the picture & has since been banned for ‘leaking’ the new shirt. Absolutely mental 🤯

“@SportsCheetah [Preston Johnson], a lad has been banned from your football club who has given his life to Crawley by following them home and away since the age of 5. Is this how you think you should be treating supporters?”

To which Preston Johnson replied: “I didn’t ban him.”

The Lower League Look also tweeted: “Dear @SportsCheetah and @EbenNotEvan.

“You are setting an extremely dangerous precedent here.

“I would reconsider personally.

“The last thing Wagmi needs is another legal battle. #TownTeamTogether”

Preston Johnson replied: “I didn’t ban him.”

The Lower League Look replied: “Who did? Because he’s said you did and I’ll be honest, it’s not a good look at all. If you didn’t ban him then you have the ability to say it’s not happening 🤷🏼‍♂️”

PJ: “I tried to reduce his ban last season and wasn’t even able/allowed to do that so I’m not sure how much say I ultimately have when it comes down to the security/stewards/staff’s decision anyway.”

TLLL: “Preston you have overall say in this – what he’s accused of isn’t a risk. There’s no risk of violence, there’s no anti social behaviour taken place. So ultimately the decision has been made by someone at the club? Will an official letter be sent out regarding the ban and the reasons? I appreciate the answers as always, but this is really uncalled for in almost everyone’s eyes.

“To add to this – unless the ban is court ordered or advised by the police, it’s an internal matter, and you as the owner have overall say on internal matters – no matter who at the club is feeling like that isn’t the case.”

PJ: “Thank you and noted. Maybe the one from last year had video evidence attached which is why I was of no help to him. He’d probably remember.”

TLLL: “Personally I think he should have been banned for his moustache. But still. I get that trying to find out the @LeaksWagmi people is on the agenda, but right now the bigger issues is that it’s getting out in the first place before reaching places like that 👍🏻”

Earlier this summer, Johnson spoke with FourFourTwo on life since April 2022 which saw US cryptocurrency investors WAGMI United (We’re All Gonna Make It) becoming the new Crawley owners with the hope of reaching the Premier League.

Preston Johnson and Eben Smith, the co-founders of WAGMI, have found it tough, luckily avoiding relegation to the National League last season.

Preston Johnson has previously invited YouTubers to train and play with the first team and claims WAGMI came into a club that weren’t paying their utility bills, had huge debts and then found out the ex-boss John Yems allegedly created a culture of racism at the club.

“Ultimately, I think the main thing is that if you’re winning football matches, then the local supporters don’t care as much about what content we’re putting out or what unique strategies we’re trying,” Johnson said to FourFourTwo.

“The slow start didn’t allow us to dig into our overall thesis and strategy of building an international audience for a local club that loses millions of pounds a year and has no way to generate additional revenue to sustain itself.”

Johnson was in the dugout for the game against Stevenage in late December, aa game this side lost, coming hours after manager Matthew Etherington and his assistant, Simon Davies, stepped down 34 days into the job.

“I think one of the biggest mistakes we’ve made is not trusting the numbers and the data right away, and putting too much stock in traditional football scouting and recruitment – trusting football people.”

He knows the relationship has become strained with supporter: “I was constantly online, which is also part of the fun and an interesting aspect, for the fans to interact with me regularly. I’d always answer DMs. But they turned quickly when we weren’t winning, and you start getting threats.

“Some fans reached out to me in a private fan group chat, saying, ‘There’s groups of fans coming together that want to fight you and they know you’re staying at the Sandman hotel’. So, I left the next morning and went to London instead. That’s probably over the line. I know that this is their life, their football club, but it affected me from an emotional standpoint, for sure.”

Here’s what Twitter users are saying as the Crawley co-chairman responds after a fan claims he’s been banned for life for the supposed ‘kit leak’…

@whollis99: They’re the worst owners in football, don’t care at all about the fans unfortunately. Really hope they get out of the club this season

@MeggyMoo2013: Sounds like a Karl Oyston move from back in the day. Sad times. Wishing you luck in everything

@MFagmi: @WAGMIUnited somehow managing to sink to new lows. Kind of impressive at this stage. #wagmiout

@swansea_indy: Tell us this isn’t right ?

@kathrynkelly11: Surely the player leaked it, not the fan! Should he not be held accountable! Anyway, whoever this fan is, I wouldn’t worry. There are way better teams than Crawley to support.

@gmac193: You have to fear for Crawley this season with owners like that

@Rumbugger1: I doubt that they can afford to be turning fans away. Poor decision

@heyit5sam: I mean if you’re gonna be banned, a relegation season is probably a good one to miss

@CallumHallett6: What an absolute mess at Crawley 🤮

@Dover_Bluebird: That sounds unnecessarily harsh.

@Clachan1GK: That’s so bad i mean come on

@PompeyData: Disgraceful

@pompeyjones92: Horrible disgusting dirty club!! Hope they get relegated!!

@gazza_hammer: Get him unbanned now

@masjlitt: Someone from the FA or the EFL needs to save this club, Wagmi are actively trying to run them into the ground, which they’ve openly admitted to. Calling fans losers is an absolute shambles

@Ajl_3692: This club is a social experiment at this rate

@JC_WFC: What a mess Crawley are in man 😂

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