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Controversy as YouTube football team Hashtag United given place in English football pyramid

After the step 5 to 7 lineups were announced recently, it was revealed that YouTube football team Hashtag United have been given a place in the English football pyramid.

The team, founded by social media influencer Spencer Owen, will compete at step five.

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Hashtag United are a YouTube based football club, started in 2016 by popular Youtuber Spencer Owen.

He started out making FIFA videos, got millions of subscribers from it and then branched out into doing his Hashtag United stuff.

Hashtag United is split into two sides, one side is an elite pro gaming side and the other side is an eleven a side football team made up of Spencer, some mates and Youtube stars.

So far, the eleven a side football team have taken part in friendlies against Sunday League teams, against some top level teams, against some professional players, against teams made up of legends, they have even played at Wembley, but these are just friendlies despite them never actually ever playing in the league, but it’s all set to change next season.

The FA have released the allocations down the pyramid at steps 5 to 7, and Hashtag United have be given a place.

They will replace Broxbourne Borough in the Spartan South Midlands League Division One, and Broxbourne are not happy about it. They were originally going to stay up, but now they have been relegated because of Hashtag United coming in.

It throws up the argument, do they really deserve to be put in at this level?

There are some teams who go bankrupt at higher level, the likes of Chester, Hereford, Darlington, and they get thrown down the leagues. Many don’t kick up a fuss because they are well supported and you can see why the league would want them in.

In terms of fans, you could argue that they have a big fanbase. They have over 370,000 subscribers on their YouTube channel where they upload different things, different friendlies, different events around the football club but does this translate for attendances?

When they have been at Wembley, they have had a lot of fans in but generally these are exhibition matches, it’s not a league system, and will this change when they go into a league? Will they have a core of fans that will follow them to different games? Is it really fair that a club that has been going on a lot longer than them have to be thrown out of the league because they have been asked to be put in there?

There are so many football clubs about with their own ideas and different ways of playing. This is essentially just one of those, it’s been created in a different way rather than started up from the ground and working it up, it’s been started on YouTube, the online impact on football is only ever increasing and this is a completely new way, a unique way that online is really affecting non league football. There is so many questions. Will they be competitive in there new league? Will they stay in the league? Will they get promoted or relegated?


Take a look at how social media, non league clubs and Spencer FC (aka Spencer Owen) have reacted to the news of Hashtag United on the next page.

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