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Coventry owner reveals new stadium will look similar to fellow League One side

Coventry owner reveals new stadium will look similar to fellow League One side Shrewsbury Town’s New Meadow, rather than having a bowl design.

Sisu boss Joy Seppala met fans and gave updates on the situation regarding the Ricoh Arena and plans on returning back to the city for the 2020/21 season.

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There are six possible sites shortlisted for the new ground, along with details of the size and style of the facility.

On their meeting, Sky Blues Talk members Pete Griffiths and Mark Dimmock posted: “Dave & Joy both seemed hopeful that a deal could be reached with Wasps for us to play at the Ricoh Arena next year, whether promoted or not.

“Bringing the club back to Coventry remains a priority, and he believes it is also important to Wasps to have the added revenue from CCFC being there.

“We questioned whether the quality of the pitch at the Ricoh Arena would form part of those negotiations, as it was acknowledged by all parties that the improved playing surface at St. Andrew’s had contributed to the quality of football on offer this year.

“Dave confirmed that the pitch would form part of the negotiations and would be high up the priority list.

“Owning our stadium, and associated revenue streams, remains the longer-term goal. For this reason, the aim is to look to agree a sustainable deal to allow us to play at the Ricoh Arena for 5 years whilst work is ongoing.

“If a deal cannot be reached with Wasps to play at the Ricoh Arena, then we do have agreement from the EFL to remain at Birmingham for a further 2 seasons beyond this season.

“Naturally they would like to start selling season tickets from March, but they cannot do this until we know where we will be playing.”

As for plans for a new stadium in the city, the post continued: “As previously communicated, the search for stadium sites is ongoing and has been narrowed down to a shortlist of 6 sites.

“A further site has also recently been identified. Although all sites are suitable for a stadium, the new site is considered the ideal location.

“As the exact location of the sites is commercially sensitive, they couldn’t tell us where the sites were, however, it was confirmed that all sites on the shortlist have been approved by the EFL for their proximity to St Mary’s Guildhall in Coventry, which is a marker point for the EFL.

“Joy confirmed she can see the potential in the fan base for bigger crowds. Both Joy and Dave thought that crowds would have been in the region of 15 – 18k for some of the bigger games this season (such as Rotherham & Sunderland) at the Ricoh Arena.

“For this reason, when looking at sites and designs for Stadiums they have this figure in mind as a minimum. The potential new stadium would possibly be a four-sided design rather than a bowl (similar to the design of Shrewsbury’s new stadium) as this allowed greater scope for future expansion. Current thinking is that new stadium would be 18-20,000, expandable to somewhere in the region of 30,000.

“Pete, Mark and the unanimous view of the Sky Blues Talk forum member’s primary aim remains to influence all parties to talk in order to agree a sustainable medium to long term deal for both parties that enables CCFC to play in Coventry from next season.”

Below is one of many photos showing Coventry fans protest against their owners a while back…

After hearing Coventry owner reveals their new stadium will look similar to fellow League One side Shrewsbury, fans gave a mixed reaction…

Tom Leary: We only need a stadium that holds around 20/25k. If it means we have our own home then why not.

Robert Mcmenemy: Never going build one

Marcus Renzi Jnr: And if it does happen, I bet the people saying “it will never happen” stop moaning ?? but they will always have something to say

Wade Tubman: Isn’t big enough!!!

James Smith: 10 backwards steps

Nathan Lycett: At least they know we haven’t got 28 thousand fans that will turn up every week shame Richardson wasn’t that fucking smart

Lee Maycock: Don’t think it will ever happen but tbh, I’d love to have a STADIUM again, rather than an ARENA. A 20k capacity stadium would have a much better atmosphere than a 35k arena.

Graham Shiels: And how big is Shrewsbury compared to Coventry? Real ambition to reach the Premier League (not)!

Ian Ibbertson: Nowhere near big enough

Ken Aitken: After f**k knows how many years how about a site to actually build it ON ??

Steve Heath: Don’t need a new fucking stadium

Roy Bernard: Can’t we have one the same as MK Dons

Jim Forrest: 12k is plenty big enough for our present attendances,but it should be capable of being extended so that we can accommodate all the supporters of the ” big” clubs if we get to the Premier league.

Bob Brown: Just seen pig flying

Catherine McGee: Not good enough for our team

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