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Colin Murray apologises for Plymouth slip-up

Radio and TV presenter Colin Murray apologises for his slip-up on the EFL on Quest highlights show, prior to Plymouth Argyle’s game against Shrewsbury.

The 43 year old experienced host was quick to say sorry to the Green Army fanbase for what he said about the League One side’s location.

Normally, he’s on point, and rarely makes a mistake, but this time, he let himself down, after referring the club as being ‘on the Cornish coast’.

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Murray said: “Four more for you now and we kick off on the Cornish coast as the Shrews took a pilgrimage to Home Park to see the Argyle.”

After showing the match highlights of Argyle’s 1-1 draw against the Salop, Murray instantly owned up to his mistake.

He said: “I referred to Plymouth Argyle as being Cornish instead of Devon. I have let myself down, I have let my family down, and most of all I have let the fans of Plymouth Argyle down.

“I will have a serious word with myself after this show. I can only apologise – I have got four GCSEs.”

www.fanbanter.co.uk – Fan reaction to the latest football news, gossip & funnies

He then turned to studio guests Simon Grayson and Sam Parkin, adding: “Let’s get to the football, get me out of this!”

The mistake left Plymouth fans taking to social media to correct Murray, journalists also spotted the slip-up.

Murray is not only described as an excellent and passionate host of EFL on Quest, but he always makes sure he refers to the team as Argyle, not Plymouth.

Murray has become aware that the Green Army much prefer it that way, Pilgrims is also another nickname that doesn’t go down to well with fans.

He wasn’t the only presenter to make a slip up at the weekend, as on BT Sport, a female host made several blunders during West Ham United’s 4-0 win over Wolverhampton Wanderers.

Instead of calling the losing side ‘Wolves’, she instead referred them to League One outfit ‘Hull’, causing plenty of anger from fans online.

After she made the mistake, Peter Crouch then responded to what she said, hinting by mentioned ‘Wolves’ in his reply, almost pointing out to her who she should have said instead.

I mean, yes, they play in similar club kit colours, but how hard is it to get the team names correct on Premier League coverage.

Fans reacted on that as well as when Colin Murray apologises for Plymouth his slip-up…

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