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Councillor slams Newcastle allocation while Sunderland bans anti-Saudi ownership tifo plans

Councillor Dominic McDonough slams the Newcastle ticket allocation while Sunderland bans anti-Saudi ownership tifo plans.

As we draw closer to the much anticipated FA Cup Third Round clash, details have emerged regarding tickets for the game at the Stadium of Light next month.

This caught Dominic McDonough’s attention, to which he criticised via his Twitter account, saying: “This afternoon I am writing to @SunderlandAFC and the @NorthumbriaPCC to urge them to urgently rethink their plans to give Newcastle 6000 tickets for the upcoming derby.

“It makes no sense operationally and causes massive upheaval for #SAFC fans.”

The letter reads as follows:

“Dear Kyril and Kim

“I am writing to express my shock and disappointment at the announcement that Newcastle fans have been allocated an incredible 6000 tickets for next months derby match at the Stadium of Light.

“As a Sunderland supporter of over 25 years with experience of a number of derby games I feel that this is a bad move and one which may lead to increased tension between fans.

“The policing operation to segregate and escort 6000 fans safely to the stadium will be huge and costly. putting unnecessary pressure on officers and club officials. This seems short sighted at a time when the police are already overstretched according to your own testimony.

“The decision to move season ticket holders to make way for the extra Newcastle fans is similarly baffling. Loyal supporters will be removed from their seats with the club now suggesting that they will not be able to purchase replacement tickets until the second round of sales. This leaves the possibility of some fans missing out.

“I would urge both the club and Northumbria Police to urgently reconsider this decision and limit Newcastle fan numbers to the maximum allowed for standard league games.

“Very Best Wishes

“CIIr Dominic McDonough


Ticketing arrangements for the Wear-Tyne derby against Newcastle United have now been confirmed.

On sale from 10am on Monday 18 December, tickets will be available subject to availability via three phases and full details of these are listed below.

Fans are reminded that tickets for this fixture will only be available online, with prices starting from £32 for adults, £29 for over-65s, £24 for under-22s and £14 for under-16s.

Please also be advised that ticket forwarding will not be available for this fixture and Under-14s must be accompanied by an adult.

Opposition allocation

Emirates FA Cup competition rules stipulate that the visiting Club shall have the right to claim up to 15% of all seats for which tickets are issued.

Following comprehensive dialogue with the Sunderland and Newcastle Safety Advisory Groups, Northumbria Police and Newcastle United, it has been determined that NUFC will receive an allocation of 6,000 tickets.

Away supporters will subsequently be situated in the North Stand Upper and North Stand Lower. We appreciate some season tickets holders will be displaced by this stadium configuration and further information for fans impacted by this is available below.

An agreement is in place with NUFC to replicate a 6,000-ticket away allocation should a replay be required at St James’ Park and following consultation with the Newcastle Safety Advisory Group and Northumbria Police, all parties are planning for this eventuality.

Phase one: 2023-24 season and part-season ticket holders

2023-24 season and part-season ticket holders will be able to secure their ticket from 10am on Monday 18 December until 5pm on Tuesday 19 December,

Upon entering your e-ticketing account, season ticket holders are advised that your seat will be available to purchase under ‘reserved tickets’ in the right-hand menu.

Following completion of the checkout process, you will be able to access the stadium using the digital season ticket currently downloaded to your smart device. Season ticket holders with non-digital cards will also be able to use their cards to access the stadium.

Please note, to be eligible for this phase your part-season ticket must have been purchased before 5pm on Friday 15 December.

Phase two: North Stand and Black Cats Bar season ticket holders

Season ticket holders located in the North Stand, including Black Cats Bar, will be required to relocate for this fixture.

We understand this will result in some disappointment and appreciate your understanding of these exceptional circumstances.

Like all other season ticket holders, you will be guaranteed a ticket for this fixture if you select an alternative seat from 12 noon on Wednesday 20 December until 5pm Thursday 21 December.

Reserved seats that were not purchased in phase one will be available to buy in this phase.

Upon logging in to your e-ticketing account, simply select the NUFC fixture, pick your chosen seat and complete the checkout process.

You will then be issued with a digital match ticket, which will be distributed via email approximately seven days before matchday.

Phase three: Frequent match ticket purchasers

From 10am on Friday 22 December, fans who have purchased tickets for three or more home fixtures this season will have the opportunity to secure their seat.

These tickets will be accessible on a first come, first served basis, with all sales limited to one ticket per supporter.

As per phase two, digital match tickets will be distributed via email approximately seven days before matchday.

Additional information

Accessible and personal assistant tickets will also be available to purchase online from 10am on Monday 18 December until 5pm on Tuesday 19 December.

Further information for attendees will be communicated in due course.

Meanwhile, a group of Sunderland fans had planned to put on a display, taking aim the the Saudi ownership of Newcastle United.

