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Cop puts knee on Leeds fan’s head as female officer gets serious head injury

A cop is seen in a video which shows he puts a knee on one Leeds fan’s head, this came the same day as one female officer gets a serious head injury.

Things turned nasty as up to 7,000 supporters had gathered in the Millennium Square for a third day to celebrate Premier League promotion.

Some fans within the crowd are reported to have threw bottles at officers, who ended up having to make nine arrests for public order offences.

The officer was taken to hospital after being struck by a bottle during the attack.

Several other officers received minor injuries. Judging by the video below, one supporter had the pepper spray used on their face as fans fumed at the knee being placed on the male’s head.

Fifteen members of the public where also injured during the disturbances, with police blaming “a small minority of people”.

West Yorkshire Police Assistant Chief Constable Oz Khan said: “On Sunday (19 July), almost 7,000 people gathered in Millennium Square in Leeds; whilst the vast majority of fans were enjoying themselves and celebrating, there were a small minority of people who began to throw bottles at police officers.

“A female officer suffered a serious head injury and was taken to hospital for treatment, a number of other officers suffered minor injuries and a further 15 members of the public were injured.”

He added: “Violence towards police officers will not be tolerated and we deployed an appropriate police response to ensure that the festivities concluded safely.”

It was around mid-day on Sunday that cops turned up Millennium Square as the crowd grew bigger and bigger, before they dispersed just before midnight last night.

Charles Heslett for BBC Radio Leeds stated: “Hundreds of fans have gathered here at Elland Road for this historic moment.

“Blue and yellow flares were let off as people stood next to the Billy Bremner statue raising cans of beer in celebration.

“Obviously it’s still against the rules to gather in large groups and stewards were trying to enforce social distancing with police also patrolling.

“But it was almost impossible for many of the fans not to be standing shoulder to shoulder and there were few masks on show.”

A big clean-up operation was underway in the city centre to remove piles the trash filling up the area following yesterday’s celebrations, that was done quickly but it’s the second time that this has happened in the matter of days.

Leeds secured promotion to the top-flight on Friday after West Brom lost 2-1 to Huddersfield.

Following the result, fans gathered in the Elland Road car park, some holding flares whilst others sang.

The players, who had been watching the Championship fixture inside the ground, eventually made an appearance to greet the fans, but from an acceptable social distance.

As the celebrations continued, fireworks were let off and police had grew in numbers to make sure the promotion party didn’t get out of hand.

However, whilst the rest of supporters are left smiling going into the weekend, one of those won’t be after having their car damaged.

It was left completely battered, with smashed windows, dents in the roof and bonnet. Police were reportedly guarding cars parked nearby, however they seemed to miss this particular one.

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Another vehicle had it’s wing mirror smashed apart, leaving another supporter reeling despite their side being promoted, with photos going viral across social media.

Thankfully, a donation page has been set up by fans to fund the repair of the vehicles and the rubbish was cleared.

Radrizzani had said it was “vitally important we stay safe and keep those around us safe too by staying at home”, adding in an open letter: “The fight against Covid-19 is not yet over and we must continue to be sensible.”

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for West Yorkshire Police said earlier last week: “It’s important to remember that Covid-19 is still with us and large gatherings are still not permitted. We understand that fans will want to celebrate, but ask them to bear in mind their own safety and wellbeing, as well as that of others.

“The safety of fans and the wider public is our primary concern and the safest way that people can celebrate is in their own homes.”

Fans reacted after seeing a cop puts knee on Leeds fan’s head as a female officer gets a serious head injury…

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