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Comedian Troy Hawke greeted the Man City squad and their reactions were priceless

Comedian Troy Hawke greeted the Man City squad and their reactions were priceless with the clip going viral very quickly.

Manchester City’s star players were given a hilarious welcome to “training camp” with the current Premier League champions over in Houston, Texas, as part of a pre-season tour of the United States and will take on Club America and Bayern Munich across the pond.

For those who may not know already, comedian Milo McCabe’s character Troy Hawke has become famous for taking his Greeters Guild persona to shops around the country, welcoming and waving goodbye to customers, often to the irritation of staff and even got removed of the premises just for making members of the public laugh by how awkward he can get.

However, this time it appeared he had been invited by Man City to greet the players, leaving a number of them baffled including Jack Grealish.

“Welcome to training camp, you have a fabulously symmetrical face,” Hawke said to the England midfielder upon his arrival.

“I have what?” replied Grealish, before asking his colleagues inside “did he say anything to you that guy?”

Hawke had more luck with Kalvin Phillips who joined the club this summer from Leeds, saying “welcome to training sir, you have clear eyes and fabulous skin, you’re clearly a master of hydration.”

“I try to be yeah!” replied Phillips, before entering with a smile on his face.

Last up was manager Pep Guardiola, who was on the end of something of a riddle from Hawke.

“Who’s more the pep talker: the pep talker, or the pep talker who gives Pep a pep talk?” asked Hawke.

“Pep pep talker,” Guardiola replied, before hurrying inside.

The comedian got the chance to speak with new signing Erling Haaland.

‘Welcome to training camp, you are a tremendous Nordic meat shield. Have at it.’

Nathan Ake, now believed to be staying at the club, was told he has “the poise of an apex predator, but the eyes of a kindly woodland creature” and that it is a “devastating combination” in an incredible exchange.

There was even a little “Pep talk” comment to manager Pep Guardiola as seen in the video above.

Milo McCabe is a character comedian with over ten years experience on the circuit, twice been nominated for the Amused Moose Best Edinburgh show award and was listed as GQ’s Top Ten comedy shows of the festival.

TV credits include ITV’S Benidorm, BBC3’s Live at the Electric and various hidden camera and talking heads projects on Channel 4 and 5.

As Troy Hawke he has garnered multiple award nominations and wins in various festivals across the world and sold out his Edinburgh 2019 run and subsequent 2020 tour.

Fans reacted as comedian Troy Hawke greeted the Man City squad…

@JoeCityFan: OMG

@MCFCEnzo: Jack learned new words today 👍

@media_newwave: heard new words. learnt absolutely nothing

@minksfootie: This right here is one of the reasons I was over the moon @NathanAke is staying 💙

@Keleshiet: Palmer was confused. He had to tell him “yes you’re going in the right direction” 😂

@HenryProudlock: Haha love this guy can’t believe he has done city

@CazWRLDD: haaland didn’t know what bro was even talking about 😭😭

This is absolutely hilarious.
“Shoulders back…”

@CrustyFlacko: This guy said, “You are a tremendous Nordic meet shield” to Haaland 💀

@callumt1878: Got to respect how Ake didn’t have a clue what you were saying but stood and listened to every word 😂😂

@Iukefourth: Haaland wanted to deck him 😭

@chris_n_10: Absolutely sensational. Best one yet. Grealish doesn’t know what day of the week it is 🤣

@Rdickinson1987: Or what symmetrical means

@pjd23272: Jack Grealish has no idea what symmetrical means 🤣 he’s a lovely bloke but not the sharpest

@nskalbert_: Pep wasn’t having it 😂

@NickMCFC1894: Fucking brilliant this is 😂

@DeanAVFCL7: Pleeeease go to bodymoor heath and do this to the Villa players 😂


@BlooSoo2: Oh I love him! Shame on Waitrose for not wanting him outside their store the meanies 😂

@Official_Ryan_M: Absolutely brilliant again 🤣👏🏼 #Smashedit

@mak_nono: Absolutely fabulous! 👏😂

@TheonlyDG: Legend!! I’m in tears!!

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