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Coventry fans have cars broken into and windows smashed during match

Coventry fans have cars broken into and windows smashed at St Andrews during their side’s match against Portsmouth on Tuesday.

One supporter took to Twitter to vent her frustration after returning to her vehicle outside the ground and seeing the damage caused to it.

Elaine Ward said: @Coventry_City great 3 points last night but many cars were broken into around the ground including ours. The club should be aware of this. On chatting to B’ham Police today, their response was that this is ‘normal’ & happening everywhere! Unbelievable response!

Coventry City replied back: “We are sorry to see this – thank you for making us aware of it.”

They added that they will follow this incident up with Birmingham City and the police.

Coventry City FC Police @CCFC_WMP spoke of what happened: “I was aware of the incident last night and a number of vehicles being damaged during the game. Officers from the game deployed to it and conducted an area search. To my knowledge this is the first incident of this type happening at a CCFC game this season.”

When asked where this took place, Elaine wrote: “Garrison Lane but other roads were targeted as well. Loads of cars smashed in Garrison Lane. Lots of damage for a £2 cable from our car!!”

“Last night was shocking to see so many cars smashed but more upsetting was police response today calling it ‘normal’ and ‘ it happens everywhere!’. I fully support the police but a little more sympathy and support would go a long way….”

@CCFC_WMP wrote back: “I will look into what we can do on our next night fixture as from my experience it’s more likely to happen in the dark than during daylight. I agree with you its costs us nothing to show victims or members of the public a little support when talking to them.”

Fans gave their reaction after seeing Coventry fans have their cars broken into…

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