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Court verdict slammed after Portsmouth hooligan knocks out Southampton fan with headbutt

A court verdict has been slammed after a Portsmouth hooligan knocks out Southampton fan with a headbutt as seen in shocking footage.

Mason Preston, of Purbrook Way, Leigh Park, was sentenced at Portsmouth Crown Court last week having pleaded guilty to assault causing actual bodily harm.

The 21-year-old had been with a group of around 40 other Pompey fans, chanting “you dirty scummer” at Basingstoke railway station on the 5th of February.

The Pompey lads are seen boasting of hitting their rivals ‘with a brick’ because ‘he makes me feel sick’.

Beer was thrown at the man and then it’s followed up with a Portsmouth fan in a green jacket grabbing the Saints fan and going in for the headbutt.

At the time of the incident, Portsmouth Football Club condemned the attack and investigated the matter.

‘Portsmouth Football Club do not condone any form of football-related violence, either inside or outside the stadium.’

Preston, who had also been drinking and taking cocaine, began chatting with a group of three Saints supporters, before turning violent.

However, he will not serve an immediate prison sentence – despite causing “lasting injuries” to victim Sasha Brown and the decision has left many angered.

A statement from Mr Brown was read in the courtroom: “It has affected my partner more than me and she now feels anxious to be around groups of young men.

“I’m grateful it wasn’t a more serious injury and grateful to the police for making me feel comfortable throughout the process.”

After the assault, Preston was seen taking off his “distinctive” green jacket and fading into the crowd.

An account of the events from Mr Brown was paraphrased in court.

“The victim remembers a large group calling him a scummer,” read prosecutor Edward Holingsworth.

“The next thing he was aware of was being surrounded by the group and feeling very threatened.

“The last thing he remembered was lots of people around him being very aggressive.”

A video of the incident was played to the court, where the group could be heard chanting “you dirty scummer”.

Brown had to take time off work following the incident, due to suffering concussion and had a “bloodied” wound on the back of his head.

Defending, Howard Barrington-Clark urged Recorder Simon Levene to implement a suspended sentence.

“For his immediate guilty plea, we must give him full credit,” he said.

Barrington-Clark goes on: “He lives with his father who, three years ago, suffered a serious break of his ankle. His son move in to help him.

“Of course there were aggravated features to this incident, but I would hope a stable home life, the fear of reoffending and a decent job will keep this young man from trouble.

“He has shown genuine remorse.”

Preston was sentenced to 14 months in prison, suspended for two years, and must cough up £3,000 in compensation.

He has also been banned from attending football matches for five years and will be under a curfew between 8pm and 5.30am for six months. This does not apply on Wednesdays and Thursdays however.

Referring to a character reference on Preston, Recorder Levene said: “It says Mason’s height and size often brings conflict to him and he will not retaliate, that is simply the world we live in.

“Think how your victim feels.”

Recorder Levene added: “This was a disgraceful and completely unprovoked act of mob violence where you did all the damage.”

As mentioned, the court verdict has been slammed after a Portsmouth hooligan knocks out the Southampton fan with a headbutt…

Patricia Young: It doesn’t matter who you support, it was an assault.

Keith Walshe: Pathetic tribal rivalry, fans need to grow up 😏

Jimmy Knight: 🤣🤣🤣 how can u avoid jail when it’s on cctv and you plead guilty?!! 😇

Jonathan Ayres: That’s a disgrace

Mary Biles: Unbelievable!

Ollie Arnold: Fuck me he got off lightly

Simon Webster: Should of been a harsher punishment

Warren Hardy: All over a game of football, the offender was lucky he didnt kill the Saints fan, after all, we all know it can take just one blow to the head to end a life

Ryan Gilchrist: Just grim, forget fucking suspended sentence, that should what he should be serving now!

Jason Atkins: Pisses me off, pleads guilty, and thats the punishment he gets?! ffs

Aaron Austin: Yeah lets just wait until the next time he acts like a prat and potentially does the same to someone else then take proper action, so messed up

Gary Neil: That aint no justice for the Southampton fan who was left bleeding and out cold while the pricks laughed

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