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Concern grows with Scunthorpe nightmare made worst following local consortium’s decision

Concern grows with the nightmare at Scunthorpe United has been made worst following local consortium’s decision to withdraw.

A group headed by Simon Elliott and Ian Sharp, have come away from negotiations to purchase the National League club having held talks with owner Peter Swann for a number of months.

They have confirmed they are no longer in the running, just weeks after Scunthorpe were issued with a winding up petition from HMRC.

A statement posted via Twitter by former Iron director Simon Elliot read: “Dear Scunthorpe fans, it is with great sadness we announce we have withdrawn from negotiations to take over SUFC”

“We cannot go into detail but we’ve submitted many offers aimed at giving a long term future for the club, we had proof of funds for every offer and a business plan for sustainability.

“We would like to thank all those members of the consortium, the many great people of Scunthorpe and beyond who offered support but most importantly you the fans. Your continued messages of support kept us going.

“We don’t know what happens next but our love for the club remains stronger than ever and we will be waiting in the wings if anything changes.”

BBC Radio Humberside report that ex-Port Vale owner Norman Smurthwaite isn’t interest in purchasing the club.

Meanwhile, a Nottingham entrepreneur’s bid to buy stricken Scunny has taken a step closer, according to TheBusinessDesk.com.

Alan Hardy, the former owner of Notts County, is said to have submitted a final bid as the head of a consortium looking to buy the side who sit bottom of the fifth tier table.

Hardy told TheBusinessDesk.com this week: “I have submitted an increased and final bid today (January 19). Now it’s up to [Swann] whether to accept the offer or not. It all depends on whether he’s mindful to accept or not now.”

He said in a number of tweets amid his interest: “I will certainly listen to public opinion as I’m not prepared to come into a hostile and toxic situation. Notts went on a great run and we broke the stadium record for most supporters through the turnstiles in a season. I know what success and failure look like.”

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As mentioned, the Scunthorpe nightmare has been made worst with fans concerned following a local consortium’s decision to withdraw…

@Scunnylado: Well that’s us done for then 😔 Appreciate all you have done.#uti

@JackF_12: Thanks for everything @IanSharp @simonelliott33 hopefully something changes in the near future for you guys to try again.

@MitchelPayne: I’m absolutely disgusted that no #sufc fan is talking about the fact Swann green lit a statement saying a takeover had been agreed to get more fans buying season tickets for etc to help fund the club only for him to then decline it. Absolute robbery not being talked about #iron

@TristanLawtey: To me it just feels like screaming into the wind. It doesn’t achieve anything. Peter Swann is suddenly going to look at the outrage on here and other platforms and have a change of heart.

@ciaran_hazell: Thankyou for trying the impossible! On behalf of all scunny fans I can surely say we truly all appreciated the hope you gave us all

@tylerwills_: Thanks for everything @IanSharp and @simonelliott33 #uti

@drageben: Well at least you and @simonelliott33 tried. You can only succeed if the rules of the game were/are fixed. Unfortunately it seems that you were playing with the kid in the playground who owns the ball and wanted to play ‘next goal winner’ after each goal against them

@fezz1985: I was one of those who stupidly bought a season ticket after that statement. It’s bordering on fraud. Swann is a disgrace. The only reason I haven’t taken it further is because there is some good staff @SUFCOfficial who deserve better and hopefully my money will go towards them.

@UTM_Mariners: Awful that it’s come to this in the first place, never mind the takeover collapse. You can pin it all on one man. 🤬

@FarThrumShay: Is this the death knell for @SUFCOfficial? There is a book waiting to be written about this tragi-comic farce; a ‘how not to’ guide to running a professional football club.

@cmacd57: Can only assume the ‘detail’ is that Swann is a total fucking dick head.

@SarahRi07813039: @IanSharp @simonelliott33 thank you for trying to save our club, the only consortium fans wanted as we felt we could trust you and you would do the right thing, just wish Peter Swann had given you the chance. Many thanks.

@AP1998_: Bury flashbacks this 😭

@donneriron: It has to deaf ears – was told to invest in club by getting season ticket and swanny wasn’t taking any of that but reinvesting into club LIES LIES LIES and more LIES btw I didn’t get season ticket something wasn’t right #SwannOut

@CesarRo09326532: Hate to see this happening again to another club, shades of 2019/20 at Macclesfield when Joe Sealey tried to buy the club, to be thwarted by owner. Best of luck to all the fans and keep protesting and make your voices heard by MP, EFL

@monkeymanscunny: Absolutely gutted, thank you for all the efforts

@adam_baker_: Thank you Ian and @simonelliott33 for all the time and effort you’ve put in

@TimLynam2: That’s bad news, visited many times with Notts and irrespective of the result it is always a pleasure to visit the club, really hope for the supporters it’s saved, similar cases are happening far too often in the lower leagues

@sufc_mike: Your efforts are greatly appreciated. You guys were the only option as fans are concerned. We’re now in the lap of the gods!

@PinderPhil: Thanks for trying to negotiate a deal! How apt we might be now facing our Swann song 😢

@jw_24jw: Gutted, thank you so much for all your efforts, still legends in my eyes!

@harryparker____: Thanks for your efforts Ian.

@Scunnyfan78: Gutted thanks for your efforts #UTI

@DeanHarrison76: Up the Iron @IanSharp and thanks mate for all your efforts! #UTI

@IRONONTHEUP: I suspect The money will be better spent on a phoenix club debt free .

@MCRBeerlad: I stood at the Old Showground before it became Sainsbury’s Cheese Counter. Never did I expect my club to come to this. Thank you for your efforts. #UTI

@shakermaker09: Thank you to the both of you for even trying

@GrouchoMarx79: Many thanks for your time and effort guys. Sad times.

@FarrenBlackburn: Mate. So sorry. I know how much you care about this club and how far beyond you’ve gone to try and get a deal over the line. As a fellow yellow belly I really hope Scunny survive and the ownership opportunity comes right back round to you soon. 👊⚽️

@TheJwYT: Actually hate Swann with a fucking passion

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