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Coleen Rooney breaks her silence on Wayne’s cheating scandals in new documentary

Coleen Rooney breaks her silence on Wayne’s cheating scandals in a new documentary which will be shown on Amazon Prime very soon.

The former footballer’s wife has appeared in the first trailer with the film set to be about her husband Wayne Rooney’s life, looking at every aspect of it.

The 35-year-old former England captain and Coleen were childhood sweethearts and got married in 2008, at the age of 22, going on to have four sons – Kai, Cass, Klay and Kit.

However, their relationship has not been without problems and they have in the past appealed for privacy following allegations about Wayne’s private life.

In 2004, the former Premier League star responded to tabloid claims that he had been to a brothel in his home city of Liverpool, by admitting he had visited massage parlours and had sex with prostitutes.

Coleen Rooney has admitted she would get “worried” about her husband Wayne going out drinking with his pals.

The WAG has stood by her husband’s side throughout the years, and she has bravely opened up about his public cheating and boozing antics.

She has now revealed her concerns about him hanging around with “groups” of people and that the mixture of Wayne and his friends together with alcohol was “not good”.

Speaking in the trailer for Rooney, Coleen admitted: “I knew groups Wayne was hanging around with – together with alcohol – not good.”

Elsewhere in the trailer, Coleen spoke out about his infidelity and shared how it “wasn’t acceptable.”

She continued: “I forgive him but it wasn’t acceptable.”

Wayne then tells how he is still dealing with the consequences of the scandal, adding: “People still look at me in a different way.

“For me, it’s important that people remember me for who I am rather than what I’ve done.”

Clips featuring in the trailer show footage from the pair’s wedding day as well as them at home with their kids.

Coleen has stuck by Wayne through thick and thin and she has overlooked his numerous indiscretions and infidelities to stand by his side.

In August, Coleen reportedly vowed to save her marriage despite everything.

She has stuck by him

A source told OK!: “Coleen has put her foot down and told Wayne it cannot happen again. She’s really laid the law down and has warned him he won’t get another chance. But she’s saving her marriage and moving forward.”

They added: “People might say she’s weak, but she’s not letting something like this ruin her whole marriage. But no matter what has happened, he’s a great father and a great provider.

“Her family and her boys are so important to her. Wayne has been a great support to Coleen and nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors.”

It seems as though the couple are going from strength-to-strength and are ready to talk about what has happened in the new documentary.

After the special as announced at the Prime Video Presents Sport Showcase Event in London on Tuesday, Rooney took part in a Q&A with Rooney and the film’s Director, Matt Smith, hosted by Gabby Logan.

Speaking on his mental health throughout his life, Rooney commented: “There’s a moment of me talking about a time when I was really down. Trying to cope with the pressure of playing for Manchester United, and you’ll get insight into what was going on in my head. At the time, you’re figuring out how to get rid of that frustration. Behind the scenes there weren’t many people who knew. It’s hard to cover that up.”

Wayne Rooney's wife has forgiven him for booze and sex scandals but 'it wasn't acceptable'

Twitter users have reacted as Coleen Rooney breaks her silence on Wayne’s cheating scandals in a new documentary…

@pouchyboy71: ‘It wasn’t acceptable… but his bank balance was’ 🙄

@beaglebugle: Coleen don’t waste any more of your life.

@dc44back: Erm, doesn’t forgiving multiple times mean it’s acceptable? 🤷🏼‍♂️

@emmettfpc: £300,000 a week makes it acceptable

@paul10ck: Of course she forgives her multi millionaire husband…..just like all footballers wives

@ThatBladeGuy: If you look closer you can see the word mug on her forehead

@fitzs57: That says a lot about her..no self respect, and a green light to her husband to do whatever he likes. They deserve each other.

@suzetta69: I would walk away and preserve any dignity I possess. It’s not acceptable, it doesn’t buy you self respect, just humilation. If she allows it to happen, then he will carry on having affairs. Is the money really that important 🤔

@GillCraigie: If you accepted it by forgiving him, then it was acceptable.

@RPenev80: All about the £££,total doormat

@CryptoBeardLad: Does he talk about his love for smashing brases and cheating on his missus?

@shakerite66: Does he mention the mental health of his 92 year old ex?

@Welly_UK: They’ll need a whole series to cover infidelity

@jmsharp100: No disrespect but what more do we need to know??? Your whole life has been put out there for us to know

@neilclay66: You should respect the greatest English player to ever live

@AMG1872: Is the bit where you pick Rio up in the morning in it?

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