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Coventry manager lined up to replace Bristol City boss in the summer

Coventry City manager Mark Robins is reportedly being lined up to replace Bristol City boss Nigel Pearson in the summer should he quit.

Nigel Pearson signed an contract until the end of the season for the Robins, replacing Dean Holden who was in charge for six months.

Form hasn’t exactly improved for Bristol City however and now the club sit 14th in the Championship table, taking 50 points from 41 games played so far for the campaign and don’t look likely to be going up nor going down.

If Pearson can’t improve results before the end of the season, he is likely to wave goodbye to the job and the club will look elsewhere, one man could be Mark Robins.

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Robins guided Coventry City to promotion from League One last season, and whilst his Sky Blues side have been a decent addition to the Championship, they have gradually slipped into a relegation scrap, finding themselves in 21st place and just six points above Rotherham United in 22nd, and the Millers have three games in hand over them.

Now though, the Cov boss could be heading for Bristol City with Pearson needing to have a good think over his future at his current club, especially after winning just one of their last eight in the league.

The ever reliable journalist Alan Nixon claims that it’ll take a ‘lot of compensation’ to bring him in to Ashton Gate.

Bristol City would have ‘cash to splash’ if they want to bag this summer appointment, which will leave Coventry managerless whether they fend off relegation from the Championship or not this season.

Pearson gave Bristol City a much needed boost initially, however it’s quickly become apparent that the club and first-team squad is in need of a compete overhaul, and would Pearson get that backing from the board?

Mark Robins has brought in an exciting brand of football at Coventry City in the past two seasons and has brought about some exciting young players at the club, exactly what needs to happen at Bristol City.

www.fanbanter.co.uk – Fan reaction to the latest football news, gossip & funnies

Nigel Pearson knows he on trial as Bristol City manager and is said to be relaxed and realistic over the fact that face-to-face meeting to decide his long-term future at the club are yet to have taken place.

“I think one of the frustrations at the moment is, I don’t want to be evasive about it, I’ve got nothing to hide essentially and neither has Steve or the club,” Pearson said. “It’s just we can’t break rules and regulations in terms of movement.

“If we would have been able to meet before, we would have done. That’s not possible at the moment but hopefully we will.

“I think we’re both pretty honourable people. I have no problem with how we’ve spoken about dealing with the situation – I spoke to Steve last night – we have very constructive conversations.

“I can’t really say any more in the public domain apart from what I’ve already said but I am also aware the question will keep arising because there is a level of uncertainty.

“Personally, I don’t think it’s something to necessarily worry about. I still have to prove (myself), because results aren’t good enough at the moment. It is what it is, I’m not fazed by that at all.”

Lansdown admitted the club’s figures will be “horrific” due to the financial impact of the pandemic, and any ideas about a full-scale squad rebuild will have to be shelved.

“It’s not going to be straightforward this summer for many, many football clubs,” Pearson added. “If people just expect there to be reconstruction of a whole squad, it won’t happen.

“What we have to do is transparent with what our plan is moving forward; whether that’s a two-year or a three-year plan to try and achieve Premier League status, which would be great.

“What you’ve got to try and do is build in that encapsulates maybe four or five transfer windows so things don’t happen always at the pace people would like so that’s when transparency is really important with the fanbase so they, at least, know how we see it ourselves here.”

Fans reacted at reports the Coventry manager is being lined up to replace the Bristol City boss in the summer…

@BristolOli: That’s the most city thing I’ve ever heard

@ArniedBS3: Could the club announce this now as it will 100% confirm my decision not to re-new

@wiltshire1977: I won’t be renewing if this is true!! 😡

@SkyBluesZoneYT: They’ve got no chance 🤣

@chris_langsford: They do if we go down

@mapleiron1: Not sure that he would leave Coventry.

@hore_steve: They can have my seat next season then. Nige is the man

@alexgeorgiou241: Please no

@r0bpars0ns: It’s times like these when every single City fan has to look at the bigger picture, Steve Lansdown is the biggest problem at the football club. He doesn’t want Premier League football and never will.

@chattaway_harry: I don’t think Robins wants to downgrade to them #PUSB

@Jimi_Dyer: Can’t see this happening, but the way Bristol City fans are acting is a bit stupid. Just because he isn’t foreign and in his 40s they don’t want him. Worked wonders on a shoestring with us and can play decent football given the players

@Lampett88: If they stay up and get decent compensation it’s not the end of the world if they appoint right. Look at Barnsley

@mitchellassoci1: 👀 👀 Nothing against Mark Robins, I actually think he is a good manager, but surely we’re not going to let Nigel Pearson slip through our fingers? @stephenlansdow1 @JonLansdown #BristolCity

@bcfckory: surely i’m not the only one that quite likes mark robins? if nige isn’t the man we want to go with long term, think he’d be a pretty decent appointment

@Dragocen_: Have to disagree mate, think we’re at the point that we need someone thats been in this position before (My favourites for the Managers job, Cowley, Atkins and McCarthy, have all been taking now though unfortunately.) Or we can get in someone that brings through youth

@JoshGrotzke: Was in the running before LJ got the job I believe. Think it’s definitely realistic.

@jackhennessy19: Honestly if we do this then fuck this club.. weve got a prem manager to take us up, @stephenlansdow1 get Pearson signed now

@Chrissy___Hall: @stephenlansdow1 ffs Steve, if you don’t want to see the mother of all meltdowns I suggest you don’t go for Mark Robins and instead give Pearson a long-term contract before it’s to late

@ticope87: Bristol City fans are not happy 🙈😂

@DanielHealey20: This would be the most Bristol City thing to do.

@C_Farmerr: Oh dear

@EuanBCFC_: Oh ffs no

@ELJones95: SURELY lansdown won’t be this stupid? 😐

@AlexBroom_: Do they not have ambition?

@tomxrawle: It’s a realistic option for sure

@AnirudhHarish5: Realistic but it would be difficult to lure him to Ashton Gate

@kevin_clark_451: Would be terrible choice, it it’s not Pearson their will be big trouble for city, in terms of season ticket sales.

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