DonaldDownTheWing said on the Sunderland Messageboard: “Spent days designing a full stand tifo calling out their ownership.

“Steve Davison approved it, but wanted KLD to give the go ahead. Waited 12 hours, found out they wanted more “pro sunderland”.

“Waited another 10 hours, for David Bruce, KLD & Davison to change his mind and say we can’t have anti-mag stuff.

“Fuck this club today.”

This is how Twitter users reacted as a councillor slams the Newcastle ticket allocation while Sunderland bans anti-Saudi ownership tifo plans…


@Trotts01: Wouldn’t expect a Tory to understand. The rules of the cup state the away side are entitled to 15% of the attendance whether that’s Leeds, Liverpool or in this case Newcastle. Fans would have been moved regardless, as has long been the case.

@alanhenley: Fa cup rules state the travelling team is entitled to 15% of the stadium allocation. Can’t change the rules to suit Sunderland, as there are lower tier teams that would bite your hand off for that income. Also if you don’t like it, it’s on TV.

@Adam_W48: Imagine a football fan of 25 years not knowing how the ticket allocation changes for the cup and how nearly all clubs don’t include cup games in their season tickets 🤡

@NUFCgallowgate: Sunderland can’t fill the stadium so need to ask Newcastle to take more tickets. Simple really.

@JulioGeordio80: Fewmin councillor 💀🤣🤣🤣

@micky_carr: Wind your neck in, should be grateful the place will be full for once

@NicolaDolby5: If it’s such a problem for @SunderlandAFC accommodating 6,000 Newcastle United supporters, how about moving the game to St. James Park? @NUFC

@dienoctuque: If only you could switch the game to SJP, not only is it the bigger stadium, but it’s also guaranteed to sell out. As an added bonus, your supporters will also get to experience a visit to one of the big boys in the @premierleague something they’ve been deprived of for some time.

@mgillon81: What upheaval does it cause. Empty seats will be filled and those with season tickets in that stand should know that season tickets are for league games only. Operationally, if a regional Police force cannot govern this, then respectfully they are the problem.

@robc112: Given your statement “ it makes no sense operationally” you are privy to operational procedure of Northumbria police and to the obviously sensible conversations between the police and clubs around this then?

@Sunlantillidie: Dont mind giving them 6000 as long as their behaviour is fine. Its a derby at the end off the FA Cup so got to accommodate the 15% capacity if possible and due to our fan support lately, its not hard to accommodate them. Fans thats been moved will have to just get on with it

@kirstioverton: U won’t fill it without our 6000 though 😂


@motleytoon1: First derby in years and you wanted to dedicate your 15 grand flag display to us 😂😂😂😂

@kentonmags: Your head of security is a mag 🤣🤣🤣

@adyenglish: Which season ticket holders are being displaced. You don’t get cup game with your season ticket.

@jonlane86: Scariest thing about this is the lack of #safc fans seeing this display being stopped as a positive. Their biggest game in almost 8 years, their £15k display should be about them, not their opponents #nufc I’d be raging if @worflags did an anti-#safc display

@RobertAllen97: First derby in years and they’ve raised about 15k and instead of doing something to get their players up for the match the sad cunts wanna target our owners who they were never arsed about until they took us owa 😂😂😂😂😂

@paarsons: This is true btw hahahahah. Head of security rejected it because he’s a mag and their French owner has business with the Saudis the daft bastards.

@bobbynufcgibson: 17.5k for that piece of shit 😂😂😂 and they can’t even use it. Fucking whoppers

@kieran9wilson: Why the fuck are the board stopping this display from being as horrible as possible. Fickle bastards man

@ASmithSJ: Fuck right off were they trying to raise £17k for this!? 😂😂😂 #NUFC

@AlanColeman86: Did the Mackems really raise £17k for that bag of shite? 🤣🤣🤣

@SamWelch1892: Probably for the best you’s weren’t allowed to have this go ahead because that’s absolutely shocking. Not to mention Mike Ashley doesn’t have the club anymore so the Sports Direct aspect makes no sense

– appoint an absolute whopper
– give Mags the seats of ST holders
– cancel anti-Mag display
what a fine days performance from @SunderlandAFC

@DomKnight__: if this is real the irony is fucking hilarious, bottle jobs

@kristopheredwa: Fair play to mackems this would have been unbelievable craic

@MagMuzz: As if the SAFC owners have told their own fans to grow up and stop being sad, bitter, tinpot, hypocritical twats 😂😂😂 #safc #nufc

@LedmanToon: How embarrassing ha ha honestly, such a tin pot club

@RhysWoodley: Hahahahaha they should have allowed it, what the fuck is that

@jacobmurphyfan: How about make a banner about yourselves boys 👍

@Calv1998: He should of allowed it, that’s absolutely shite 🤣🤣

@1881NUFC: 17 thousand British pounds #nufc

@DembaBaSyrup: 17k btw. FTM

@Lee923: This is so shite

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