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Coldplay perform new song called ‘Orange’ as a tribute to Luton with ‘no disrespect to Watford’

Coldplay perform a new song called ‘Orange’ as a tribute to Luton Town during their set at BBC Radio One’s Big Weekend in the town.

Frontman Chris Martin, headlined the event at Stockwood Park on Sunday and a campaign was made by Luton Town fans for the group to change the lyrics of its song Yellow, the colour of their rivals Watford, to Orange, the colour of Luton’s home kit.

He urged the audience to ‘trust’ him and ‘relax’ as he approached the end of the band’s set. Before playing Yellow, Martin said the track had “nothing to do with Luton”.

“If you’re from Luton, I’m going to ask you to just suspend your anger or fears or anything you might be worried about at this point in our concert of what songs we might play or might not play,” he said.

He told the crowd that he had heard people in Luton might be concerned if he sang Yellow.

“It reached me a while ago, that there were some people in Luton who were worried or disgruntled and maybe even angry about the concept of our band coming here and singing a song called Yellow because… of the Hatters and Kenilworth Road and the Luton Town Football Club.”

He continued by saying that if people ‘come at you with hatred and aggression’ you can respond with ‘love’.

To huge cheers, he introduced the new song he only had finished up in his hotel room the night before.

He called it a “once-in-a-lifetime thing” – and said it “may not be good enough” to be heard again.

Lyrics for the song ‘Orange’: “It’s hard to be a football fan here in Luton town. Sometimes you do the best you can, still you find you’re going down.

“We didn’t win all our matches, we didn’t win the cup.

“But when you get knocked down in Luton, you always get back up.

“So you can come in singing Yellow, that’s all right with me, I prefer a warmer colour spelt o-r-a-n-g-e.”

Martin burst into a chorus of “I love you Luton”, then claimed there was “no disrespect to Watford”.

Here’s how Twitter users reacted as Coldplay perform the new song called ‘Orange’ as a tribute to Luton Town with ‘no disrespect to Watford’…

@K1ngYeboah: That’s a new club song right there

@helenkilby1974: Thank you Coldplay

@muzzy333: I bet you all sang along to YELLOW though didn’t you 🤣🤣🤣🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝

@owentimothy: What is this magic spell cast over Little Luton for the past year? From the euphoria of Wembley to relegation, yet never more united and the future has never been brighter. And then this… I can’t wait til August. #Luton #LTFC

@ErinStewart99: 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡 This is everything x

@killawat: Watching Chris Martin from @coldplay sing ‘Orange’ at the end of @BBCR1 big weekend sums up just what a crazy year it’s been since @LutonTown got promoted. Luton looked great tonight. Coldplay were immense. Proud to be 100% Luton. #orange #coldplay #COYH #R1 #bigweekend

@joshking161: Unpopular opinion: Orange is better than Yellow #coldplay

@SuggWillSugg: Fair play, Chris Martin writing a whole song based around the colour orange because he’s in Luton and they hate Watford and the colour yellow is not something I ever thought I’d see. #BigWeekend #Coldplay

@4theloveof_beer: @coldplay @LutonTown A marriage made in orange (or yellow) heaven 🧡💛👏🏼😂

@raphaconrad: The Orange song is already stuck in my head now 🟠🧡🍊🎶😆 #Coldplay #BigWeekend

@WjrWendy: Love this 🧡 Well done @coldplay

@davey_p84: Respect to #ChrisMartin for not just changing the word yellow to orange but for doing a whole new song dedicated to #Luton what an absolute Gent #Coldplay #BigWeekend

@StevenDayMedia: Never in my life did I think Coldplay would be singing about LTFC

@george_litch: Coldplay have blown me away, what an absolutely unreal day for Luton, we did ourselves proud today 🧡

@darcyprior: “When you get knocked down in Luton, you always get back up.” Totally agree and could not 🧡🧡🧡 this more! @coldplay @LutonTown @BBCR1

@joshhhhhh1401: Never give up! 👊🏻

@S_eastwood: How do we get @coldplay “orange” into the official charts? #AskingForAFriend

@LutonTigers: @coldplay Thank you …..everything is ORANGE 🧡!

@producerlaura: This all started with one listener to @BBC3CR – Bex in Luton. Well done to @JustinDealey for the brilliant orange campaign and having the guts to push it. Huge admiration for @coldplay for going above and beyond. BBC Local Radio making a huge difference 🧡

@emilykendall___: What an absolute honour it’s been to watch this story unfold. Bex, @JustinDealey & the whole @BBC3CR team are top notch. Nobody does it like them. It’s wonderful to be a part of such a fabulous team. ❤️

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