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Cops reveal final decision on Kyle Walker after he voluntarily attends police station

Cops reveal a final decision on Man City’s Kyle Walker after he voluntarily attends police station over an interview for indecent exposure.

The Manchester City defender has been quizzed by cops under caution for flashing in a bar, according to reports, with the 32 year old questioned on the evening of his side’s FA Cup quarter final clash at home to Burnley.

He was quizzed for getting his penis out, but later dealt with for being drunk and disorderly following a review of all the available evidence.

Walker was issued with an out of court disposal order reserved for “low level offending”.

In a statement Cheshire Police said: “On Wednesday 8 March, Cheshire Constabulary was made aware of a video circulating on social media in relation to an alleged incident at a bar in the Wilmslow area.

“Officers have now concluded their enquiries which included speaking to those directly involved.

“A 32-year-old man from Prestbury voluntarily attended a police station for questioning on 16 March.

“He has been dealt with by an out of court disposal and the matter is now closed.”

Despite the situation, Walker was named in England’s squad for the Euro 2024 qualifiers against Italy and Ukraine.

Gareth Southgate revealed the decision came after speaking “at length” with the defender, saying:

“It’s a complicated situation, I’ve spoken at length with him. He is back playing with his club, there’s no conclusive evidence to leave him out at this stage,” said Southgate. “I have to be very careful on being the moral judge on things. We feel we want him with us, we feel it’s the right thing to do. When you are an England international there is an even high bar on how you conduct yourself. I don’t we are taking those decisions likely.

“I don’t want to go too much into hypotheticals but as we sit here today there was no conclusive reason not to select him in the squad. If that changes then we’ve got to review the situation. And he would understand that as well, but at the moment we are where we are.”

The CCTV footage was captured inside Revolution in Cheshire based Wilmslow by The Sun earlier this month.

The two-hour-long footage was seized by police who announced that they were investigating. It was filmed from multiple angles.

The couple identified two occasions during a 90-minute drinking session when the father-of-four was exposed to his manhood.

One footage shows a young woman standing beside Walker shrieking and pointing at it, while Walker laughs with his pal while holding it in one hand.

He also groped a female, snogged and dirty-danced alongside another while he and friends sipped vodka.

City, however, refused to comment on the police investigation and said it was a private matter.

Privately, they insisted that Walker had not violated any club rules, despite the fact that footage clearly showed him showing his genitals to camera.

Women’s Aid were critical of the club’s silence.

They said: “Indecent exposure is a serious issue, and those who expose themselves purposefully in a public place will be seeing what they can get away with.

“If employers, which includes football clubs, do not take it seriously, it sends out a clear message about what is acceptable behaviour.”

Walker was dropped to the subs bench after being caught out.

Walker’s group arrived at the bar in a blacked-out minibus from the same firm used by City at 5.23pm.

Footage showed him already unsteady on his feet and wearing a puffer jacket and cap before staggering through the entrance with one of the women.

Moments later, he approached her from behind and pawed at her breasts before pulling his trousers down and holding his manhood.

A young woman standing next to him then shrieks and points at it as Walker laughs with a pal, downing bottles of beer, necking back shots and danced provocatively with both women.

The group set off to leave in the minibus shortly before 7pm but Walker was pulled back to pay the £250 bar bill.

Walker was so drunk he was filmed fumbling for his wallet before a pal returned from the minibus and rifled through his pockets for a payment method.

Police launched an investigation and seized CCTV footage from a number of camera angles.

The troubling incident involving Walker is just the latest scandal to engulf the player.

In 2019, Ex on the Beach TV reality star Laura Brown said she and Walker repeatedly romped in his Bentley.

Walker was shown the red card by distraught Annie but she took him back into their Cheshire home in a bid to start again.

But she ended up giving him the boot again at the start of Covid in March 2020 when he revealed model Lauryn Goodman was having his baby.

Walker moved into an £8,000-a-month flat nearby – and days later was caught breaching lockdown rules by having an orgy with two hookers.

Despite his history of cheating, Annie forgave him and he proposed with a £250,000 engagement ring.

The couple wed in front of a handful of guests and a registrar at five-star Mottram Hall hotel in Cheshire at the end of November 2021.

The pair, who have three sons, Roman, Riaan and Reign, started dating in their teens, with Annie previously describing it as “love at first sight”.

Twitter users reacted as cops reveal the final decision on Kyle Walker after he voluntarily attends the police station…

@ashleyallenuk: How the fuck has Kyle Walker got away we windmilling his cock in daylight?

@LouisejayneWal1: Well, lads, there you go!!! When you go out this weekend and you’re a bit drunk, just flop your knob out because it’s fine. Kyle Walker did it, and he hasn’t got to face any consequences, so windmills all around 🌪🌪

@221Sociopath: Oh look. Kyle Walker got away with it.

@Liam_EJ: Guess you can do what you want when you have money

@YellowmanRobert: this was always going to happen, having a few quid in your back pocket helps

@NTFCNathan: If that was a non-celebrity they’d be facing every possible punishment

@jackiechan126_: He was literally caught on camera tf 😂

@StuartY19: Any normal person gets charged, money talks.

@EwoodLoyal: What a shock, one rule for us and one for for the overpaid players like Walker

@TGlindon1: How much money have city slipped Cheshire police this time. Team full of wronguns

@whatkatydid_nxt: A good incentive to everyone who wants to whip their todger out in public, whenever they feel like it then 🙄

@ifa1240: Might be wrong but with the video of cctv been shared round that was probably thrown out as evidence, I’m pretty sure you can’t just film cctv (weirdly) So unless someone was pressing charges itl have been dropped.

@DanSean15: @metpoliceuk if I get my cock out in a bar I’m all good ?

@Byronb_86: Maybe when he pulled his bits and bobs out it was too small to see so they let him off 😂😂

@emicorne: how has he got away with this 😭😭😭

@LifeTimeRed: Love how they say ‘alleged incident’ as if he wasn’t seen clearly whipping his cock out🤦🏼‍♂️

@bIuemason: of course. because theyre ‘untouchable’

@tobysimonb: It’s beginning to look like if you’re a well know footballer you can do what ya like to a woman. Not sure about Kyle Walker but it’s time the CPS showed some balls.

@DomTREP: If any ‘normal’ person (not normal for doing it) gets their ‘bits’ out in a bar and it’s on camera, they get nicked. Kyle Walker does it, ah he’s a footballer leave him. 🤯🤯🤯

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